You may be looking for the Somersault move.

The Somersault Kick (サマーソルト Samāsoruto?, lit. "Somersault") is a technique that appears in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World. With this move, Sonic can jump while at high speeds to perform a Somersault.


While turning around in the air, the user kicks out with their leg, releasing a thin blue wave in its wake that can hit Badniks or other enemies from afar. When there are enemies that cannot be defeated by a regular Homing Attack (ex. Slicer, Thunder Spinner), the user can use the Somersault Kick to attack said enemy. When hit by the Somersault's wave, the enemy is stunned, giving them the chance to attack the enemy with either a Homing Attack or Spin Dash. The Somersault only serves as a distraction attack, however, as it can only stun enemies and cannot destroy them.[1] Some stronger enemies (ex. bosses, Sandworm) are not affected, and Zavok can deflect the kick to Sonic, who will be stunned.

To perform the Somersault Kick in gameplay, the player must press ButtonIcon-3DS-Y.png in midair, while locked onto an enemy.


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