Sonic's Space Tours (ソニックのスペースツアーズ Sonikku no supēsutsuāzu?) is a machine that publishes keychains combined with an arcade game. It was published twice by Sega first in 1994 and later in 1999.


Sonic's Space Tours was a slot machine that issued keychain figurines of Sonic the Hedgehog or Amy Rose. The 1999 version included keychains of NiGHTS. The machine contained a game, but it is not known what it was about. It likely involved the spinning wheel (perhaps roulette) to win a keychain after inserting a coin.



The machine was first released in 1994 and was mainly dark blue and pink, with stock artwork of Sonic and Tails. A circle was displayed on the screen. In 1999, a different version of the machine was released. It was less extensive and white in color. There was a screen, and under it a circle control that could be rotated during the game.


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