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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

It looks like me. Gotta hand it to those Ancients - they had swag.

Sonic the Hedgehog, "Mech Suits Me"

Sonic's Mech Suit[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a powerful mech suit from the time of the Ancients which would be used by Sonic the Hedgehog in modern times.

Concept and creation

When writing the plot for "Mech Suits Me", Sonic's Mech Suit was inspired by the character Venom from Marvel Comics.[2][3] The mech suit was also designed to look like Sonic to compel Sonic to claim it and justify why he is the one to wear it and not anyone else.[4]



Sonic's Mech Suit active with its symbiont chip enabled.

The mech suit is a black-framed machine that resembles Sonic the Hedgehog.[1] Standing at about twice the size of Knuckles, its body looks like a slim silhouette of Sonic's head and has a cockpit with a seat inside it. Its body also has a grey-framed, windshield-less window up front in the shape of Sonic's eyes. It also possesses cube-shaped grey shoulders, grey shoulder rims, heavily armored grey arms, four-fingered hands with black fingers, and a pair of legs with grey toe-less feet and armor. It also has crystal-like blue fins on its elbows and down its spine, and a blue light up front and center.

Prior to the removal of its symbiont chip, the mech suit would glow red when active.[1] After said chip was removed, the red glow is no longer present.[5]

Features and abilities

Sonic's Mech Suit is an extremely strong machine. Said to possess unparalleled power,[1] it can easily overpower Mega Bot in seconds, effortlessly defeat several members of Team Sonic, and fight evenly with a Tummel Crystal-powered MeBot.[1][5]

In terms of physical strength, the mech suit can break through several meters of rock, punch through a thick metal wall with an one-inch punch, smash a force-field using brute force, and topple Mega Bot with just three hits.[1][5] Despite its physique, it is also very nimble and agile, being able to dodge four projectiles at once with a pin-point precision body flip.[5] It has retractable foot-mounted wheels as well, allowing it to skate swiftly around on the ground at greater speeds. It is also capable of high-speed flight paralleling that of the Eggmobile's.[1] The mech suit is incredibly durable too as it can take blows, lasers and missiles from MeBot and get smashed through solid rock without receiving a scratch.[5]

In terms of armaments, the mech suit can generate a shield around itself. This shield protects the mech suit from harm from all sides and is durable enough to withstand a missile without flinching. It also has a retractable hand blaster that can fire lasers powerful enough to blow up Mega Bot in one shot. It can also charge up its blaster for more powerful shots.[1]

Sonic getting taken over by the mech suit.

The mech suit had a symbiotic relationship with its pilot. Due to housing a symbiont chip, the mech suit would gradually take over its pilot, causing increased aggressiveness, paranoia, lack in inhibitions, impaired thinking and memory lapses. While the mech suit asserted its dominance, the pilot's eyes would grow red.[1] After the symbiont chip was removed, this is no longer an issue.[5]


The mech suit is virtually impossible to beat with brute force. However, when charging its blaster to maximum, the mech suit draws reserve power from its shields, momentarily disarming them.[1]


TV series


Constructed by the Ancients, the mech suit ended up buried within an Ancient ruin for centuries.[1]

Season two

Team Sonic finds the Mech suit.

The mech suit was eventually found by Team Sonic in the present when Sticks discovered its cave. After finding it, Sonic put it on after noticing its resemblance to him. Immediately after, Sonic and co. discovered that Dr. Eggman had trapped them in the cave. Using his mech suit, Sonic broke his team out of the cave and beat Eggman's Mega Bot. Sonic then prepared to kill Eggman with his mech suit, but his team brought him back to his senses. Horrified, Sonic realized he did not know what he was doing. Regardless, Sonic began wearing his mech suit again, which eventually corrupted him to the point that he threatened Mayor Fink with the destruction of the village, abandoned his friends in the belief that they were after his mech suit, and formed a partnership with Eggman. When he heard that Eggman wanted the mech suit though, Sonic ended their partnership, which led to a confrontation with his team. During the fight, Tails managed to get into the mech suit and remove the symbiont chip that controlled Sonic. Now back to normal, Sonic opted to let go of his reliance on the mech suit, but decided to keep it around regardless, just in case it was needed.[1]

When Dr. Eggman got his MeBot operational with the Tummel Crystal, Sonic called in his mech suit with his Communicator and used it to battle Eggman and MeBot. The battle was fierce and evenly matched, but Sonic triumphed by using his mech suit to make MeBot's missiles blow up in its face and pull out the Tummel Crystal.[5]



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