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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic's Song

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This is the transcript of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic's Song".

[The episode begins inside the Rebel Radio (REBL) Station.]

Mad Dog Max: Awoo-woo! Mad Dog Max here on Rebel Radio, REBL. Here's Catty Carlisle, to introduce her brand new song.
Catty Carlisle: Why thank you, Mad Dog. This little ol' tune is dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog, Mobius' number one hero!

[The musicians play the drums and electric guitar as Catty plays her guitar. They play to the tune of the tune of the title theme from the Sonic the Hedgehog game.]

Catty: Yee-haw! Play it, boys! [singing] Sonic the Hedgehog, you can't catch what you can't see, Sonic the Hedgehog, he's gonna make Mobius free, he's a teenage...

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Scratch and Grounder are seen securing a rope to a tree. A giant bear trap is tied to the other end of the rope.]

Scratch: Wait till' that Hedgehog gets a load of our Metal Jaw Sonic slammer! Bwahaha!

[Scratch and Grounder run up to the jaws, which Scratch points to with his left index finger.]

Scratch: First, he gets munched in the metal jaws!
Grounder: Then we got him, right?
Scratch: Nope, he's yanked by the rope, slammed by the tree,

[Scratch pounds his right fist on Grounder's head. He then picks Grounder up by his antenna with his right hand.]

Scratch: And hung by his spiny little blue heinie!

[Scratch drops Grounder, who then rubs his head with his right drill.]

Scratch: Bwahaha! Now all we gotta do is wait.

[Scratch walks over to the tree, and Grounder follows him.]

Grounder: That's my favorite part.

[Under the tree, Scratch is holding a can of oil in his right hand and applying oil to his left armpit, and Grounder is holding a can of oil in his left hand and applying oil to his right armpit. Grounder then reaches behind his left shoulder and picks up a radio, then puts it down.]

Scratch: Come on, BB Brain, tune something in!

[Scratch and Grounder fight over the radio, creating a cloud of pink dust. When the dust clears, the radio is set to "Sonic's Song".]

Scratch: There. I like this song.
Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, you can't catch what you can't see,
Grounder: Yeah, catchy little number, except it's about Sonic.
Scratch: So what? It's great!

[As Catty sings, Scratch and Grounder dance to "Sonic's Song".]

Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, he's gonna make Mobius free, he's a teenage fugitive on the run, eating chili dogs by the ton, no matter how frantic the chase becomes, there's always time to have some fun!

[Sonic runs through the trap, then again the other way.]

Scratch: Did you feel a breeze?

[Sonic runs into the trap and dances in it.]

Sonic: Great song!
Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, you can't catch what you can't see,
Scratch: Better believe it, Hedgehog!
Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, he's gonna make Mobius Free,
Sonic: And good lyrics, too. And nice trap.
Scratch: Hey-hey, hey! Nab him!
Sonic: Gotta buzz, cuz!

[Sonic runs away just as Scratch and Grounder jump at him.]

Scratch and Grounder: Oh-ho-ho!

[As soon as Scratch and Grounder land in the trap, they jump back out to avoid getting caught in it.]

Grounder: Uh-oh!
Catty [singing on the radio]: Badniks coming around, he's faster than the speed of sound!
Scratch: Hey! It didn't work!
Grounder: Lucky for us.
Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, you can't catch what you can't see, Sonic the hedgehog, he's gonna make Mobius free,

[As Catty sings, Grounder knocks on the trap three times with his left drill. The trap does nothing.]

Scratch: It must be stuck.

[Scratch and Grounder step into the trap.]

Catty [singing on the radio]: Oooh, Oooh-aaah-oooh,
Grounder: I can't figure out what's wrong. Hey, what's this?

[As Catty finishes singing "Sonic's Song", Grounder points to an ON/OFF switch with his right drill.]

Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, heh-heh-hoo-hoo-whee!
Scratch: It's in the "Off" position!
Grounder: Heh heh! No wonder it didn't work!

[Grounder sets the switch to "ON" with his right drill. The trap activates, closing the jaws on Scratch and Grounder and hanging them from the tree.]

Scratch: Yeow-how-how!
Grounder: Ow! Ow! Ow!

[Sonic runs up to Scratch and Grounder as Grounder's Robocom phone falls out. Tails flies right behind him.]

Scratch: Oh, Grounder! You dingbot!

[Sonic picks up Grounder's robocom phone with his left hand.]

Sonic: Hello? Rebel Radio Request line? Let me hear that way cool "Sonic's Song" again.
Max [over the radio]: Here it is again,

[The next scene takes place outside Robotnik's fortress, as Scratch and Grounder walk up to it, listening to the song on their radio, which Grounder is holding in his left arm]

Max [over the radio]: By request for the 144th time, "Sonic's Song".
Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, you can't catch what you can't see,
Scratch [singing along]: You can't catch what you can't see,

[As Catty is singing, Scratch and Grounder aren't looking where they are going and bump into Dr. Robotnik, who is not happy.]

Scratch and Grounder: Whoa!
Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, he's gonna make Mobius free,
Dr. Robotnik: Turn that insipid song off!
Catty [singing on the radio]: He's a teenage...

[Grounder turns the radio off with his right drill.]

Grounder: Yes sir, Dr. Robotnik!
Scratch: At your service, your heinousness!
Robotnik: I detest that Catty Carlisle! She's singing about Sonic!

[Robotnik walks up to his Radio Wave Locator.]

Robotnik: So I invented this Radio Wave Locator, to find her and stop her!

[The Radio Wave Locator picks up a flashing light and beeps over it.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: There! That's where the song is coming from!
Grounder [heard offscreen]: From this machine?
Robotnik: No, imbecile! That flashing light shows where the song is being broadcast.

[Robotnik presses his printer's button with his right index finger, and it prints out a piece of paper.]

Robotnik: This is where the Rebel Radio station is.

[Robotnik picks up the paper with his right hand and hands it to Grounder, who reads over it.]

Grounder: "Single, 700-pound villain looking for suitable companion".
Robotnik: Whoops! Wrong paper. Give me that!

[Robotnik takes the paper back with his right hand. He then hands Scratch the proper paper with his left hand.]

Robotnik: Now kidnap that girl singer, destroy that station, and do whatever it takes to stop that song!

[Scratch and Grounder walk out of Robotnik's fortress. Grounder is carrying the radio, which is set to "Sonic's Song" in his arms and sets it down. Scratch cups his left hand to his ear and Grounder cups his right drill to his ear. Scratch and Grounder then dance to "Sonic's Song", with Scratch's left hand holding Grounder's right drill. Robotnik tries to walk away, when he hears "Sonic's Song".]

Robotnik: Huh?
Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, you can't catch what you can't see,

[Robotnik turns around. Scratch and Grounder are still dancing when Robotnik sees them out the window.]

Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, he's gonna make Mobius free,
Robotnik: Didn't you hear me?! I said stop it!

[Robotnik pulls out a laser, which resembles the Subatomic Slow Go Beam Weapon from "Slowwww Going". He fires repeatedly at the radio.]

Catty [singing on the radio]: He's a teenage fugitive on the run, eating chili dogs...

[Robotnik's laser destroys the radio. Scratch and Grounder stop dancing.]

Scratch and Grounder: [both yell]

[The next scene takes place in the Rebel Radio station. Behind the main door, Max is talking to Catty.]

Max: What inspired you to write "Sonic's Song", Catty?
Catty: Well, I followed Sonic's career from the beginning. He's the bravest,

[Scratch and Grounder walk up to the door. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are sitting near some geysers, even using one to heat up their hot dogs. A radio is near them.]

Catty [heard over the radio]: Fastest hero on Mobius!
Sonic: Hear that, Tails? Sounds like I'm famous!

[Tails, who is holding his hot dog stick in his left hand, eats part of his hot dog.]

Tails: It's about time, Sonic.

[Back at the Rebel Radio Station, Scratch kicks the door open with his left foot.]

Max: Hey, you can't just bust in here!

[Scratch reaches behind his back with his left hand and pulls out a paper that says, PROCLAMATION.]

Scratch: By order of Dr. Robotnik, this program is cancelled!

[Grounder rolls up to Scratch.]

Grounder: Yeah, your ratings are too good!

[Catty gasps. Grounder rolls up to the microphone and pulls it back with his left drill.]

Grounder: Can I say hello to my mommy?

[Scratch walks past him.]

Scratch: No, you don't have a mommy!
Grounder: Oh.

[Scratch walks up to Catty and grabs her right arm with both hands.]

Scratch: You're coming with us, Catty Carlisle!
Catty: Someone help me!

[Back at the geysers, Sonic and Tails' radio jumps up and down as Catty cries for help.]

Catty [heard over the radio]: I'm being kidnapped! HEEELLLP!
Sonic: Come on, kid, we gotta help Catty!

[Sonic runs away.]

Tails: Let's bust those bots!

[Tails flies after Sonic. Back at the Rebel Radio Station, Max is trying to reason with Scratch and Grounder.]

Max: Hey, ro-bros, chill out! Can't we rap about this?

[Scratch presses his head against Max's.]

Scratch: We don't do rap, we're metalheads! Bwahaha!

[Scratch runs back to Catty.]

Scratch: Bwahaha!
Grounder: Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Sonic [heard offscreen]: Scratch and Grounder,

[Sonic is disguised as a news reporter and is holding a microphone in his right hand, and Tails is holding a camera that says, MT in his right hand.]

Sonic: We're from "Mobius Tonight"! Millions heard your comedy on the radio just now, and you've become instant celebrities!

[Sonic, who is now holding the microphone in his left hand, hands it to Grounder.]

Grounder: Really? "Mobius Tonight"?

[Scratch snatches the microphone from Sonic with his left hand. As Scratch talks, Catty sneaks away.]

Scratch: What can I say? There's just no stopping great talent!

[Grounder turns his right drill into a hand and takes the microphone back from Scratch.]

Grounder: Hello, lady robots. I'm single and willing to disassemble,

[As Grounder is talking, Sonic and Catty run out the door, with Tails flying behind him.]

Grounder [heard offscreen]: So call the studio...

[Scratch takes the microphone back from Grounder with his right hand.]

Scratch: Why go for second-best, ladies, when you could have me?
Max: Hey, I've got a call for you bots on line one.
Scratch: I'll bet it's a beautiful fem-bot for me!

[Scratch runs up to the microphone.]

Grounder: I'll bet it's the network.

[Grounder rolls up to the microphone.]

Scratch: Ahem. This is Scratch.
Grounder: Grounder speaking.

[The force of Robotnik's voice pushes Scratch and Grounder back towards a shelf filled with albums.]

Scratch and Grounder: [both yell] Oooh! Ow!

[The shelf of albums is now empty, save for one which falls on Scratch's head.]

Scratch: Oh!
Grounder: Boy, careers are really short in radio.

[The shelf falls on Scratch and Grounder.]

Scratch and Grounder: Yeee!

[The next scene takes place at Catty's secret studio.]

Catty: Don't worry, Sonic. I'll be safe here in my secret studio. How can I ever thank you both for helping me?
Sonic: Well, could you play your new song for us?
Catty: I'd love to, but I don't have my guitar.
Tails: Can't you get a new one?

[Catty sits down in her chair.]

Catty: Well, it was custom-made 10,000 miles away from here at Ray's in Big Beat City.
Sonic: No problemo! I know where that is! Look after Catty, Tails. I'll be back before the downbeat!

[Sonic runs away. In the next scene, which takes place at Robotnik's fortress, Scratch and Grounder open a door in the hallway and peer out from it.]

Grounder: We better apologize to Dr. Robotnik!
Scratch: Nah, let's just go to our rooms.

[Scratch and Grounder try to sneak past a curtain which Robotnik is behind. It doesn't work, as Robotnik sees them]

Robotnik: Where do you dumbots think you're going?!

[Robotnik grabs Scratch by his comb with his left hand and Grounder by his antenna with his right hand.]

Grounder: Ah, busted!

[Robotnik pulls Scratch and Grounder back.]

Scratch: Oh, we thought you were sleeping, o gluteus maximus.

[Robotnik walks up to the window.]

Robotnik: How could I sleep when everybody in Mobius is singing that blasted "Sonic's Song"? It must be stopped!

[Robotnik runs his left index finger through his mustache.]

Robotnik: I've got it! I'll put an end to all music on Mobius! No humming, no singing, and no radio!

[A bird flies to and lands on the branch. He whistles to the tune of "Sonic's Song", infurating Robotnik.]

Robotnik: [yells]

[Robotnik swats at the bird with his right hand, but misses, as the bird flies out of the way.]

Bird: Awk!
Robotnik: And no whistling! You blasted...

[The bird lays an egg, which lands and splats on Robotnik's face.]

Robotnik: D'oh!

[Robotnik runs up to a curtain, which he uses to wipe his face with.]

Scratch: Ahem, pardon me, your vileness, but there's egg on your face!
Robotnik: Not anymore, there isn't!

[Robotnik growls as he wipes the rest of his face. He then pulls the cord, lifting up the curtain, and revealing his latest robot, the Music Destroyer, or M.D. for short.]

Robotnik: Boys, say hello to the Music Destroyer robot! He can pick up sounds for miles with his super-sensitive ears and sattelite dish. I built him to destroy all music, and capture anything that gets in his way. Now get out there, and do it!

[In the next scene, The Music Destroyer runs through the streets of Mobius, with Scratch and Grounder following behind him in a garbage truck, which has a picture of a musical note crossed out. A violin plays to the tune of "Sonic's Song". M.D. listens with his super-sensitive ears, then presses them with both his hands.]

Music Destroyer: M-m-m-m-m-m-music! Music gives me such a migraine! Ow ow ow ow ow! There's music!

[M.D. runs towards the source of the violin music. Scratch and Grounder look at each other, grinning, and a Penguin can be seen in an apartment, playing a violin, until M.D. reaches in through the window with his left arm and grabs the Penguin with his left hand, stopping the music.]

Penguin: [yelps]

[M.D. pulls the Penguin out.]

Penguin: [choked yell]
M.D.: Shhh! I must destroy all music!

[M.D. takes the Penguin's violin from him with his left hand and tosses it into Scratch and Grounder's garbage truck's hull. He then runs into a music store, which even has a sign that says, MUSIC, and walks out, carrying various musical instruments. Scratch and Grounder pull their garbage truck up to him, and he puts the musical instruments in the garbage truck's scoop.]

M.D.: Music is against the law of Robotnik! No more music!

[Scratch and Grounder's garbage truck dumps the musical instruments into its hull. A Kangaroo playing a drum bounces past Catty's secret studio, and Tails and Catty watch him from a window.]

Catty: Hey, what's going on out there?

[M.D. runs after the Kangaroo.]

M.D.: Stop that pounding, you!

[Tails and Catty stare in shock.]

Catty: Oh, no! That baby's in trouble!

[Catty runs up to the Kangaroo and pushes him out of the way.]

Catty: Look out! Look out! Run, little fella!

[M.D. grabs Catty with his right hand. Tails flies up to M.D.'s head and kicks his satellite dish with his right foot.]

Tails: Let her go, Dumbo!

[M.D. tries to catch Tails with his left hand, but misses, as Tails flies away just in time.]

Tails: You missed!

[Tails blows a raspberry at M.D.. This proves to be unwise, as M.D. then blows at him. The force of M.D.'s blow pushes Tails into a windsock]

Tails: Whoa!
Catty [heard offscreen]: Help!

[M.D. walks away, carrying Catty in his right hand, with Scratch and Grounder driving their garbage truck behind him. Tails helplessly wiggles in the windsock.]

Tails: Catty! Catty!
Catty: Someone help meeeee!

[The screen irises out on M.D., then fades to black. In the next scene, Robotnik is in his fortress, pacing back and forth with his hands behind his back. M.D. walks in through the doorway, but due to his massive size, he breaks through it. M.D. is carrying Catty by the back of her dress with his left hand.]

Catty: [screams] LET ME GO!!! [screams again]

[M.D. covers his eyes with both hands, dropping Catty in the process.]

M.D.: Ow ow ow ow! That hurts my ears!
Catty: [screams]

[Catty falls to the floor. Robotnik leans up to her.]

Robotnik: Well done, M.D.! Now go out and finish destroying all music!
M.D.: Oh, it will be my pleasure!

[M.D. reaches behind his back with his left hand and pulls out a top hat, which he puts on his head. He then dances out the doorway, with the top hat in his left hand and a cane in his right. Robotnik looks at him in pleasure, then in shock at what comes after.]

Robotnik: Huh? AAAAARGH!!!!

[Catty dances towards the doorway, holding a top hat of her own in her left hand and a cane of her own in her right, but before she can make it out, as she tries to escape Robotnik grabs her with his left hand and pulls her back.]

Catty: [yells] Oh!

[Robotnik holds Catty up by her hat with his right hand.]

Robotnik: Well well, this is most fortunate. You are just the person I need right now.
Catty: What for?

[Robotnik lets go of Catty, dropping her to the floor.]

Catty: Ow!
Robotnik: [heard offscreen] There's only room for one song on Mobius: mine!

[Robotnik walks over to his pipe organ. He pulls his butt up with both hands and sits down on the bench in front of the pipe organ.]

Robotnik: I've started a wonderful, inspirational song, and I want you to finish it. Listen.

[Robotnik plays his pipe organ, which emits clouds of dust.]

Robotnik: [singing] Robotnik, he is so cool, Hedgehog, he is a fool.

[Robotnik stops playing his pipe organ.]

Robotnik: Here, now play it!

[Robotnik tosses an accordion at Catty.]

Catty: But I don't even play the accordion!

[Robotnik growls. Catty picks up the accordion and plays it spitefully.]

Catty [singing offscreen]: Robotnik, he's a fool, Hedgehog, he's so coo-oo-ool!
Robotnik: Oh?

[Robotnik growls and jumps furiously.]

Robotnik: No no, you've got it reversed! You can learn the proper words and write the rest of my song in a prison cell! Lock her up!

[Scratch reaches from offscreen and grabs Catty's right arm with his left hand. In the next scene, Scratch is holding her right arm with his right hand and Grounder is holding her left arm with his left hand as they drag her away.]

Catty: I'm not writing you anything! Forget it, eggbelly!

[Back at Catty's secret studio, Tails is still trapped in the windsock.]

Tails: Sonic! Help! Sonic!

[Sonic, who is holding Catty's new guitar in his right hand, runs up to the windsock. He looks up and sees a loose thread on the windsock, then pulls on the thread with both hands. The windsock rips open and Tails falls out, landing on him.]

Sonic and Tails: Ugh!

[Stars spin around Tails' head. Sonic hugs Tails, then pats him on the back with his right hand.]

Sonic: What happened, little bro?
Tails: Catty's been kidnapped by Robotnik's new robot!
Sonic: What new robot?
Tails: He's destroying all the music in the city!
Sonic: Then we gotta speed, Keed!

[Sonic runs away, and Tails stares in shock. The next scene takes place outside Robotnik's fortress. Sonic is sneaking in outside the windows, and Tails is flying behind him. Sonic looks up at the roof.]

Sonic: It's a long way up.
Tails: That's where I come in, right, Sonic?
Sonic: Right, little bud! You buzz around the other side, and let me know if you spot Catty!

[Tails flies away. M.D. then sees Sonic and tries to attack him. He trips and falls over.]

M.D.: [yells] Whoa!

[M.D. falls on Sonic. Stars spin around M.D.'s head, and Sonic appears in M.D.'s sattelite dish.]

M.D.: Whoa! Ugh!

[Sonic runs out of M.D.'s sattelite dish. M.D. tries to squish Sonic with both hands, but misses. He gets up and runs after Sonic. Sonic presses his back against the wall, causing M.D. to miss him. M.D. runs off the fortress, but turns around and manages to grab Sonic with his left hand. They both fall.]

Sonic: Ugh! Whoa!

[Tails, who is near the telescope on the roof, looks down at Sonic in M.D,'s left hand and gasps. He flies down after Sonic.]

Sonic and M.D.: [both scream]

[Tails grabs Sonic by both his hands with both his hands and pulls him out of M.D.'s left hand. The two land on the ground.]

Sonic and Tails: Ta-da!

[M.D.'s shadow appears over Sonic and Tails, and M.D. falls on them, creating a large, M.D.- shaped hole in the ground.]

M.D.: Oh! Oh, I got you! Dr. Robotnik will be so happy!

[M.D. pulls his right hand out of the hole, revealing he has a flattened Sonic and Tails in it. Inside the fortress, Robotnik is sitting on the bench in front of his pipe organ.]

Robotnik: If that stubborn little songstress won't write me a song, I'll write my own song!

[Robotnik turns around and begins playing his pipe organ while shaking his butt.]

Robotnik [singing]: I am the biggest villain in town,

[Robotnik both stops playing the pipe organ and shaking his butt.]

Robotnik: Okay, boys, sing backup again!
Scratch [heard offscreen]: Do we have to?
Robotnik: Sing!

[A spotlight appears, revealing Scratch and Grounder, who are both wearing disco suits and afros. They dance as Robotnik plays his pipe organ again.]

Scratch and Grounder [singing]: He's a big, big villain!

[As Robotnik continues playing his pipe organ, he is now wearing a morterboard on his butt, and shaking it.]

Robotnik [singing]: I am a genius, I have proof!

[Robotnik holds up a diploma, which he is holding in his right hand. Scratch and Grounder continue dancing.]

Scratch and Grounder [singing]: Yes, he's telling you the truth!

[Robotnik stops playing his pipe organ and stops shaking and puts down his butt. He then turns around, revealing he is holding a pencil in his right hand and a piece of paper in his left.]

Robotnik: Oh! That's good!

[Robotnik writes on the piece of paper. M.D. is now standing next to him.]

M.D.: Master, I captured the hedgehog and fox, and locked them in the courtyard cell!

[Robotnik tosses the pencil and paper into the air in joy upon hearing this.]

Robotnik: Hoo-whee! Excellent, M.D.! I'm making you head of the S.S.S.S.S. Squad! Now go guard that hedgehog!

[Robotnik shakes M.D.'s right hand with his right hand. He then points to Scratch and Grounder with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: And you two are demoted to permanent backup singers!
Scratch and Grounder: Bwahaha!
Grounder: Ha ha!

[Scratch and Grounder are now begging.]

Grounder: No, please, Dr. Robotnik!

[Streams of tears emit from Scratch's eyes.]

Scratch: Give us another chance, Sir!

[Robotnik plays his pipe organ, and shakes his butt again.]

Robotnik [singing]: I am the mighty, mighty Robotnik! Do, do-whop, a-diddy-diddy, whoppity-do, do-whop!

[Scratch and Grounder dance, crying with streams emitting from their eyes.]

Scratch and Grounder [singing and crying]: He's the mighty, mighty Robotnik! Ha ha ha, do-whop, diddy-diddy do-whop!

[Robotnik stops playing his pipe organ, and M.D. has his right hand on his chin.]

M.D.: Hmmm, should I stop that? No! Of course not! It's definitely not music!

[Scratch and Grounder continue crying, and their tears fill up the screen, which then transitions to them crying in the courtyard. They have removed their disco suits, and Grounder has removed his afro. Scratch removes his afro with his right hand and places it in front of him.]

Scratch: Hoo hoo hoo! Ugh! Ha!

[Scratch kicks his afro with his right foot, causing it to roll into some bowling pins. It knocks them over, getting a perfect strike.]

Scratch: I don't want to be a backup singer!
Grounder: Yeah! After all, we were stars on radio, you know!

[Scratch and Grounder are revealed to be sitting next to the courtyard cell. Sonic is sitting in the window, and has overheard them.]

Sonic: What's wrong, guys? You're really looking sad.
Grounder: Yeah. Dr. Robotnik doesn't need us anymore!

[Inside the cell, Tails is sitting sadly on the bed.]

Sonic: You know, I like you guys, and I hate to see this happen to you. I'll help you out!
Scratch [heard offscreen]: How?
Sonic: Tails and me will pretend to escape, but you catch us, and Robotnik will have to give you back your jobs!
Scratch: Dr. Robotnik's too smart for a trick like that!
Grounder: Yeah, and so are we!
Sonic: He'd believe you if you caught us in a really great trap!

[M.D. can be heard approaching Scratch and Grounder. Sonic stares in shock when he hears this.]

Scratch [heard offscreen]: Now where are we gonna get a really great trap?
Sonic [heard offscreen]: I'll help you build it.

[M.D. walks up to Scratch and Grounder and slams Grounder's head with his left fist.]

Grounder: Ooof! Ugh!
M.D.: No talking to the prisoners!

[M.D. walks away as Scratch leans up to Sonic.]

Scratch: [whispering] Your idea might work! But how do we get rid of the M.D.?
Sonic: Simple: pull out his fuse!

[M.D.'s main fuse is revealed to be in his butt. In the next scene, the bars to the window of the courtyard cell are destroyed, and M.D.'s fuse is pulled out. M.D. is laying on his stomach and his head pops out. Grounder his holding a barrel of oil behind his back and pours it under a pole with a cage. Sonic and Scratch witness this. Grounder then rolls up to Sonic.]

Grounder: Okay, I did it just like you said. Now what?
Sonic: First, you phone Robotnik, and tell him we've escaped. When he comes running, you guys chase us toward the trap, and we'll slip on the oil, slam into the pole, and then the cage comes down on me and Tails! Got it, guys?
Scratch: Got it!

[Grounder's robocom phone rings.]

Grounder: Okey-dokey!
[Grounder opens his chest compartment with his right hand and pulls out his robocom phone with his left. He hands the phone to Scratch, who is now holding it in his left hand.]
Scratch: Ahem. Hello, Dr. Robotnik. The M.D. fell asleep on the job. Sonic and Tails have escaped! Come quick!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Robotnik runs up to M.D., who is now sitting up.]

Robotnik: M.D., I can't believe you let them get away!

[Sonic and Tails are now running, with Scratch and Grounder chasing them.]

Sonic: Come on, slow-mos! Robotnik's watching!
Scratch: We'll catch 'em, doctor! Leave it to old, reliable us!
Robotnik: Catch 'em, boys! If you catch 'em, I'll give you... anything!
Scratch: He bought it! Bwahaha!
Grounder: Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!

[Sonic and Tails stop before they reach the oil. Tails then flies into the air and picks Sonic up by both his hands with both his hands. Tails flies over the oil, carrying Sonic, then when they get to the other side, they continue running. Scratch and Grounder slip on the oil.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho-ho!
Grounder: Whoa!

[Scratch and Grounder slam into the pole.]

Scratch and Grounder: Oof!

[The cage falls on Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Those nincombots!

[Robotnik sees M.D.'s main fuse, which he picks up with his right hand.]

Robotnik: Ah, here's the problem: his main fuse fell out!

[Robotnik places M.D.'s fuse in M.D.'s body, and M.D.'s head retracts back onto his body.]

M.D.: Wow! I needed that.
Robotnik: Now that you're back on your feet, get out there and catch that hedgehog!

[The screen transitions to the next scene. Sonic opens the door and turns on the light switch. He closes the door, and Tails is amazed at what he sees.]

Tails: Wow! Look at this!

[Sonic walks up to Tails. He then looks over the various musical instruments scattered around the room.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: This must be the musical equipment Robotnik took from the Mobius citizens.

[Sonic looks down at a pair of bongos and picks them up with his left hand.]

Sonic: I just got a jammin' idea, little bro!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic is playing the bongos near a pile of drums. M.D. pushes the door open with his right hand.]

M.D.: M-m-m-music? I hear music! Hedgehog! I see hedgehog!
Sonic: Time to jam, Sam!
M.D.: Catch that hedgehog! Stop that music!

[M.D. pounces at Sonic, who runs out of the way just in time. M.D. lands near the pile of drums and gets buried in them. Tails flies up to him, playing a flute. M.D. gets up and swats at him with his right hand, but misses, as Tails flies away just in time.]

M.D.: Ooh, I'm getting angry!

[Sonic, who is now holding an electric guitar in his right hand, jumps atop a pile of speakers. Tails lands near the switch that turns the speakers on.]

Sonic: Time to rock 'n roll, little buddy!

[Sonic is now holding the electric guitar in his left hand as he tosses Tails the cord with his right. Tails grabs the cord with his left hand and plugs it into the speakers, then pulls down the switch that turns the speakers on with both hands.]

Tails: Rock on, Sonic!

[Sonic plays the electric guitar, which messes with M.D.'s satellite dish.]

M.D.: Whoa! Head rush! Ow ow ow ow!

[M.D. covers his hears and falls over. Robotnik walks in.]

Robotnik: Who's playing that wretched music?!

[Sonic stops playing the electric guitar.]

Sonic: Take cover, little bro, and plug your ears!

[Tails flies and lands behind a drum. He ducks and plugs his ears as Sonic plays the electric guitar widly, messing with M.D.'s satellite dish.]

M.D.: Oooh, too much... music!

[Robotnik growls.]

Robotnik: [yells]

[M.D.'s satellite dish falls off his head.]

Robotnik: I know there's music! Pull yourself together!

[Sonic stops playing the electric guitar.]

Sonic: Hey, Robutthead, I'm glad you made the show! Check out my Eddie Van Hedgehog impression!

[Sonic plays the electric guitar again as Robotnik covers his ears.]

M.D.: Music overload!
Robotnik: M.D., I order you to mute that music maker!
M.D.: B-b-b-b-bl, hasta la vista, baby! B-b-b-bl, whoa!

[M.D. falls over.]

Robotnik: Oh no! [screams]

[M.D. explodes, and the force of his explosion launches Robotnik into the air, and through the roof, leaving a Robotnik shaped hole in it. Robotnik continues flying through the air.]

Robotnik: I... hate... that... hedge... hog!

[Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder, who have just escaped from the cage, are standing outside the trap and look up at Robotnik.]

Grounder: Whoa! What the heck is that?

[Scratch points up with his left index finger.]

Scratch: I don't know, but it's coming right for us!
Grounder: Oh, no way. It's not even coming close.
Scratch: Yes, it is!
Grounder: No, it's not.
Scratch: He-he-he-help! Here it comes!
Grounder: [yells] Well, or maybe it is.

[Robotnik lands near Scratch and Grounder. All three of them scream as they fly into the trap. They hit the pole, and the cage falls on them.]

Scratch: Oh, no! No-ho-hot again!

[Robotnik stands back up.]

Robotnik: Get me out of here, you mental midgets! Get me out!

[Scratch and Grounder walk towards the edge of the cage. Scratch lifts the cage up with both his hands and he and Grounder walk out. Scratch then grabs the oil-covered rope with both his hands and proceeds to pull it, hoisting the cage up. Scratch then lets go of the rope, causing the cage to fall back down. Scratch then stares in shock.]

Scratch: Oh-ho-ho!

[The cage falls on the back of Robotnik's neck.]

Robotnik: D'oh!
Scratch: Wha-ha-ha-ha!
Grounder: [yells]

[As Scratch and Grounder stare in shock, the radio falls out of Grounder's chest compartment. The radio is set to "Sonic's Song".]

Catty [singing on the radio]: Badniks coming around, he's faster than the speed of sound! Sonic the Hedgehog, you can't catch what you can't see.
Robotnik: Sonic's Song! STOP IIIIIIT!
Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, he's gonna make Mobius free, Oooh, Oooh-aaah-oooh,

[Scratch and Grounder scream as Robotnik chases them, carrying the cage.]

Catty [singing on the radio]: Sonic the Hedgehog, heh-heh-hoo-hoo-whee!
Robotnik: Come back here!

[Scratch and Grounder run through the wall, leaving Scratch and Grounder-shaped holes in it. Robotnik follows behind, leaving a Robotnik-shaped hole in it. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic and Catty are walking down the road, and Tails is flying alongside them. Sonic is carrying Catty's new guitar, and Catty is carrying the accordion.]

Sonic: Sorry it took so long to bring you the guitar.

[Catty plays the accordion.]

Catty: That's okay. At least I learned how to play the accordion.

[Catty plays some sour notes.]

Catty: I guess I need a little more practice.

[Sonic hands Catty her new guitar, which she starts playing as she, Sonic, and Tails, continue walking down the road.]

Catty [singing]: Sonic the Hedgehog, you can't catch what you can't see, Sonic the Hedgehog, he's gonna make Mobius free, he's a teenage fugitive on the run, eating chili dogs by the ton, no matter how frantic the chase becomes, there's always time to have some fun! Sonic the Hedgehog...

[The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Tails is walking down the road, wearing headphones and holding a walkman in his left hand. Scratch and Grounder are behind him, driving a steamroller, intending to flatten him.]

Scratch: We'll flatten that fleabag fox!

[Sonic runs in and pushes Tails out of the way just in time. Scratch and Grounder stop the steamroller, then get out of it and look around the front.]

Grounder: Where'd he go?

[Sonic and Tails get in the steamroller.]

Tails: Thanks, Sonic!

[Sonic pulls the right lever forward and the left lever back.]

Sonic: Music's great, Tails, but you gotta be aware of your surroundings, too!

[Tails cups his left hand to his left ear.]

Tails: Huh? What'd you say?

[Sonic points to his right ear with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Plus, it ruins your hearing if you play it too loud.

[Sonic drives the steamroller, which runs over and flattens Scratch and Grounder, also creating a cloud of brown dust.]

Scratch and Grounder: [both scream]

[The dust clears.]

Grounder: We gotta fix that parking brake.