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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Sonic's Nightmare/Transcript

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic's Nightmare".

[Open up to Sonic running through a deserted field.]
Sally (off screen): Sonic, where were you when the brains were handed out?
[Sonic skids to a halt.]
Sonic: Huh, Sal?
[Scene cuts to a cave interior with a collapsing bridge and Sally on the end. A Swat-bot comes behind her and grabs her, along with another lugging a portable Roboticizer.]
Sally: AHH!
[Robotnik is the last to arrive with a grin.]
Sonic: Hang in, Sal! Here comes the hedgehog!
[A storm hits.]
Sonic: Ah man! Augh!
[Sonic suddenly slows down.]
Sonic: Mega Muck! *Grunts trying to escape* This is starting to tick me off! Auuggh! I’m coming, Sal... AAUUGGHH!
[Sonic breaks free, and tumbles forward to the beginning of the bridge, and runs across it.]
[The bridge collapses.]
Sonic: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahh-!
[The Swat-bot opens the Roboticizer, and out comes a mechanical Sally. The scene cuts back to Sonic falling... until...]
Sonic: *GASP*
[...Sonic shoots straight up out of bed.]
Sonic (holding his head): Man, I gotta stop eating my own cookin’.
[Cut to the next day, bright sky. Rotor is sitting at a table and Sonic walk ups to him.]
Sonic: Yo Rote, what’s up?
Rotor: Same ol’, same ol’, Sonic. How ‘bout you?
[Sonic takes a seat.]
Sonic: I had a WILD dream this morning. You know anything about dreams?
Rotor: Not much... Sally told me once that there usually about some kind of personal fear.
Sonic: Hmmm...
[Sally runs in.]
Sally: Guys- guys, Nicole just intercepted one of Robotnik’s transmissions!
[She slaps Nicole on the table.]
Sonic: I know it’s not good news...
Sally: No, it’s terrible news! Listen to this!
[Taps a button.]
Sally: Nicole, replay intercepted transmission.
Nicole: Replaying Sally.
Robotnik (recording): Attention, Swat-bot unit 1, prepare chemical payload for cloud seeding. Rendezvous with cloud burster on Island of Nimbus, precisely 1200 hours. Coordinates to follow.
Sally: That’s all of it.
Rotor: He’s gonna seed clouds with chemicals?
Sally: Toxic rain.
[Sonic walks to railing and looks over Knothole.]
Sonic: What’s a little more toxic rain? All of Mobius is fuming with the stuff!
Rotor: I bet it’s another one of Robotnik’s crummy traps.
Sally: You’re probably right, Rotor. But we don’t know for sure. If that island is inhabited, we need to warn people!
Sonic: Well, that’s no prob. But what about dustin’ Buttnik’s acid rain?
[Sally grins and taps her head.]
Sally: I have the old plan...
[Cut to Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Bunnie walking up to Rotor’s workshop. They walk up to a small little shed with Rotor by the side of the door.]
Rotor: Stand back guys! This could be ugly...
[He opens it up and a wave of mechanical junk engulfs him before he can get away. Bunnie side steps a can coming her way.]
Bunnie: Oh my stars! And I thought my closet was a mess...
[Rotor pops out the top and begins searching for something while waste deep in all of it. Sonic begins tap his foot impatiently.]
Sonic: Yo Rote! We’re waiting...
Rotor: Oh, I know they’re in here someplace... Ah-HA! Here’s one!
[He pulls out a Swat-Bot torso.]
Antoine: Uh-How many Swat-bot suits are you having, Rotor?
Rotor (holding one of the heads): Three. One for Sally.
[Tosses her the head.]
Rotor: One for Bunnie, and one for you.
[Tosses Antoine the torso. He gasps and tosses it aside in fear. Sally tries on the head-ware.]
Sally: Well, do I look like a Swat-bot?
[Tails wanders in and gasps.]
Tails: Help! Swat-bot! I’m juicin’!
[He runs off. Sonic grins.]
Sonic: Naaw! Not even close, Sal.
[Cut to the side of a mountain. A giant eight-wheeled beast hauling what looks like a missile the shape of a blimp roars by. The three show up at the top of the mountain in their Swat-bot costumes.]
Bunnie: Stars alive! Would you look at the size of that ugly ol’ thing?
Sally: That must be the cloud burster!
[They hear a clinking noise and look behind them. Antoine’s quaking in his boots. One of the two grabs his legs to stop the noise.]
Bunnie: Just relax, Antoine.
Antoine: Uh... oui oui. I am chillin’.
Sally: Ready, Bunnie?
Bunnie: Always ready, sugar.
Sally: Do it!
[Bunnie activates a mechanical hand grenade and lunges it in front of the vehicle, obstructing its path with smoke.]
Snively: Swat-bot team 1, see what that smoke is about!
[Four Swat-bots leave the vehicle to check things out.]
Sally: They’re in the smoke, let’s go!
[Antoine climbs up, helping Bunnie and Sally up.]
Antoine: Uggh! Come on, Sally! That’s right, pull up!
[Sally runs to a hatch and begins to pull.]
Bunnie: Allow me, sugar!
Antoine: Mon cherie, Swat-bots, they are coming!
Sally: You guys guard the door, it won’t take me long.
[Sally goes through the hatch, removes the head and plugs Nicole into the computer.]
Sally: Nicole, access cloud burster security code.
Nicole: Attempting access, Sally.
[Numbers begin spinning across the screen. While this goes on, Sally sees the Swat-bots walking towards the others through a security monitor.]
Sally: Come on, Nicole...
Antoine: Swat-bot coming... eep!
Bunnie: Just keep your cute lil’ ol’ knees quiet, Antoine, and we’ll be fine!
Swat-bot (to Bunnie and Antoine): RETURN TO STATION.
[Antoine goes on instinct and calmly walks to his “Station”... only to trip, cause the head to fall off, and blow their cover.]
[Bunnie raises her hand behind the Swat-bot’s back, ready for a sneak attack, only to have two other Swat-bots raise their weapons at her as well.]
Swat-bots 2 and 3: DON’T MOVE!
Bunnie: I sure do hate when this happens...
[Sally sees this all on the screen.]
Sally: Oh no!
Nicole: First digit in place, Sally... Second digit, Sally...
[Sally looks at the screen again, the Swat-bots coming closer.]]
Sally: Hurry, Nicole!
[She makes a grab for her Swat-bot head on the floor, only to hear a gun click. The fourth Swat-bot is right in front of her, weapon in hand.]
[Cut to Snively working at a desk going over some notes when a Swat-bot storms in.]
Swat-bot: Intruders, sir!
Snively: Intruders?
[The Swat-bots lead the three in, hands locked behind their backs. Snively shows off a grin.]
Snively: Well, well...wolves in Swat-bot clothing... Doctor Robotnik will be very pleased...
[Cut to Sonic storming through the mountains, and finds himself looking over an island. He checks his map.]
Sonic: That’s gotta be ol’ Nimbus Island!
[He speeds down to the island, covered in futuristic travel tubes, and begins running through them, looking around.]
Sonic: Woah!
[He trips on impact, and lands face first in the dirt. He gets up, and looks around.]
Sonic: Yo! Anybody home!?
[He wanders in a worn down mechanical room, no power or anything.]
Sonic: Anybody here besides you rats?
Sonic: Guess not. I’m outta here.
[Without a second thought, he ditches the place and starts heading back to Knothole.]
Sonic: Sal! Ant! Where are you guys!? ... Better check out that convoy.
[Cut to the mountain side from earlier, Sonic finds a Swat-bot head lying in the dirt.]
Sonic: Wha? [He checks it out] ... This was Antoine’s.
[He drops it and looks at the vehicles' colossal sized wheel imprints left in the ground. Back to Nimbus Island. The missile sitting outside the base, the Swat-bots inside are at work, while the Freedom Fighters are chained down to a wall.]
Sally: What’s wrong with your “Great Leader”!? Is he too chicken to confront us himself!?
Robotnik (off screen): My... such a challenging tone...
Antoine: *Gasp!*
[Robotnik walks out from the shadows and approaches the three.]
Robotnik: Hardly appropriate for a Princess... Not to mention the slander of poor Cluck’s species... [Cluck snaps threateningly at Sally.]
[He loses the gloating attitude.]
Robotnik: Where is the hedgehog?
Sally: ... In your dreams, Doctor!
Robotnik: No matter, Princess. Patience is one of my strong points, heh heh... He’ll be along.
[Cut to Sonic following the vehicles tracks, leading him to the isle just in time to see the blimp missile rising in the sky.]
Sonic: Uh-oh!
[In the base.]
Robotnik: Re-check all functions. There will be no errors.
Snively: Doctor Robotnik, the guest of honor has arrived...
[A monitor overhead shows Sonic in sight.]
Robotnik: Excellent, let the party begin!
[Cut to outside, Sonic is speeding around.]
Sonic: Woah! [He comes to a stop] Huh!?
[He looks across a large stretch of water and sees his friends held captive by Swat-bots.]
Sonic: Hang tough, guys! I’m there in a Sonic-Second!
[He makes his way to the travel pods once again, every move caught on camera.]
Robotnik: Welcome hedgehog. You’re right on time... Get ready, Snively.
[Snively has his hands at the control panel, eagerly waiting to strike.]
Robotnik: Patience, Snively... Patience... NOW!
[Snively pushes a button... and back on Sonic, he hears something launch...]
Sonic: WOAH!
[A giant ball of fire chases after him.]
Sonic: Better hit the ol’ after burners!
[He speeds through the tubes, and finds an exit, with the fire ball still on his hide.]
Sonic: Time to douse this lame ol’ fire!
[Sonic pulls a sharp turn, and it follows, leaving him no choice up to hop into the water. The flame flies after him, and dies out. Sonic pops out of the water, when the island begins to shake.]
Sonic: Waaaah!?
[The traveling tubes across the water come apart, leaving Sonic without his shortcuts. The missile blimp is right over head.]
Robotnik: Now I have you, hedgehog!
Sonic: Aaaah!
Robotnik: Look around!
[Cut to Robotnik looking at the monitor, as Sonic is ambushed by multiple Swat-bots.]
Robotnik: I hoped the great hedgehog would be more of a challenge... You disappoint me.
[Back on Sonic, with a big ol’ grin.]
Sonic: It ain’t over till the fat-bot sings, Robuttnik!
[Sonic draws the Swat-bots to the side of dry land...]
Sonic: Woooah man!
[Sonic’s leg gets stuck in a puddle of mega-muck.]
Sonic: Mondo problemo! I’m stuck...
[The Swat-bots close in on him... Only to pull his foot out of the “mega-muck” - no problem.]
Sonic: Sorry, bolt-brains! Gotta juice!
[He leaps at them, hopping from head to head, knocking them all into the water.]
Sonic: Oh, forgot to tell ya: “Watch that first step.” Adios!
[Cut back to the base, Sonic races in and finds his friends locked in a laser force-field.]
Sonic: Chill guys, I’ll bust you outta there...
Sally: Sonic, don’t touch the bars!
Sonic: Why not?
Sally: Because they’ll repel you!
Bunnie: To say nothin’ of knockin’ y’all on your little ol’ sugar-hog behind.
Sally: Besides, we’re not the important thing right now!
Sonic: You’re not?
Antoine: You know, I’m thinking not to disagree with you, My Prinzess, but-
Sally: Antoine, if we don’t stop Robotnik, we’ll all be swimming in real acid rain! [Points behind Sonic] Look for yourself.
[Sonic turns around and watches the blimp fly into the sky.]
Sonic: Gotta be a way to take out that sucker!
[Cut to Snively and Robotnik.]
Snively: Cloud Burster in position, sir.
Robotnik: Prepare to commence seeding, heheheheheh....
Sonic: That blimpo’s gonna chunk.
Antoine: Sacre bleu! What can we be doing?
Sonic: Good question, Ant....AHH!
[Sonic begins to remember the dream...]
Sally (off screen): Sonic, we have to do something!
Sonic: Hey!
[Sonic sees Sally in his mind, looking at him with horror. Sonic begins to panic.]
Bunnie: What the hey is eatin’ that hunky lil’ hedgehog? He looks like he’s seen a ghost.
Sally: He seems to be daydreaming... We have to snap him out of it, or we’re all done for!
Antoine: Sonic! Sonic, you uncivilized pincushion! Wake up! WAKE UP!
Sally: Sonic, it’s Sally! Can you hear me!? Sonic? Sonic!?
[In Sonic’s head, he’s struggling to break free from the muck while rain is pouring on him.]
Sally (voice): Come on, Sonic!
Dream Sally (voice): Sonic, were you when the brains-
Sally (voice): Sonic, we need your help!
Dream Sally (voice): Sonic...
Sally (voice): Can you hear me!? Sonic!?
[Dream Sally is being robotocized once again.]
Dream Sally (voice): Sonic... where were you when the brains were handed out... Brains... Brains... BRAINS...
[Sonic snaps out of it, and looks back at Sally.]
Sally: Sonic, hurry! He’s gonna release the acid rain storm!
[The blimp missile begins to release the acid. Sonic scratches his head.]
Sonic: Gotta use my brain....
Sally: Hurry, Sonic!
Sonic: Man, if there was some way to use those wells, I could make it rain on old ‘Buttnik’s parade!
Sally: How?
[He snaps his fingers.]
Sonic: Sal, got a past cool idea! Gotta juice!
[Sonic runs under the blimp.]
Sonic: YO! ROBUTTNIK! Gotta little surprise...
Robotnik: I don’t like surprises, hedgehog. Especially from you!
Sonic: But this one will be a kick... Promise.
[Sonic turns himself into a living drill and spins into the center of the island, gravel and rocks flying at Sally and the others’ cage.]
Antoine: Ugh! What is the foolish hedgehog doing!?
Robotnik: What is that miserable rodent up to, Snively!?
Snively: I don’t know, sir.
[Sonic continues drilling, until he finds a small cavity under the land, and in it, a worn down machine once used to pump out water. He gets on the gears and makes a personal treadmill out of it.]]
Sonic: Time for some major hedgehog power!
[Water begins to flow through the piping.]
Robotnik: Well, it appears that your foolish war against me is finally lost, Princess.
[They hear rumbling.]
Robotnik: Snively, what is that!?
Snively: I suppose it’s the hedgehog, sir.
Robotnik: I don’t like that sound... Change our course!
[Before they can get away, a geyser of muddled down water shoots straight at the blimp, and the two begin to freak out as they lose control, quickly flooding the inside.]
Robotnik: Snively, get us out of here NOW!
[Cut to the Freedom Fighters watching the blimp lose control.]
Bunnie: That lil’o sugar-hog did it, Sally! He knocked Robotnik for a real loop! Wooh-Wee!
Sally: ... Where are you, Sonic...?
[Just then, Sonic tears out of the ground, and lands right in front of his friends, covered in mud.]
Sally: Sonic! Are you all right?
Sonic: Nothing a serious shake and snake can’t fix!
[After shaking the goo off, they look into the sky as the blimp begins plummeting down.]
Sonic: Check it out!
Robotnik: Let’s get out of here!
[The two leave the flooded room, and make their way into an escape ship. Snively begins to start up the ship.]
Robotnik: Hurry, Snively! We are going to crash!
[The blimp plummets.]
Robotnik: Activate stealth system! Launch.
[The ship vanishes, and just as the blimp crashes down, they escape undetected.]
Bunnie: I do believe Robotnik has finally bought the farm.
Antoine: He has a farm?
[In the ship.]
Robotnik: Clever move, hedgehog. But the final move is mine.
[Robotnik is ready to fire a missile at the group...]
Snively: Doctor Robotnik, we’ve sustained major damage to the main circuitry!
Robotnik: Then get it under CONTROL.
Snively: Sir, we must return to Robotropolis immediately or risk crashing!
[Robotnik’s finger is still hovering over the missile launcher control...]
Robotnik: Good bye... hedgehog....
[He presses it... and again... and again...]
Robotnik: Why won’t the missile launch?
Snively: Circuit grids are severely damaged, sir! We must turn back before we lose all power!
[Cut to a while later. Sonic has been searching around for Robotnik and Snively. He meets back with the others, still locked up.]
Sally: Any sign of Robotnik?
Sonic: Nope. He’s toast! Now how do I get you guys outta that chicken-coop?
[The ground begins shaking once again.]
Antoine: Sacre bleu! Now what iz ‘appening?
Sonic: Felt like a quake!
Sally: Sonic, the river!
[The water begins to rise.]
Bunnie: Oh my stars! It’s overflowing!
[The buildings begin shaking.]
Sally: That’s not all! The island is sinking!
[Sonic pulls out a power ring from his backpack.]
Sonic: Sal, press the power ring against the bars! Maybe it’ll drain the juice!
Sally: I don’t know, Sonic! That’s a lot of energy!
Sonic: Hey, you’re always telling me I need a plan! Yo, this is a plan!
[The quake is getting worse as all the buildings start crashing down. Sonic hands her the ring.]
Sonic: No time to argue. Do it!
Antoine: Let us be doing something! I cannot swim!
Sally: Okay... keep your fingers crossed!
[She raises the ring to the bar causing sparks to tear out, and then the ring rapidly sparks with electrical like energy. Sally begins grunting in pain.]
Sonic: Hold on, Sal! HOLD ON!
Sally: I CAN’T!
[Antoine and Bunnie come to her aid, helping her control the ring.]
[The ring finally gives out... and the two step back from Sally... and the bars vanish, followed by the machine itself.]
Antoine: Voila. It worked!
Sally: Oh, SONIC!
[Sally kisses Sonic on the cheek.]
Sally: That was a great plan!
Sonic: Hey, I just figured that-
Bunnie: I hate to an ol’ party-pooper, but I got this here sinking feeling...
[She points to the chaos going around them as the water begins rising.]
Sally: Oh my gosh!
Antoine: Sacre bleu!
[Sonic grabs the ring from Sally.]
Sonic: Sal, hold on to me. Bunnie, hold on to Sal. Ant, grab Bunnie. We’re gonna do some major juicin’!
[The three storm out of there as the island finally goes down.]
Antoine: I tell you, I cannot swim!
[A pillar gives out, and nearly crushes them. They make it to safe ground on the mountain side, and watch the remains go down into the water.]
Sonic: You think ol’ Buttnik’s REALLY history, Sal?
Sally: I wish I knew, Sonic. I wish I knew....
[Cut back to Knothole, Sally and Sonic are sitting back to back.]
Sally: You know, I’m no expert, Sonic, but my guess is that your bad dream was some kind of a warning. So, from now on you’ll think before you act, right...? Uh... Sonic?
[Sonic is dozing off.]
Sonic: Oooh, you’re the most mondo, beautiful thing that I have ever seen...
[Sally blushes.]
Sonic: You make my heart pound... My mouth water... Yeees... there’s nothing like a chili dog...
Sally: Oh brother.