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The Soleanna Royal Guards are a group that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). They are a division of human soldiers that patrol Soleanna. They are usually found in the Soleanna Castle Town watching out for crime, guarding restricted areas and protecting the gate to the Soleanna New City from potential troublemakers, though they can be encountered in any part of Soleanna. Their uniform is primarily dark green.

The guards are not very integral to the plot of the game, but they play important parts in various Town Missions, some of which are required to progress through the story.

Town Missions

The Soleanna Royal Guards only give Town Missions to Sonic and Silver, and do not provide any of Shadow's missions (the guards appear in a few places in his story of the game, but are not very useful). The guards provide the following Town Missions:

  • Who is the Captain?: The Soleanna Royal Guards play their largest role in Sonic's fifth Town Mission. During this mission, Sonic must talk to the guards in Soleanna Castle Town and find the real captain in order to gain access to Soleanna New City.
  • Battle at the Warehouse!: The guards play a minor role in Sonic's eleventh Town Mission, but they do not need to be spoken to. Before the mission begins, three soldiers are seen barricading the Soleanna New City warehouse from civilians, as it has been overrun by Badniks. The guards are reluctant to let Sonic through, but they still allow him to enter.
  • The Training Grounds: The Soleanna Forest serves as the royal training ground for Soleanna's guards. One exercise, developed to improve the speed of trespassing on opponents' quarters, requires the trainee to go through every ring in the forest within the time limit, and must be completed before becoming a soldier. A guard persuades Silver to give this exercise a try for his second Town Mission.
  • A soldier telling Sonic to steer clear of the warehouse.

    Protect the Coastline!: Following the disaster at the Festival of the Sun with the explosions and the kidnapping of Princess Elise, the town is beginning to flourish again. However, one of the guards has noticed a horde of robots heading towards Soleanna Castle Town, indicating a reprise of what happened before. For his fifth Town Mission, the guard asks Silver to destroy these robots before they are able to destroy the town.
  • Get into the station!: The train station in Soleanna's Soleanna New City has become heavily shielded from danger by the royal guards, who are patrolling the streets. Silver's eleventh Town Mission is to sneak past these guards and try to enter the station without being caught, so he can enter Radical Train and pursue Sonic, the Iblis trigger.
  • Protect Anna - She Knows the Secret!: Anna, a lady-in-waiting of Princess Elise, has been threatened by Eggman's robots, who are trying to obtain knowledge of Soleanna from her. The royal guards heard her screaming, but could not deal with the robots. As his fourteenth Town Mission, the guards ask Silver to defeat the enemies and escort Anna from the Soleanna Castle Town to Soleanna Forest in order to keep her safe from harm.


Each member of the Soleanna Royal Guards wears a police-like unifrom consisting of a tall emerald green hat with a silver rim and shade, a golden stripe down the middle and a bright symbol on said golden stripe. They also wear formal emerald green jackets with silver binds and patterns and golden cuffs, white gloves, a white shirt, emerald green pants, and black boots.

In other media

Archie Comics

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Soleanna Royal Guards make a small appearance as a part of Soleanna's population.




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