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SonicN is a port of Sonic Advance for the Nokia N-Gage handheld gaming mobile device. The port was released in October 2003 in the United States, Europe and Australia as one of the handheld's launch titles.


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SonicN is nearly identical to Sonic Advance in terms of core gameplay. Several features however, are removed from the port or adjusted to it due the technical limitations of the Nokia N-Gage.

New features

Comparison of a letterboxed 4:3 (left) and original 11:13 (right) aspect ratio modes.

  • The unusual screen size of the N-Gage consists of a resolution of 176x208 and an aspect ratio of 11:13, which is smaller compared to the Game Boy Advance's 240×160 resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio. Because of this, the game is somewhat tricky to play due the narrow screen view. However, the game features separated letterboxed 4:3 mode with scaled-down graphics that the player can both enlarge or shrink by pressing [#], as this can be only done when the player has entered the level.[1]
  • The player can adjust the sound volume of the game anytime by pressing [0].[1]


  • Several sound effects are low-pitched or softened.
  • The Tiny Chao Garden and multiplayer modes are completely removed from this port.
  • Some music tracks from the Sound Test are removed, although it should be noted that Sonic Advance already did not include every music track on its Sound Test as well.


Review scores
Publication Score
IGN 6.0/10[2]

IGN gave the game a score a 6.0 out of 10, criticizing the game for ignoring the N-Gage's connectivity capabilities and being an inferior port in comparison to the Game Boy Advance version.[2] GameSpot stated the port has responsive controls but criticized it for having a poor frame rate, menial sound quality, and irritating display modes.[3]


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