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Play hot in poker like never before!!

— Tagline[1]

Sonic's Casino Poker[2] (ソニックのカジノポーカー[3] Sonikku no Kajino Pōkā?) is a mobile phone game released as part of the Sonic Cafe service offered by Sega. This was the last Sonic game released under the Sonic Cafe label.


In Sonic's Casino Poker, a standard game of seven card stud poker is played against Sonic and his friends, with the player getting to customize an avatar to play as. The game uses a standard 52 card deck, with no joker being present. The game is played one-on-one, with each opponent featuring different stats and advantages. The game cannot be paused. If the player ends a game halfway, all gold that has been bet will be lost. This includes disconnecting due to connectivity errors.[3]

The game is divided into two rounds. In the 1st Round,[3] six cards are dealt into the center of the table, three for each player, and are turned faceup. Each player is then dealt two cards of their own, which the opponent cannot see. The goal is to obtain the best poker hand, so the players can now bet gold depending on how confident they are that their hand outplays the other's.

The 2nd Round[3] begins by adding a fourth faceup card to the center of the table and , making a total of seven. Once both players have made their bets, the four remaining cards are flipped faceup and put into play and the players' hands are revealed. Since there are seven cards in play, two of them do not get counted in the final hand. The strongest poker hand wins, with the hierarchy as follows:

  • Straight flush: five cards of the same suit in order
  • Four of a kind: four of the same card, one of each suit
  • Full house: three of the same card, with the other two being a pair of their own
  • Flush: five cards of the same suit
  • Straight: five cards of any suits in order
  • Three of a kind: three of the same card, with the other two being different from each other
  • Two pair: two pairs of the same cards
  • One pair: one pair of the same card
  • High card: five cards that have little to no relation to each other, this is simply a hand that doesn't fit into a category

All gold that has been played in the game is collected in the POT,[3] with the winner earning all of it. This total is displayed on the top-right of the screen. The JACKPOT[3] is a gauge that can be filled through winning gold from the POT. Upon activation, the player can win extra gold on top of the total present in the POT.

Gold is used in multiple ways, though its main function is for betting with in poker games. The entry fee for a game is 5G for beginner players and 10G for intermediate and above. However, there is also a "remaining gold requirement" (必要残ゴールド数[3] hitsuyō zan gōrudosū?) that must be met as to not run out of gold in the middle of a game. For example, when playing against Sonic, the remaining gold requirement is 100G. On the first of every month, the player will receive a gift of 1000G


Non-playable characters





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