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Sonic's world[1] is a location that appears in the anime Sonic X. It is the home planet of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. During a skirmish with Dr. Eggman in recent times, Sonic and his allies got transported from their world to Earth. Over the subsequent period, several elements from Sonic's world got transported to Earth as well. Eventually though everyone and everything from Sonic's world were returned to their home planet. Months afterward, Sonic's world was left to die due to the Metarex, but was saved by Sonic and his allies.


Sonic's world, like Earth, is primary blue in color due to the majority of the surface being covered in water. There appears to be one large continent coupled with a few smaller land masses surrounding it. Otherwise, much of the planet remains unknown.[2]

Sonic's world is mainly inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. While these anthropomorphic animals come in the same species as those on Earth, they possess many distinguishing features, such as pastel-colored fur colors. Other inhabitants include what could be considered "regular" animals and Chao. On this planet, anthropomorphic animals live in either small villages or modern cities.[3] The technology found on this planet is also far more advanced in comparison to that on Earth.[4] Whether or not this planet has a ruler or more is unknown.

Sonic's world is home to several powerful artifacts, such as the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald.[5][6] In addition, the planet's Planet Egg is located on Angel Island.[7]




A long time ago, Earth and Sonic's world were once one planet. However, as a result of an unknown cataclysmic event, the planet was split in two. Afterward, each planet piece ended up in their own dimension with their own separate timelines.[8]

Generations ago, in the place that would become known as Mystic Ruins, there was a tribe of echidnas named the Knuckles Clan, led by Pachacamac. Driven by a hunger for power, Pachacamac sought to steal the Chaos Emeralds that belonged to Chaos from the Altar of the Emeralds. Tikal, the daughter of Pachacamac and a friend of Chaos and the Chao it protected, tried to stop her clan from carrying out the theft. However, she failed and Pachacamac and his men attacked the altar. Seeing its sacred altar violated, Chaos was consumed by fury and turned into Perfect Chaos with the Chaos Emeralds. As Perfect Chaos laid waste to the Knuckles Clan however, he was stopped by Tikal when she sacrificed herself to seal Chaos and her spirit inside the Master Emerald, thus keeping Chaos from destroying the rest of Sonic's world.[9][10][11] Afterward, the fragment of land that held the Altar of the Emeralds became an island named Angel Island which was kept floating in the sky by the Master Emerald's power.

Those that survived Perfect Chaos' rampage left a mural of Perfect Chaos in a shrine.[12] A lineage of echidnas later also assumed the role of guarding the Master Emerald, which they protected for several successive generations. In time however, the Master Emerald guardians forgot the purpose of their ancient duty. In the present day, only one guardian of the Master Emerald remains: Knuckles the Echidna.[5]

At some point, Dr. Eggman arrived on Sonic's world from Earth under unknown circumstances.[13] There, he began his attempt to establish his Eggman Empire and take control of Sonic's world. Standing up to Eggman's tyranny however, was Sonic the Hedgehog, who became Eggman's greatest adversary. During his adventures, Sonic gained many friends and allies, including a fox cub named Tails, whom Sonic became friends with after seeing him take care of his biplane.[14]

New World Saga


The Chaos Control phenomenon engulfing Sonic's world.

Eventually, Dr. Eggman managed to gather all seven Chaos Emeralds in his fortress so they could power his latest creation. Sonic and his friends soon after attacked the fortress, however. During the fight, Eggman's machine got damaged, resulting in a massive Chaos Control phenomenon that sent Sonic, Eggman and several of their allies and friends to Earth.[15] After Cream disappeared, Vanilla hired the Chaotix to look for her.[16]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Not long after, another Chaos Control phenomenon occurred on Earth. However, instead of sending Sonic and his friends home, the phenomenon sent several pieces of Sonic's world to Earth, including Angel Island and Mystic Ruins.[17]

Egg Moon Saga

After the Space Colony ARK incident, Chaos Control irregularities began occurring again, resulting in more pieces of Sonic's world and several of its inhabitants being sent to Earth, including animals native to Sonic's world, various houses, the Chaotix, and Vanilla.[16]

Homebound Saga

Eventually, for a brief period of time, Sonic's world began merging back with Earth as a result of all the foreign objects from Sonic's world having been brought to Earth. If both planets were to complete this process, their timelines would cancel each other out, resulting in the Time Suspension Phenomenon.[8] Project Homebound was thus enacted, which managed to sent all the inhabitants from Sonic's world back to their home. Due to Christopher Thorndyke however, Sonic did not return home together with his friends.[18][19]

Ricki, rocky and cucky happy

Dr. Eggman after returning to Sonic's world.

A week after returning to Sonic's world, Eggman tried to conquer the planet using his Grand Egg Imperial. However, what he really wanted was for Sonic to return so he could have an archenemy to battle. As nighttime came, Eggman continued to call out for Sonic. This made Amy and Tails grow frustrated by Eggman's disruption of their peaceful night, prompting them to stand up to him. Meanwhile, Knuckles and Rouge were also affected by Sonic's absence, which led to a quarrel between them. Eventually though, Sonic returned to his world as Super Sonic in time to save Tails from being killed by Eggman and destroy the Grand Egg Imperial. Afterward, Sonic reunited with Amy in Green Hill.[3]

Metarex Saga

Sonic X ep 53 004

Dark Oak watching Sonic's world from space.

Six months later, Sonic's world came under siege by the Metarex, who were after the Chaos Emeralds. Super Sonic faced the first invasion wave in the space above the planet and managed to stop the incoming Metarex. However, the weakened Super Sonic was then left to face Dark Oak, the leader of the Metarex. Unable to defeat Dark Oak, Super Sonic decided to scatter the Chaos Emeralds across the galaxy with Chaos Control in order to keep them from falling into the hands of the Metarex. Exhausted, Sonic lost consciousness and fell down to the planet while Dark Oak sent the Metarex Carrer to deprive Sonic's world of its Planet Egg. Meanwhile, Tails, Amy and Cream were watching a meteor shower, only to get interrupted by the crash landing of a life capsule containing an alien named Cosmo. When the Metarex Carrer later attacked Angel Island, Sonic (who had regained consciousness after being rescued by Dr. Eggman), Knuckles, Tails and Cosmo all arrive in an attempt to stop the alien robot. However, the Metarex Carrer proved too strong and got away with the Planet Egg, leaving Sonic's world to a slow death. Soon after, Chris arrived on Sonic's world through the Master Emerald after passing through a portal to Sonic's world that he had made on Earth, although the transfer process caused him to regress back to a twelve-year-old.[7]

After Cosmo explained who the Metarex were and what their goals were to the heroes, Sonic and co. decided to go into space to find the Chaos Emeralds before the Metarex in the Blue Typhoon. The Metarex Spike tried to stop them, but the heroes were able to destroy the Metarex Spike and leave the planet, with Rouge and the Crimson Egg's crew right behind them.[20] Later, Chris' parents sent Chris' luggage to Sonic's world as well. To get Chris' belongings to him, Vanilla hired the Chaotix for this task. Receiving a spaceship from Chuck Thorndyke as well, the Chaotix set off into space too.[21] Not long after, Sonic's world got affected by Final Mova's forestation process, causing the animal inhabitants of Sonic's world to slowly lose their life force while the planet's plants began growing out of control.[22] Fortunately, the planet's inhabitants were saved from dying and their world's volatile plants after Final Mova was destroyed. Following these events, Sonic and co. returned to Sonic's world, which had regained its Planet Egg thanks to the heroes' efforts, and resumed their daily lives. Soon after, Eggman made a vessel which Chris used to return to Earth in. After Chris was gone, Eggman resumed his plans to build the Eggman Empire. Learning of Eggman's plan, Sonic and his friends returned to fight Eggman.[2]

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