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A dock in New City.

Soleanna New City, also known as just New City, is a Town Stage in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and is one of the three hub worlds presented in the game. From here, players can access Action Stages, obtain Town Missions and collect Medals. It is a modernized section of the city of Soleanna.


Soleanna New City is a modern city area, with taller buildings, a warehouse district, a train station, and for certain side missions it is shown to have a Highway section (that does not appear in the actual field itself). It also has a cave at one point that leads to a secret room with an unknown purpose (the same room that Shadow and Rouge enter after completing their version of Kingdom Valley). Silver reaches it after his version of White Acropolis and Sonic reaches it once he is told that Knuckles wants to meet him at the Warehouse area. It is also where, after Silver completes his version of White Acropolis and his fight with the Genesis, one can speak with Hatsun the Pigeon. Other times this part of the town of Soleanna was shown was when Silver questioned whether it was right to kill one person to save the world. This scene then leads to their second (and last) talk with the true villain. It also was used in the scene where Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles returned from Flame Core to notice that Shadow and Rouge were not with them, and when Rouge returned from the same area to see that Shadow had not come back with her. It is also the area where Amy takes Elise to after rescuing her from the Egg Carrier and where they have their conversation about love (during which they both fail to know they are actually talking about the same person).

Crisis City is also a dystopian version of Soleanna New City from 200 years in the future, which was ravaged by Iblis. Following the defeat of Solaris, it was presumably removed from the main timeline.[1]

Silver Medal locations


Sonic06 Prima digital guide-37.jpg
  1. The first medal is floating above the water near the sailboats.
  2. The second one is inside the small room off to the right at the end of the White Acropolis Mirror.
  3. Within the Warehouse District, it is floating in the air near the dark blue containers.
  4. At the same district, in back of one of the white tanks.
  5. The fifth medal is between two buildings next to a rock wall, near the Warehouse District.


Sonic06 Prima digital guide-46.jpg
  1. The first medal is between the water and an orange building beside the Gate to Soleanna Castle Town.
  2. The second medal is floating next to a building in a small alleyway that is to the left of the Shop.
  3. It is in a small room off to the right at the end of the White Acropolis mirror.
  4. The fourth medal is floating in the air to the left of Radical Train mirror.
  5. The fifth one is floating high in the air just outside of the Warehouse District near the water. Jump to it from on top of the nearby warehouse.


Sonic06 Prima digital guide-57.jpg
  1. In the Warehouse District, it is floating high near the water's edge. Use Psychokinesis on a Container to fly up to it.
  2. The second medal is beside a building that before the Warehouse District. Use a nearby Container in order to levitate to it.
  3. Looking at the Gate to Soleanna Castle Town, it is on the right side of an orange building next to the gate.
  4. The fourth medal is floating in the air among the sailboats.
  5. The final medal of this section is floating in the air high above the grassy patch between the sailboats and the Warehouse District, use a nearby Container to grab it.

Action Stages


  • There are actually no roofs on the tall buildings of the area. This can be seen if one hacks the game or performs glitches that can get the player up to the tops of the buildings. If that player falls or jumps into the area where the roof would be, they will fall into a bottomless pit.
  • This is the field where one can perform the Steel-Box glitch with Sonic. The player should simply go on a Steel crate (near the area where the shop is) and use Sonic's Slide Kick to make the crate fly up into the air with Sonic on it. It is possible to go past the boundaries using this glitch.




Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Soleanna New City" Tomoya Ohtani 2:22

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  1. Flynn, Ian; Sega (8 December 2021). "Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)". Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia. Dark Horse Books. p. 164. ISBN 978-1506719276. "Crisis City - The flame-gutted ruins of New City in the far future. Flee the flaming tornado that is actively attacking you."

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