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The people of this world cherish peace. They live in complacent harmony, only disturbed by Eggman's occasional fit of madness. On those occasions, they rely on their heroes. Otherwise, they see no need to prepare for violence.

Master Zik, Sonic the Hedgehog #42



For years, the native Sonic has fought his arch nemesis Dr. Eggman and his minions time and time again to keep the doctor from taking over Sonic's World with Eggman failing to achieve anything.[1]

Over the course of these conflicts, Sonic and his allies competed with Eggman and his minions over ownership of the seven Chaos Emeralds several times.[2] Also, every single year on his birthday, Eggman's Badniks would host unwanted birthday parties for Eggman.[1]

Eventually, Eggman rebuilt Heavy King to have him serve as his chief commander. However, Heavy King's programming compelled him to overthrow Eggman and take over the world himself. Eventually, Heavy King took control of Eggman's robots and threw Eggman himself out of his base in Winter Caverns Zone. Heavy King then planned to gather the Chaos Emeralds and use their power to conquer the world with the aid of the Hard Boiled Heavies.[2]


Seasons of Chaos[]

Using Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles, Heavy King began collecting the Chaos Emeralds. Becoming aware of the Metals activities, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles teamed up to stop what they thought was another one of Dr. Eggman's schemes. Although the trio left her behind, Amy wanted to help out too, recruiting Mighty and Ray for her adventure. Meanwhile, Eggman hired Fang, Bark and Bean to find the Chaos Emeralds before Heavy King. After trekking across a few Zones during their respective hunts for the Chaos Emeralds, the teams eventually convened and found Eggman, who had been trying to reclaim control over his robots. After then getting an explanation out of Eggman, the teams decided to join forces to stop Heavy King. Making it to Heavy King's base, the assembled teams briefly fought Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles until Eggman took control of them again. Afterward, the united allies faced Heavy King, who used the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to fight them. However, Heavy King was still defeated. Afterward, Eggman took Heavy King back as his minion (although not without promising to upload a patch that would keep him from rebelling). Meanwhile, the others escaped with the Chaos Emeralds, which they divided amongst them to keep Eggman from getting to them, and parted ways.[2]

Sonic Learns to Drive[]


Sonic and Kip heading out to stop Eggman, from Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Special.

In order to enter Mr. Munch-Um's rally race and win a lifetime supply of chili dogs, Sonic decided to get his driving license. During a driving evaluation supervised by his driving instructor, Kip the Capybara, however, Sonic forgot about his license when he heard that the rally was about to take place. While heading to the rally, however, Dr. Eggman attacked the city, causing the rally to get canceled. Sonic wanted to head out on foot to stop Eggman, but Kip convinced him to take a high-speed detour there in his car.[3]

Dr. Eggman's birthday[]


Eggman scolding his Badniks, from Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Special.

With Dr. Eggman's birthday having arrived, the Badniks decided to destroy Sonic as their birthday gift to Eggman. However, when Eggman discovered their plan, he called off their attack before they could get themselves destroyed at Sonic's hands. While scolding his Badniks back in his base, however, Eggman softened up a little after hearing their heartfelt reasons for wanting to give him nice things. Afterward, Eggman reluctantly accepted his Badniks' birthday party in his honor.[1]

Amy's New Hobby[]

While Tails was over at Amy's house for lunch, he discovered that Amy had taken up a hobby: making comic books of her and her friends' adventures. Although Amy was unwilling to show her comics to anyone else, as she thought they were not very good, Tails took the initiative by showing them to their friends. Fortunately for a reluctant Amy, her comics were well-received and soon drew in a large gathering of locals. When Sonic later showed up and took at look at them, Amy quickly got distraught. Fortunately, Sonic thought her portrayals of him were awesome and quickly provided her with more material to use by telling her of an encounter he and Tails had with Eggman.[4]

Metal Virus Saga[]

Eggman and the Metal virus

Dr. Eggman reviewing a schematic of the Metal Virus, from Sonic the Hedgehog #12.

Sometime after the War to Take Back the Planet, Dr. Eggman created virus that can turn organic lifeforms into Zombots known as the Metal Virus. Due to Eggman using his Faceship, it would spread across the entire planet. But it would quickly get out of control. The Deadly Six would take full control over the virus due Dr. Starlinethinking Eggman had no plan in case something went wrong. Upon arriving at Angel Island, Sonic was already mostly covered by the Metal Virus, so he had gone on a quick run around the island while avoiding touching and infecting the flora along the way. Later, Sonic received a treadmill to keep himself running in place. Meanwhile, the Deadly Six took over the Faceship and its Metal Virus production plant. They also empowered themselves with the Chaos Emeralds to control thousands of Zombots around the world with their electromagnetic powers. Forced to flee from the Faceship to Angel Island, Dr. Eggman and Dr. Starline met up with Sonic and his crew. There, Eggman explained, after they others pressed him for a cure on the Metal Virus, that in about 200 years, the Zombots and all else infected by the Metal Virus would be gone, as the virus would eventually become unstable. The heroes and villains alike then brainstormed for a solution, and eventually devised a plan to combine Super Sonic's power with the Warp Topaz to warp all of the Metal Virus away in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, the Deadly Six took off to the farthest corners of the world and began using the Zombots to infect everything they came across with the Metal Virus.

Soon after, the heroes and their allies set off to get the Chaos Emeralds from the Deadly Six. While facing the heroes, Zeena and Zomom lost their Chaos Emeralds and thus lost control of all their Zombots. Zeena in particular ended up getting infected by the Metal Virus. Cream, who helped fight Zeena, also got hit by the Metal Virus during the fight, but Gemerl promised to stay by her side until she was well again. In the meantime, Master Zik, Zazz and Zor had their Emeralds taken as well and were thus left at the mercy of the Zombots they could no longer command. Lastly, Rouge caused the Faceship to crash when she stole the Chaos Emerald powering it, thereby destroying its Metal Virus production plant as well. Zavok would use the chaos emerald to transform into Giant Zavok but sonic at the last moment would turn into his Super state with silver. Fortunately, through the combined efforts of Super Sonic and Super Silver the Virus was sent to the sun and eradicated.[5]

Sonic the Hedgehog's 900th Adventure[]

Sonic and Tails were reminiscing past adventures which tails calculates that to being a total of 899 world saving adventures until the Warp Topaz appears with tails saying it is unstable and sonic hs to locate its original place, Sonic leaves and warps off to start his 900th adventure. Tails quickly went to his desktop and asked Sonic if he could hear him via the communicator. Sonic says he feels tingly, but fine otherwise. Sonic has wound up in Green Hill and Tails says he will see if anyone is around to help him. He races off to find a place to put the Topaz. later, he calls Tails to ask what the gemstone will do. Tails expects lots of portals to open up and objects to appear out of them. Sonic does his best to avoid the portals and one of them brings out a road from Dragon Road into Green Hill. Sonic races around the road, only to come face to face with an Orca that has come through one of the portals. Amy then comes to Sonic's rescue by hitting the Orca with her hammer. This causes it to crash into the road and Amy to fall with it; she calls out for Sonic to help. Sonic grabs her hand and they ride the fin of the Orca. He tells her this wasn't her best rescue effort and Amy says she didn't expect this when she got Tails' call. Sonic explains they have to get the Topaz as far away from him as possible to stop portals from appearing. Amy says its doable, but is worried about what will happen to the Orca. Amy comes up with a plan the involves Sonic running on the water to get the Orca's attention. He makes his way up a tall island via some portals and throws the rock at Amy, who swings it away with her hammer as the Orca jumps to get Sonic. The Orca goes through the portal behind Sonic and he and Amy slide off its back into the water. Later, they make it to shore and Sonic requests her to make triple chocolate chip cookies for all the trouble. He is about to leave to get the Topaz, but Amy pulls him for a hug, wishing him good luck and telling him to save the world. Sonic thanks Amy and runs off. Amy then realizes she has no way home.

Soon, Sonic winds up running in a desert with the Warp Topaz. Tails tells Sonic Knuckles is really close to him now. Sonic soon sees him and thanks him for leaving Angel Island to help. Knuckles says Tails told him this was important and Tails is usually right. Tails tells Sonic he has to get rid of the Topaz right now because the readings are going off the scale. Sonic tries to hand it to Knuckles, but he is warped away before he can. Tails frantically asks what is happening and Sonic says he has been transported to a lab. Metal Sonic is in the lab and with Sonic seemingly too weak to stop him, Metal picks up the Topaz. Tails demands Sonic to get out of there with the stone, but Sonic insists he is too weak. Sonic pleads with Metal to put aside their differences and give the Topaz to him so he can dispose of it and save the world. Metal ponders for a moment and smacks Sonic to the side Tails starts to get scared as he hears Metal attacking Sonic.

The hedgehog starts to sound weak and defeated as he cowers behind a computer. Sonic gives up the act and says that was probably enough time for Metal to have the Topaz. Tails gets very confused and Sonic explains since he couldn't give the Topaz to Knuckles, giving it to Metal was the next best thing. He couldn't have handed to him so he played weak to trick him. Tails praises his idea and says his readings were showing the effects of the Topaz wearing off him quickly. Sonic sees the Topaz making a new portal and Sonic quickly follows Metal into it. To Knuckles' shock, they wind up back in the desert, exactly where Sonic wanted. Tails says Sonic is learning how to control the Warp Topaz and Tails says he thinks the Topaz is going to a cave. Sonic tells Metal to head back to Eggman before he gets mad and taunts him with the Topaz in his hand. As Metal leaves, Knuckles tells Sonic to hand him the Topaz and explain why Metal was here later. Sonic says he changed his mind and he'll hold onto the Topaz. The echidna gets angry and sarcastically tells him if he needs someone to stand around and do nothing to give him a call. Tails tells Sonic that wasn't funny and asks if he is going to tell Knuckles he didn't need to hold it since Metal did. Sonic says he will eventually.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned city, Doctor Eggman is testing out his new mech robot. Orbot and Cubot cheer him on in the Eggmobile, when suddenly, the Warp Topaz drops into Cubot's hands. They alert Eggman and he himself is surprised to say good job to them. Eggman almost tells then they need to leave before Sonic shows up, but he shows up. Cubot tries to use the Topaz to get them out of there, but to no avail. Sonic tries to take it from them and Eggman uses the mech's sword to attack Sonic, cutting the Eggmobile and building in half. He looks around and finds Sonic has teleported somewhere else. He tries several times to hit him, but Sonic manages to get the Topaz and get Eggman to hit himself. Eggman has had enough and launches a barrage of rockets at him. They blow up in the air, but Sonic manages to hitch a ride on one and redirects via a portal to Eggman. The rocket hits the mech, but doesn't do much damage. Sonic, now on top of another building, says he would love to destroy Eggman's robot, but he is too busy saving the world and leaves via a portal.

Sonic runs into a colorful desert as he looks for someone to pass the Topaz to. He runs into Blaze, who is out sightseeing with Cream and Cheese. Blaze tells him she got a call from Tails about the situation. She then notes Cream has been quiet since the call. When she asks her what's wrong, she confesses she wants to join Sonic on his adventure even though it's dangerous because she doesn't want another bad doctor to use it for evil again. Blaze and Sonic are taken aback by her outburst, but Sonic makes a quick decision and lets her join, seeing her mind is made up. She cheers with Cream and Sonic tosses the topaz to Blaze, which causes them to warp to Tropical Jungle. Sonic starts to think on how to get back on track, but they are teleported again to Water Palace. Blaze is teleported to Monopole and looks through the portals to find the others. She then warps to Red Mountain, where she notes the topaz has more power than she realized. Blaze realizes the more she chases after them, the more portals will appear, separating them more. She decides to go put the topaz back on her on for their safety, but she hears Cream calling out to her. She turns and sees Sonic and Cream over a lava pool and jumps to help them, creating another portal. The portal causes them to free fall in the sky. Sonic holds the Topaz with Blaze and explains if they focus, they can guide where the portal will appear. They focus on the gorge from earlier and a portal to it appears. Cream tries to get them there, and with a boost from Blaze, they go through the portal. They arrive back in the desert and Blaze thanks Cream, but she says Blaze is the one who saved them. Sonic thanks them for the help but Blaze says they didn't make any progress. Sonic points out they are in the lower part of the gorge now and leaves. They wave goodbye and Blaze notes how Sonic can find the positive in any situation; Cream says that's why adventures are fun with him.

Later, Sonic runs through a mountainous terrain. He tells Tails he can feel it wanting to sprout portals again. Tails tells him there is a mine nearby that could negate damage done by the portals. He says it was decommissioned by Eggman long ago but he loses signal to Sonic before he can say anything else. Sonic then runs into the Babylon Rouges, with Jet demanding he hands it over them, with Wave saying they will auction it off. Sonic runs off, saying he assumes they intercepted a transmission, so they should know the Warp Topaz is unstable. The rouges are unphased, but Sonic makes work of them and runs ahead. Jet isn't worried because he knows Sonic is going to a dead end. Sonic reaches the end of the mine, where Shadow and Rouge are sitting on a large gold nugget. Sonic assumes Tails brought them to a gold mine to entice them to help, and Rouge partially admits to it. Shadow says he can't stand power in the hands of fools. The rouges then arrive on the scene and Sonic gets ready for a 3 on 3 battle, but Shadow has other ideas. He demands Sonic give him the topaz or he will take it by force. Storm buts in, saying they want it too. Sonic drills a hole out of the mine for him and blocks the path with a portal. Jet admits the topaz is more trouble than its worth and tells the group to kick the "wanna-be ultimate lifeform" through the portal and take the gold. Shadow hears his comment and uses his Chaos powers to blast the rouges into the portal and into a snowy mountain. Tails communicates with Sonic again making sure he is OK and apologizing for cutting out before he could say Rouge and Shadow were there.

Sonic starts to feel the Warp Topaz act up again and says he needs to get rid of it, causing him to warp into a cavern. Tails manages to partially tell him he is in the cave where Starline took the gemstone in the first place. Sonic runs around to find the exact spot and finds a hole with graffiti left on it by Starline. He thanks the late doctor and places the topaz into it. The stone starts to go haywire and Sonic quickly gets out of the cave before it collapses on him. On the surface, Tails ask if he is alright. Sonic says they're in the clear and victory #900 "belongs to all of us!"

Clean Sweepstakes[]

Soon after Omochao would start the race by waving the flag and the racers take off on their Extreme Gear, Nite would remind the racers that to qualify they must fully finish the race before a certain number of people cross the finish line. Sonic encourages Tails and Amy to show them what they can do but while doing so, Tails is too busy geeking over people's extreme gear to which sonic replies with asking him if he wants to test his new prototypes or watch to Tails regains his focus. Later on, in the race Nite announces how the racers are heading into the town which the Babylon Rogues catch up to Sonic's team and Jet would start mocking the hedgehog saying how they have been at work, and he will lose, Wave then trash talks Tails extreme gear, but Amy defends him saying how she will take tails board over her's any day. This causes Storm to say something until backing out of his trash talk Team Sonic would then get past the Rouges but jet hits sonic and Whisper fires her variable wispon with lanolin calling that a violation to the rules, meanwhile tangle says hi to her friends while Surge clicks a controller causing team Sonic's boards to go out of control. Back during the race Tails is flying sonic to catch Amy and save her which lead them trio hanging on to the pink rose which whisper blast the two boards to help them to Tangle asking if they are alright. Lanolin calls them a hazard to the race and telling them to get off the track which leads to tangle yelling at her saying there our friends, but Duo agrees saying how at the time is too harsh Lanolin saying how they were saved by Whisper's aim and the team gets disqualified from the race.[6]

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