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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic's Nightmare

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"Sonic's Nightmare" is the ninth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the ninth episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the tenth episode of the series. It first aired on 13 November 1993.



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The episode begins with Sonic running through the wastes when he suddenly hears Sally's pretentious voice. When he turns around, he sees Sally on the other side of a chasm with a hanging wooden bridge leading across it. Dr. Robotnik and two Swat-Bots then appear, with the Swat-Bots taking Sally and putting her in the Roboticizer they had brought with them. Sonic rushes to her rescue, but heavy rain appears and obscures his vision. Sonic then finds himself stuck in some Mega Muck that he is unable to get out of for a long time. When he finally does free himself however, he falls down on his face in front of the hanging bridge. Regardless, Sonic starts running across the hanging bridge, only for the bridge to collapse midway, leaving Sonic to fall into the abyss while Sally emerges from the Roboticizer as a Worker-Bot. Sonic then wakes up screaming, and realizes that it was all a nightmare.

The next day, Sonic approaches Rotor and asks him if he knows anything about dreams. Admitting he knows little about dreams, he tells Sonic that Sally once told her that dreams may represent a person's greatest fear. Sally then suddenly comes running, because Nicole has intercepted a disturbing broadcast from Dr. Robotnik. Sally has Nicole play the message. In the message, Robotnik instructs a Swat-Bot unit to prepare some chemical payload for cloud seeding and to rendezvous with the Cloud Burster on the Island of Nimbus. Once the message ends, Sally explains that Robotnik is planning to create acid rain to rain down on Mobius. At first, Sonic is not worried since the planet has been struggling with acid rain for a long time now. Rotor, meanwhile, believes this to be one of Robotnik's traps. Sally suggests, however, that even if it is a trick, if the Island of Nimbus is inhabited, its residents should be warned. As such, she comes up with an idea. Later, Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Bunnie arrive at Rotor's workshop. There, Rotor has the others stand back while he opens his shed, from which numerous mechanical parts spill out over him. After digging through the parts, Rotor finds Swat-Bot parts that can serve as disguises for Sally, Antoine and Bunnie. Sally tries out a Swat-Bot helmet, and when Tails comes passing by, he mistakes Sally for a real Swat-Bot and runs away in fear.

Some time later, the Cloud Burster is being driven through a canyon on a convoy. Meanwhile, Sally, Antoine and Bunnie are waiting in their Swat-Bot disguises. After Bunnie calms down a trembling Antoine, Sally throws a smoke bomb down in front of the Cloud Burster. Seeing the suspicious smoke, Snively sends the Swat-Bots to investigate it. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the Freedom Fighters climb onboard the Cloud Burster, where Bunnie helps Sally open the access door to the Cloud Burster's interior. However, the heroes soon notice that the Swat-Bots are coming back. Going inside the Cloud Burster, Sally has Bunnie and Antoine guard the door while she checks out the inside. Reaching the Cloud Burster's control panel, Sally takes her helmet off and connects Nicole to the main computer and tells her to start downloading the security code. Meanwhile, outside the door, Antoine begins trembling before the upcoming Swat-Bots, but Bunnie manages to calm him down. Arriving, the Swat-Bot tells Bunnie and Antoine to return to their stations. As Antoine begins to leave however, he stumbles and his helmet falls off his head, exposing him as a phony to the Swat-Bot. The Swat-Bot puts a Laser Rifle on Antoine, and Bunnie tries to hit the robot on the head. However, she is surrounded by more Swat-Bots. Seeing the situation unravel on the outside video feed, Sally tells Nicole to hurry with the decryption of the code. Once the code has been downloaded, Sally tries to escape, only to be captured by Swat-Bots. The Freedom Fighters are then brought before Snively, who knows that Robotnik will be pleased with these prisoners.

Meanwhile, Sonic has reached the Island of Nimbus. He begins to run through the cracked glass tube connecting to the island until he finally emerges from it and finds himself in the middle of an industrial factory. Sonic begins to search the area and look inside the factories, but finds nobody except rats. As such, Sonic returns to the Great Forest. Upon his arrival, Sonic calls out for his friends, but no one is responding. Deciding to check out the Cloud Burster's convoy, Sonic comes across Antoine's Swat-Bot helmet. Sonic then notices the trail the Cloud Burster's convoy has left behind. At this time, the Swat-Bots have arrived on the Island of Nimbus and begun filling the Cloud Burster with chemicals. Meanwhile, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine have been tied up, stripped of their Swat-Bot disguises. To make matters worse, Robotnik and Cluck then emerge from the shadows. Robotnik demands to know where Sonic is, but Sally refuses to answer him. Not deterred, Robotnik decides to wait for Sonic to appear.

Eventually, as Sonic follows the tracks of the Cloud Burster's convoy, he sees the Cloud Burster flying in the distance. Robotnik himself is onboard the airship, supervising its processes. Soon after, Snively notifies Robotnik of Sonic's arrival. Meanwhile, Sonic sees his friends in the grasp of Swat-Bots on the Island of Nimbus and decides to run to their aid. As Sonic passes through the glass tube connecting the Island of Nimbus with the mainland, Robotnik has Snively wait until he finally gives the order to shoot. A self-guiding fireball is subsequently launched towards Sonic as he passes through the glass tube. Sonic manages to jump out of the tube, but the fireball continues to follow him. Eventually, Sonic lures the fireball into the water, where the fireball is extinguished. As Sonic returns to the shore, he sees the glass tube connecting to the mainland collapse. The Cloud Burster then descends from the skies and Robotnik states over the speakers that he has Sonic now. Swat-Bots armed with Laser Rifles then surround Sonic. Sonic, meanwhile, backs towards the shore and eventually steps into a mud pit with one of his feet. Pretending to be stuck, Sonic allowed the Swat-Bots to approach him before jumping over them and knocking them into all into the water where they short-circuit and are destroyed. With that done, Sonic takes off to find his friends.

Sonic soon after finds his friends locked in a cage. Sally tells him not to touch the energy bars because they are electrified. She also adds that their safety is not the most important thing now. Antoine tries to voice his opinion on the matter, but Sally reminds him that Robotnik is ready to release his chemicals and create really toxic rain. Sonic begins to wonder how he can stop their enemies. Meanwhile, Robotnik gives Snively orders to start preparations for dispersing the chemicals. As Sonic is at a loss at what to do, he is haunted in daylight by visions of his earlier nightmare, which completely paralyzes him. In his visions, Sonic sees Sally get roboticized while he is trapped in Mega Muck, with Sally screaming as she watches herself get roboticized, and there is nothing he can do to help her. Sonic's friends wonder what is wrong with Sonic and try to shake him out of his trance. In the end, Sonic's nightmare ends, and Sally begins to warn him to stop the Cloud Burster, which has already begun spreading its toxins. As Sonic thinks for a moment, he gets the idea to somehow flood Robotnik's Cloud Burster with oil from the factory. Sonic proceeds to run as close to the Cloud Burster as possible and yells to Robotnik that he has a surprise for him, something which Robotnik does not like. Sonic then begins spinning around like a living drill and starts drilling into the ground. With Sonic underground, neither Robotnik or the Freedom Fighters know what he is up to. Eventually, Sonic digs down to an underground generator and gets it working by running on its gears.

After a while, a pillar of dirty oil gushes out from the factory's chimney and hits the Cloud Burster. With the Cloud Burster getting flooded with oil, Robotnik and Snively are forced to evacuate the airship. Meanwhile, Sonic returns to the surface. He brushes off the oil and receives congratulations from his friends. Back on the Cloud Burster, Robotnik and Snively retreat to the escape pod. The doctor tells Snively to hurry with the launch as the Cloud Burster is on a collision course with the ground. On Robotnik's orders, Snively also activates the escape pod's cloaking, thus turning the entire hovercraft invisible as it flies off. A moment later, the Cloud Burster crashes into the ground, creating a huge explosion. Robotnik wants to finish Sonic with a missile, but Snively tells him that the escape pod has taken so much damage that firing the missile will put them at risk of crashing. He also advises Robotnik that they must return to Robotropolis immediately. After some hesitation however, Robotnik decides to try and kill Sonic anyway, and hits the missile's launch button. However, nothing happens. Snively explains that the circuit grid has taken too much damage, and that their only option is to retreat while they still have power, to which Robotnik reacts with rage.

Back on the ground, Sonic wonders how to get his friends out of the cage. There is then suddenly a strong earthquake. As Bunnie notices the river is overflowing, Sally realizes that the Island of Nimbus is sinking. Sonic decides to act quickly and tells Sally to take one of his Power Rings and have it suck up the cage's energy. Sally is worried however, as they are talking about a lot of energy, but Sonic convinces her to go along with his plan. Sally proceeds to push the Power Ring against the bars, causing a huge wave of energy to be emitted. Bunnie and Antoine help Sally keep the Power Ring in place, and after a moment, the bars disappear. Sally kisses Sonic and congratulates him for his idea, only for Bunnie to interrupt them and insist on a quick escape. At Sonic's command, Sally grabs onto Sonic while Bunnie grabs onto Sally and Antoine grabs onto Bunnie. Sonic then uses the Power Ring to increase his speed and the heroes manage to escape from the collapsing factory just in time. By the time the quartet has made it back to the mainland, the Island of Nimbus has been completely flooded and sunk. The heroes then hope that Robotnik has finally perished.

After returning to Knothole, Sonic and Sally sit next to each other, back to back. There, Sally introduces Sonic to her theory about his nightmare might being a warning to the hedgehog about thinking before acting. Sally, however, soon notices that Sonic has fallen asleep. As Sonic sleeps, he mumbles out compliments and praise, which makes Sally blush. It turns out however, that Sonic is dreaming about his favorite food, a chili dog, much to Sally's discouragement.


  • When Sonic shoots out of the ground, and the screen transitions to Sally, Bunnie, and Antonie, Bunnie is to the right of Sally. Then Bunnie is to the left of Antonie, but when the screen changes again, Bunnie is to the left of Sally.
  • When Sonic hands Sally the Power Ring, Sally's hands turn white.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Sonikova Noćna Mora Sonic's Nightmare
Russian Кошмар Соника Sonic's nightmare
German Untergang der Insel Nimbus
Sonics Alptraum
Fall of the island of Nimbus
Sonic's Nightmare
Czech Soníkova Noční Můra Sonic's Nightmare
Spanish La Pesadilla de Sonic Sonic's Nightmare
Latin American La Pesadilla de Sonic Sonic's Nightmare
French Cauchemar Sonic Sonic's Nightmare
Korean 소닉의 악몽 Sonic's Nightmare