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Sonic Underground
Sonia's Choice (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Sonia's Choice".

[Scene: Anays.]

Aleena: Perhaps the worst things in a Freedom Fighter's life are the choices that must be made.
Robotnik: Look around, gentlemen. Remember this place.
Dingo: It sure is pretty.
[The villains walk up the stairs.]
Robotnik: It's not just pretty, it's a future historical landmark.
Sleet: A landmark?
Robotnik: Oh yes indeed. The beautiful city of Anays shall forever be known as the place where the hedgehog dynasty fell.
Dingo: Hedgehogs? Where?
Robotnik: Oh they're not here... yet. We have traps to set first.
[A vehicle appears.]
Sleet: How can you be sure the hedgehogs aren't here already?
Robotnik: Because... I'm keeping them very busy!
[The door at the side of the vehicle opens. The villains enter the vehicle. The vehicle moves off.]

[Scene Change: Outside, night]

[Sonic appears covered in mud, branches and leaves. He screams as he sees something. He dives away from a laser which destroys some land. Sonic looks back and sees lasers fired from an Death Pod. He gets up and dodges another laser by jumping into a hiding place. The Death Pod retreats and chases Sonia instead. The lasers are then fired repeatedly, with a dirty Sonia trying to speed away from them. She jumps into the bushes. She shows up from behind a bush and gasps in horror as a tree falls towards her. She dives out of the tree's way. The drone is then seen creating a long trail of fire with its laser. The camera moves to the Underground trio all covered in mud.]
Manic: Man. It's getting hard to think around here.
Sonic: You're telling me.
[A radar shows the three hedgehogs together marked in red.]
Sonia: Anyone care to wager on which way the next tree falls?
Sonic: If our luck holds it'll fall right on us.
[Sonic screams and dives as he is hit by an explosion. Sonic grabs the other two hedgehogs and runs, leaving a trail of fire behind. A tree falls in Sonic's direction. The camera cuts to the Death Pod. It deploys another missile that chases the trio. Sonic zooms up a tree. The missile hits the tree and explodes. Now on top of the tree, they scream as it falls down. They fall into the bushes.]
Manic: Yikes!
Sonic: If a tree falls in the forest, does it always have to fall on us?
[Another tree falls on them. They scream and run off.]

[Scene Change: Anays]

Dingo: [Groaning] Oh... I don't want to do this.
Sleet: That would imply that you have a choice, which you don't.
Robotnik: The traps are all set. Ready to test them?
[He presses a button. It closes a door behind Dingo. He taps it.]
Dingo: That's what I call a strong door!
[Lasers shoot out around the closed door. One laser touches Dingo's finger and burns it.]
Dingo: Ow!
[He blows his burnt finger.]

[Scene Change: Anays]

[The lights are turned off.]
Sleet: One test dummy coming up.
[Dingo tries to walk backwards but Sleet presses a button on his Shapeshift Remote, transforming Dingo into a half-size robot with a single wheel.]
Dingo: Is this gonna hurt?
Sleet: Yes.
[Sleet turns the robot around and kicks it.]
Robotnik: [Calling] Dingo! Go to the display case!
[Dingo mindlessly explores the room. A golden Robotnik statue spots him and shoots a laser at him, making him scream and spin on an axis. He looks at a satellite, which is also a trap and shoots at him too. More lasers fire at him.]
Dingo: Ow, oof, ew, ouch!
Robotnik: [Snickers] No hedgehog alive could survive that.
Dingo: [Hit by another laser] Yowch!
Sleet: That had to hurt.
[Dingo uncontrollably slides into the lasered door.]
Robotnik: Now comes the fun part.
Sleet: I can hardly wait, sir.
[Dingo slides beside a dinosaur-shaped statue disguised as a trap.]
Dingo: Yikes!
[The statue roars at Dingo. He rolls to the other statue, which snarls back. He screams and tries to roll away but is chased and caught by the two dinosaurs. Dingo appears badly damaged.]
Robotnik: Excellent.

[Scene Change: Outside, Sunrise]

[The Death Pod continues its pursuit of the hedgehogs with trees constantly falling in their path. The trio quickly engage.]
Sonic: Let's do it to it!
[They press their medallions and generate their respective instruments as weapons. Sonia and Sonic fire their weapons at the Death Pod. Manic bangs on the drums which create a rumbling effect. A large wave of Mega Muck is formed. It crashes into the Death Pod and covers it. Sonia stands on top of the muck.]
Sonia: You think we got it?
Sonic: Looks like it.
[Sonia wobbles and falls off. The Death Pod breaks free of the muck. It dives back down towards the trio. Manic takes a cymbal off. The Death Pod fires a laser at them. Manic gathers by them and blocks the laser using the cymbal as a shield. The shield reflects the laser back and hits the craft. It crashes into the ground. The Underground celebrate and give high fives.]
Sonic: Man! I'm glad that's over.
[They investigate the fallen craft.]
Sonia: What if Robotnik has more of these things.
Renee: [Off-screen] He does.
[Renee and Trevor arrive from behind the tree.]
Sonic: Trevor! 'Bout time you got here!
[They shake hands.]
Trevor: Not all of us travel at your speed, Sonic.
Sonic: So true. So very true.
Trevor: Intelligence found the factory outside Robotropolis, where they're building these.
[He points at the craft.]
Sonia: Well, I guess we know where we're going next.
Renee: Maybe not. I have news.
Trevor: This is Renee. She leads the Underground in Anays.
[Renee brings out a cube from her handbag. It glows green and forms a hologram of a Royal Hedgehog Goblet.]
Sonic: Nice!
Sonia: Nice. Do you realize what that is?
Sonic: Let me guess. A cup?
Renee: This is one of the Four Royal Hedgehog Goblets that have been in your family for centuries. Robotnik's about to auction them off.

[Scene Change: Anays]

[Four Goblets are placed on the shelf.]
Robotnik: Pretty... Yes... It's the bait the hedgehogs can't resist.
Sleet: But sir, suppose they get through all the traps we've set.
Robotnik: Oh I hope they do.
[Robotnik presses a button on his remote. It sends robotic Death Pods out from behind the security doors. The lasers attached are fired from two different sides.]
Robotnik: Then they can find the other little surprise I have for them. [Evil laugh]

[Scene Change: Outside]

[A fresh Death Pod rises from the horizon and flies away.]
Sonia: What an incredible life. How dare Robotnik sell off our family treasures!
Renee: Last word we had, he was going to display them in his Museum.
Sonic: [Sneaking in] No biggie. We'll get him back. We got a master thief on our team.
[Manic appears.]
Renee: You're going to need one. His museum has incredible security.
Sonic: I thought Anays was just a rich and shameless resort.
Sonia: It is, and it's beautiful and very fashionable, [Looks at herself] which means we've got a serious appearance problem.
Sonic: [Cheekily] Oh Manic. We have an appearance problem.
Sonia: Sonic, we have to fit in.
Sonic: So what do you want us to do? Dressing berets and little smocks?

[Scene Change: Anays]

[The Sonic Underground appear in a gray beret, mustache, beard and gowns of their retrospective colors.]
Sonic: [Annoyed] Bummer Majores. We look stupid.
Manic: Yeah. I kind of like these outfits... Not!
[Sonia is painting a picture of the fountain she sees in front of her.]
Sonia: But the paint is transparent.
[The camera moves to Manic, whom is also painting the same picture.]
Manic: Yeah. I'm sort of getting into it.
Sonic: [While painting] It's making me hungry. [Annoyed, he flicks the brush onto his painting. Renee turns up. Sonic's painting is revealed to be a Hot Dog.]
Renee: Interesting. So far, so good. Looks like our cover's working. Let's move on!
Sonic: [Tosses the paintbrush behind him] Outta here!
Sonia: [Worried] Sonic. If you go speeding around you'll blow our cover!
Sonic: [Annoyed] Double Bummer Majores.

[Scene Change: Anays]

[Sonic looks at Robotnik's hideout.]
Sonic: There's ugly, and then there's ug-ly, and then there's u-ger-ly. Yuk!

[Scene Change: Anays]

[The hedgehogs and Renee are now inside the museum walking around.]
Manic: [Laughing] Oh, and we thought outside was bad!
Sonic: My eyes are starting to hurt from all the ugly.
Sonia: [Whispering] Would you guys keep it down?
[They stop walking.]
Manic: You getting all this?
Sonia: Oh yes.
[They see the four goblets on top of the shelf.]
Manic: Wow. They're beautiful. They belong to us?
Sonia: Yes, they do, and we're going to get them back whatever it takes.
Sonic: Let's snatch this stuff now!
Sonia: No, Sonic. Not until we analyze the traps.

[Scene Change: Anays]

Sonia: Oh gosh. That museum is a death trap. There are inset lasers on just about every piece in that museum! And look at the corners of this case, those are force field generators.
Renee: So I guess we cancel the mission.
Sonic: No way, Renee. We're getting back our stuff!

[Scene Change: Anays]

[Renee see a light from a Robotnik structure.]
Renee: Careful guys, I can see your light.
Sonic: Got it, Renee.
Manic: Man, it's impossible to get across that floor without tripping one of those beams.
[Inside the room guarded by lasers, Sonic is walking on the ceiling. He is holding a swing structure with Sonia and Manic sat on the swings.]
Sonic: Just one of the many advantages of anti-gravity sneaks!
Sonia: [Whispering] Guys try and keep it down. What if there are hearing sensors?
[Manic looks around]
Manic: Okay.
[The camera rotates to Sonic's center of gravity.]
Sonic: Oh what I really hate moving this slow.
Sonia: It's better than getting caught. They just keep coming. Two more meters.
Sonic: What?
Manic: That's one more step.
Sonia: [Excitedly] Perfect. Right there!
[Sonic stops walking and brings out a suction object and attaches it to a ceiling. Its lid opens and a rope comes down. Sonia grabs hold of the rope and slides down along with the rest of the team. When everyone comes down, Sonia brings a remote switch out and disables the lasers with it.]
Sonia: It's the cancellation frequency. I don't know how long it will hold.
Manic: I'm on it, sis.
[Manic brings out a key-chain loaded with keys. He realizes that the door has no keyhole, but is passcode protected.]
Manic: Uh, sis. this won't work.
[He puts a device over the passcode and turns it. Sonic is impatiently waiting. He looks at the dinosaur statues.]
Sonic: Are those Ro-butt-nik's kids? They're ugly enough.
Sonia: Uh, Sonic, you wanna keep your mind on what we're doing, please?
Sonic: [Whispering] Alright, alright. Sorry. I didn't mean to insult you.
[Sonic strokes the statue. The eyes light up.]
Sonic: Uh oh. Hope it's not feeding time!
[Manic has found the code.]
Manic: Yes! Alright!
[A beep sounds and the door opens. Manic walks inside and takes a Goblet. He shows it to Sonia.]
Sonia: Oh, it's beautiful.
[Manic takes off his earpiece. Meanwhile, Sonic tiptoes around the room.]
Sonic: Load up the treasure-- quick! I think Fido woke up. He looks like Campbell Piper!
[--The statue activates and roars behind Sonic. It unleashes a flame from its nostril. The other two hedgehogs become nervous. Manic collects all the Goblets, but is tempted by a shiny pink jewel.]
Sonia: [Whispering] Manic, no! We have to get out of here! Move to the back. [To Sonic] Sonic, when I say "now", jump in the case.
[Sonic is back-stepping from the snarling statue following him.]
Sonic: This is one of those "Don't ask me why" things, isn't it? [To the statue] Nice puppy.
[Sonic is now beside Sonia.]
Sonia: Now!
[Sonic jumps on the case. As the statue charges towards him, he jumps off and runs into Manic. They both fall over while the dinosaur falls into the security room. The jewel that was packed into Manic's bag is flown up into the air. The dinosaur gets back up and looks around for Sonic. Sonia turns her remote switch and activates the lasers, caging the dinosaur. It stuns while gripping the lasers.]
Sonic: Nice moves, sis!
Manic: [Pointing at the jewel] Yeah, but I think I got a problem.
[The jewel hits a statue and spins. It eventually lands in an area detected by a security laser. Sirens wail and the spotlights shine on the Underground.]
Sonic: No biggie. We'll just blast out of here!
[Sonic prepares a Peel out but Sonia holds him.]
Sonia: Wait, Sonic! Look!
[Death Pods pop out from the security doors.]
Sonic: Three Death Pods? How lucky can you get?
[The other statue activates. Its eyes glow red and roars at the group. They look back at it.]
Sonia: If this is one, we've got to bail out.
Manic: Heads up!
[The statue prepares to slam the group but before it could do so, a Death Pod's laser destroys it.]
Sonic: Hey, maybe our luck's changing.
[Manic brings out his medallion and generates his drum-set He pick up his cymbal.]
Manic: Quick! Get behind me!
[Sonia and Sonic quickly hide behind Manic while the latter uses the cymbal to shield the Underground. The cymbal reflects the incoming lasers back at the Death Pods, exploding them into a puff of smoke.]
Manic: Look out!
[The Death Pods fall onto the floor. Sonic and Manic show up from behind the cymbal.]
Sonic: Hey, bro. Nice work!
Sonia: We're not out of here yet.
[Manic jumps onto his drums with his sticks in hand.]
Manic: We need a shortcut.
[He bangs his drums. The room rumbles and the wall carves up. Manic breathes a sigh of relief.]

[Scene Change: Anays]

Renee: Resistance report. Units are sealing the city.
Sonia: Execute backup plane! Let's split up and meet back at the rendezvous!
Sonic: [Thumbs up] Gotcha!
[Everyone splits up.]

[Scene Change: The Museum]

[The Museum is ruined, with broken Death Pods.]
Sleet: I'm so sorry, sir. They got away, and now--
Robotnik: It's not a problem. Sleet, you see they fell for my trap!
Dingo: Uh... I don't understand.
[Robotnik turns on his torch and sees footprints.]
Sleet: Well, that's ingenious, sir!
Robotnik: They can run but they can't hide!

[Scene Change: Anays]

[Manic is walking along. An aircraft detects his footprints. It shines a spotlight on him, forcing him to cover his eyes.]
Aircraft: A citizen!

[Scene Change: Anays]

Swatbot: Subject two has entered sewers, sir.
Robotnik: Good! Notify Mega Muck disbursement teams.
Swatbot: Subject three: Track disappears on the river.
Robotnik: Spread out and search all the boats on the river! Mega Muck disbursement teams' report.
Swatbot: Sector One. Mega Muck deployed. Sector Two. Mega Muck deployed.
[Sonic speeds over the Mega Muck to safety platform. He sighs.]
Sonic: Mega Muck?! Triple Bummer Majores!
[Meanwhile, Sonia and Renee are aboard a ship. They hear a Swatbot landing and gasp.]
Renee: Uh oh. We have company!
Sonia: Let's bail!
[They dive off the ship into the water. The Swatbots spotlights turn on and search the river. Soon, Renee and Sonia make it to the opposite side.]
Sonia: Phew. That was close.
[Renee puts on her headpiece.]
Renee: OK! Go ahead!
Manic: [Over headpiece] We destroyed the Pod factory, managed to capture one of them. How'd the break-in go?
Sonia: We could sure use that Pod. It might help us get out of here.
Manic: You got it! Good luck!
[Renee takes off her headpiece and puts it in her handbag.]
Renee: Better get moving!
Sonia: Hmm... I wonder how the guys are doing?
[Sonic is seen trapped in a jail cell with Manic.]
Robotnik: Not a bad night's work if I say so myself.
Sleet: Too bad we couldn't make it a clean sweep.
Robotnik: Ah Sleet. You just have to know the right recipe for success.
[Sonia and Renee continue their search.]
Renee: Well, we looked in every hiding place I can think of. No one has heard or seen them.
Sonia: We've gotta keep our--
Robotnik: [Over tannoy] Attention, citizens of Anays! [Realizes] Oh, let's abandon pretense. [Normally] Attention, Princess Sonia! En rue the Robot eye, you will find a Roboticizer and your dear brother, Manic.
Sonia: Oh gosh.
Robotnik: And here's the fun part. At the other end of the city are the traps Robotnique, you will find another Roboticizer and your dear brother, Sonic. Tonight at nine, I will roboticize them. It appears that you have a choice to make, Princess Sonia! [Evil Laugh]
Sonia: [Distraught with hands on head] Oh, what do I do?

[The song, "Never Easy" plays.]

[Scene Change: Anays]

Renee: What are you going to do, Sonia?
Sonia: Can you access the main power banks with your computer?
Renee: I'm pretty sure I can.
Sonia: I'm going to rescue both of them.

[Scene Change: The Roboticizer Chamber]

[Robotnik's craft appears out of a building]
Robotnik: She'll choose Sonic. I'm sure of it. And when she does, I'll have all three hedgehogs. It's nine o'clock. Initiate Roboticizer!
[Sonic and Manic's monitors appear on Robotnik's screen. Suddenly, they go blank.]
Robotnik: [Shocked] No!
[The Roboticizer frees Sonic.]
Sonia: Alright. Let's get out of here.
[Spotlights shine on the two hedgehogs.]
Sonic: Back-up generators! Oh no!
Sonia: How did they think of this? [Realizes in horror] Manic?
[A Swatbot appears]
Swatbot: Hedgehog alert!
[They gasp as another Swatbot prepares its gun. Sonic takes Sonia and runs away. The Swatbot fires its gun. Sonic dodges it while Sonia screams. Sonic screams and skids past another Swatbot, stopping behind it. They jump onto that robot's back. Another blast is fired. They flinch as it destroys the robot's head, covering it in smoke. the decapitated robot sways in random directions, and then fires back at the Swatbot, destroying it. The two hedgehogs run for it.]
Sonia: Renee's teams have the other Roboticizer! We've got to get there!
Sonic: No problemo, sis!
[Sonic speeds and creates a trail of fire. Meanwhile, Renee tries to free Manic from the Roboticizer, but her device fails.]
Renee: It didn't work!
[The spotlights shine on her. An officer Swatbot approaches her and grabs her hand.]
Swatbot: You are under arrest.
[She screams as she is taken away. Manic's pod rises.]
Robotnik: At least I got one of them.
[While Sonic is seen running, Manic is trying to break free but is unable to do so.]
Renee: Aargh! No!
[Sleet laughs evilly. Suddenly, a Roboticizer is hit by a laser and explodes. An aircraft appears and takes down two Swatbots, followed by another two. It parks on the ground, tilts its laser gun upwards and carves a line in Manic's Roboticizer pod. It comes off and Manic falls down. It then shoots a part of a device that changes the Swatbot's behavior.]
Sleet: Sleet?
Swatbot: Hedgehog alert!
[A laser destroys the Swatbot]
Aleena: Yes. Indeed it is!
Sleet: I'm getting out of here.
[He runs away. Aleena is seen inside the cockpit of her aircraft. She flies away. Renee stands beside Sonia.]
Sonia: That was too close for me.
[Manic and Sonic arrive at the scene.]
Sonic: Come on! Time to haul some serious hunch!
[He prepares a Super Peel Out.]
Manic: Hey, Renee. Ever travelled at Sonic's speed?
Renee: [Hesitantly and Manic grabs her hands] Uh... No.
[Sonic zooms off.]
Manic: Hang on!
[Sonic carries Manic, Sonia and Renee at Sonic's speed. Renee screams.]

[Scene Change]

[The hedgehogs are sat at the table with their Goblets.]
Sonia: And a special toast to mother.
Manic: And here's to the day when we can all toast to freedom, together!
[They tap Aleena's goblet with their goblets simultaneously. The screen circles out on Aleena's goblet and goes black. The credits appear.]