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This is a article about the existing Sonic universe. You may be looking for the comic spin off from Archie Comics, see Sonic Universe.

The people of this world cherish peace. They live in complacent harmony, only disturbed by Doctor Eggman's occasional fit of madness. On those occasions, they rely on their heroes. Otherwise, they see no need to prepare for violence.

Master Zik, Sonic the Hedgehog #42

Sonic's universe,[1][2] also known as Sonic's dimension,[3] or the Prime World,[2] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a dimension in the multiverse, best known for being the one from which Sonic the Hedgehog hails from. It is home to an countless number of celestial bodies, the most recognizable of which is the earth, a planet on which a number of conflicts have taken place, with some of them having threatened even the entirely of Sonic's universe as a whole.


Sonic's universe is the totality of all of space and time and their contents within Sonic the Hedgehog's home reality. It is a vast, possibly infinite space, much of which is still unknown to this day. It is filled with an incalculable number of celestial bodies that include stars, moons, comets, asteroid fields, and planets of all sizes. However, while only a handful of inhabited worlds have been revealed so far, it is implied that many other undisclosed, yet inhabited planets with sapient lifeforms also exist within Sonic's universe.[4][5][6] As such, Sonic's universe is known to be home to a plethora of different lifeforms, such as anthropomorphic and non-anthropomorphic animals (terrestrial and otherwise), Chao, Wisps, humans, Black Arms, Babylonians, and Zeti; as well as supernatural creatures such as Dark Gaia's Minions, ghosts, ancient alien tech, dragons, and even deities. However, despite the universe's different species being aware of the others' existence, they are not always at peace with each other.[4] Interplanetary corporations also exist in Sonic's universe, such as Donpa Motors.[7]

Notably, Sonic's universe is but one of a seemingly infinite number of dimensions that are collectively known as the "multiverse".[8] What facilitates the existence of the universe alongside the others is the Power of the Stars.[9] Sonic's universe also shares an inextricable link with the Sol Dimension, another universe.[10]




The time of awakening's effect on earth, from Sonic Unleashed.

When time first dawned upon Sonic's universe, the earth came into existence.[11] Around that time, two embodiments of the planet's desire for a balance between light and darkness supposedly came into being: Dark Gaia and Light Gaia.[12] From then, on, following an eternal cycle, Dark Gaia would awaken once every couple of millions of years from the earth's core and break the planet apart in an attempt to destroy it until Light Gaia stops Dark Gaia and restores the damage as a part of the time of awakening. Once this event has passed, these two entities would return to sleep in the earth's core until they are able to awake to continue their cycle.[11]

Babylonians arrive

The Babylonians' ship, Astral Babylon, approaching earth in ancient times, from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

Countless conflicts and events have occurred on the earth since ancient times that would often end up threating the existence of the planet, several of which involving the Chaos Emeralds. Notably, tens of thousands of years ago, an evil entity called The End would cause destruction to countless civilizations and planets from all around the universe.[6] One of these planets was the home world of a very advanced civilization called the Ancients, which would flee to the earth upon their homeland's demise and start a new life on the Starfall Islands. The End would eventually track them down and try to destroy the earth, but the Ancients fought back and sealed the entity in Cyber Space.[13] Additionally, visitors from an unspecified planet, the Babylonians, would crash land on earth during a trip through space in ancient times, where they would settle down and establish an infamous legacy of their own.[14]

Ten thousand years ago, the earth would experience another time of awakening, which became known as a legendary disaster to those on the planet.[15]

Another alien race, known as the Black Arms, would also observe the earth. These beings inhabited a celestial object known as the Black Comet that passed by the earth every fiftieth year.[16] Their leader, Black Doom, in particular planned to harvest the earth's human population as food for his heirs as a part of his prosperity ritual.[17] However, the earth's atmosphere kept Black Doom from bringing the Black Comet down to earth for his ritual.[18] Over 2,000 years ago, to aid with his plans, Black Doom had an armada of sky ships brought down to earth.[19]

In recent times, Donpa Motors was established, which would become the biggest automobile cooperation in the universe.[7] The president of Donpa Motors, Dodon Pa, in particular would devote himself to the racing industry for the development of new technologies and universal peace for many, many years.[4]

In recent years, the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik began planning to establish his own empire and dominate the earth. As his ambitions and discoveries grew though, he would set his sights on controlling the entire universe.[5] One of his schemes involved building a massive interstellar amusement park to harness the Hyper-go-on energy of the alien Wisps, whose home worlds he would kidnap from around the universe with tractor beams. However, he was unable to finish the park until years later.[20][21] In the meantime, his other schemes to achieve domination would be laid to waste by a young hero named Sonic the Hedgehog.[22]


In the present times, countless conflicts between Dr. Robotnik, who would later become known as the infamous Dr. Eggman, and Sonic the Hedgehog would take place on earth, with the fate of the planet often resting on the outcomes of those conflicts. Despite this, Sonic and his allies would always find a way to win and preserve the safety of earth for another day. As the conflicts on earth intensified however, Sonic's universe and its various inhabitants would be drawn into said conflicts.


Super Sonic and Burning Blaze fighting the Egg Salamander in Exception, a collapsing dimensional rift created by the merging of Sonic's universe and the Sol Dimension, from Sonic Rush.

During the Sol Emerald incident, when Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega sought to harness the power of both the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds, they brought Sonic's universe on a collision course with the Sol Dimension that would result in the destruction of both dimensions.[23] Fortunately, Sonic and Blaze were able to stop the doctors and restore their universes.

As the Black Arms incident began, the Black Arms would come to earth to enact their prosperity ritual by using the Chaos Emerald to warp the Black Comet down to earth. However, Black Doom's intended agent, Shadow the Hedgehog, was able to foil his plans and destroy the Black Comet.

During the Solaris incident, Sonic's universe was faced with destruction yet again when the deity Solaris returned and prepared to devour all of time. Thankfully, Sonic, Shadow and Silver were able to defeat the sun god, and the blue hedgehog and Elise were able to erase him from history, thus ensuring the future of the universe.


Egg Planet Park with kidnapped planets from around the universe anchored to it, from Sonic Colors.

When the Wisp incident came around, Dr. Eggman had finished his interstellar amusement park, known as Egg Planet Park. He then planned to harness the Hyper-go-ons of the Wisps on the planets in his theme park and use them to enslave the entire universe with his Mind Control Ray.[5] Fortunately, Sonic would ruin his plans, and the Wisps retunred the kidnapped planets to their original places in the universe. Not long after, during the Time Eater incident, Sonic's universe got thrown into chaos when the Time Eater came into power due to Eggman's machinations,[1] with the Time Eater tearing space apart as it traveled through time and erased the universe's history. Fortunately, Modern and Classic Sonic destroyed the Time Eater and restored the universe.

During the Shatter incident, Sonic had Spin Attacked the Paradox Prism which caused their entire universe to be frozen in time. After returning to his world Sonic and his friends were stuck moments before the shatter with Sonic instead of shattering the prism attacks Eggman making the events of the incident only knowable by the Shatterverse along with Sonic and Shadow.[24]

As Dodon Pa got ready to complete his Ultimate Energy Engine, which would usher in a new era of prosperity and cooperation throughout the universe,[25] he would host a Grand Prix around the universe with the best racers from across space and time in order to produce the best Ultimate Team Energy to finish his invention.[25][26] While the engine was completed however, it got destroyed due to Eggman's actions.


In the future, the state of earth is in constant flux due to the events of the past. Thanks to the continuous efforts of Silver the Hedgehog and his allies however, a happy future is always ensured for the planet.


In other media[]

Books and comics[]

Archie Comics[]

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Sonic's universe is otherwise known as the Prime Zone, which originally was the core dimension of the greater multiverse that Sonic hailed from. As such, all alternate realities within Sonic's multiverse were variants of the Prime Zone.

After the Super Genesis Wave rewrote the totality of Sonic's multiverse, the Prime Zone was heavily altered as a result.

IDW Publishing[]

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Sonic's universe is referred to as Sonic's dimension.[3]


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