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Sonia the Hedgehog is a character that appears in the Sonic Underground television series. She is Sonia the Hedgehog's counterpart from an alternate dimension and one of the Royal 'Corrupt' Hedgehogs.


Sonia is essentially a doppelganger of her Mobius counterpart. She wears a traditional princess-style dress and a crown.



Sonia has a same personality as her Mobius counterpart, albeit darker and more self-involved. She was a vain and bossy narcissist who whined at even minor irritations, such as getting pricked with a pin while having a dress tailored for her.[1]

After having seen how the people suffered under her and her siblings' corrupt rule, Sonia had a change of heart. Developing sympathy for her people, Sonia resolved to become a kinder and more generous ruler over her people.




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