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Sonic Boom
Sole Power/Transcript

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This is the transcript for the Sonic Boom episode, "Sole Power".

[Scene: Seaside Island canyon, day.]

[Sonic and Tails sit in the Tailsmobile in the middle of the canyon.]
Sonic: What's so awesome that you had to bring me all the way out here?
Tails: Check it out. Voice. Activated. Controls. Start engine.
[The Tailsmobile beeps, turns on, and starts hovering.]
Sonic: Uh. Let me try. Give me a chocolate shake.
[A compartment on the Tailsmobile's instrument board opens, and out comes a mechanical arm carrying a vanilla shake.]
Sonic: [Takes the shake] Vanilla? I asked for chocolate. Fail.
[The Tailsmobile beeps and out comes a mechanical arm with a cup of chocolate syrup. After a second however, it pours the chocolate on Sonic's head.]
Sonic: Ah!
Tails: [Looks at Sonic in surprise] Still working out the kinks... There's a towel back at the workshop.
[Sonic set the vanilla shake down in the Tailsmobile, jumps out of the vehicle, and runs away. In his wake, there is a loud deafening noise that shakes the Tailsmobile. Tails covers his ears.]
Tails: Ow!
[The Tailsmobile beeps and starts flying around. Tails is unable to control the vehicle as it flies out of the canyon.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Sonic runs through the Village Center while a loud noise is heard. As Sonic passes by the village, all the citizens cover their ears while screaming in pain. Lady Walrus falls down on her knees.]

[Scene Change: Tails' property, day.]

[Sonic runs through the gate to Tails' property.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[The workshop shakes from the noise until Sonic arrives at the desk. He tries himself off with the towel and runs away again. The workshop shakes again as the noise resumes.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island canyons, day.]

[Tails is flying through the canyons in his uncontrollable Tailsmobile.]
Tails: Um, voice control? I don't mean to be bossy, but...don't crash!
[The Tailsmobile is flying through the canyons. The local volcano is shown at the end of the canyons.]
Tails: Uh-oh...
[As the Tailsmobile reaches the end of the volcano, it screeches to a halt right at the edge.]
Tails: [Exhales]
[Sonic is shown running through the canyons while accompanied by a loud noise. Cut to Tails who pugs his ears.]
Tails: [Screeches]
[The Tailsmobile beeps and starts vibrating until it falls off the edge and into the volcano. Noticing this, Sonic heads into the volcano.]
Tails: [Screams]
[While Tails plummets, Sonic is shown in slowmotion as he down the circular path inside the volcano before jumping into the Tailsmobile, knocking it back on solid ground. Sonic lands next to the Tailsmobile.]
Sonic: I guess voice-activated rocket thrusters are a bad idea when you’re screaming.
Tails: [Takes off seat belt] I wouldn't have been screaming if you weren't making that horrible noise!
Sonic: What noise? I didn't hear any noise.
Tails: Wait a minute...
[Tails jumps out of the Tailsmobile and walks up to Sonic.]
Tails: I bet because you’re faster than the speed of sound, you don't hear it.
Sonic: I'll prove it wasn't me. When I start running and nothing happens, you are going to feel so dumb.
[Sonic starts running and the loud noise is heard.]
Tails: [Screams]
Sonic: [Stops up] Now, that's just circumstantial evidence.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Sonic sits on a table while Tails holds a reflex hammer.]
Tails: Sonic, I am gonna run a few tests to figure out what's wrong with you.
[Throughout the montage, Tails runs Sonic through a series of tests including a knee reflex check, a regular sprint, an energy bike, and Irish dancing, all ending in failure.]
Tails: I just can't figure out what's wrong with you. Until we get to the bottom of this, you better not run.
Sonic: Alright, no problem.
[Sonic runs out the workshop and the noise sounds. Tails jerks around in pain trying to cover his ears. Sonic appears in the workshop's door.]
Sonic: Sorry. Old habit. [Slams the door]

[Scene Change: Beach around Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Sonic walks up Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks, who are standing near a volleyball net.]
Amy: Sonic! You were supposed to bring the volleyball.
Sonic: Oh, sorry. I'll just zip back home to get it.
[Sonic prepares to run. Everyone covers their ears preparing for the painful noise. Sonic notices this and quickly resumes a normal pose.]
Sonic: And by zip, I mean walk slowly and deliberately.
[A clip sequence appears that shows Sonic walking boringly across the beach while sweating. A map showing a travel across an entire landscape appears.]
Sonic: Ugh. Is this what average people do? This is nuts!
[Sonic is shown picking up the volleyball in front of his shack. He then turns around for the viewers to see that he has only walked about five feet away. As Sonic walks back with the volleyball slowly, Crab Bots appear in the coconut trees.]
Sonic: [Drops the volleyball] Guys! Robot attack at six o' clock!
Knuckles: [Ponders] I can't do six o' clock. I have tickets to the opera. No, wait, that's someone else.
Sonic: Behind you!
[Crab Bots tries to get the drop on Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks. As the four starts to fight back, Sonic runs to Amy's aid. However, the noise sounds  Amy covers her ears, growls, and looks angrily at Sonic before crushing a Crab Bot.]
Amy: Sonic, we got this!
[Sonic sits down on a beach chair, dejected. Amy walks away. Cut to Knuckles who engages a Crab Bot fist-to-fist]
Sonic: Way to go Knux! A left, then a right, then another left!
Knuckles: Wait! Which one am I on?
[Knuckles looks at his fists and gets punched by the Crab Bot until he falls down.]
Knuckles: [Groans] How come he gets it and I don't?
[Sticks is shown hiding from two Crab Bots in the bushes.]
Sonic: Sticks! Your best move here is a spin attack!
Sticks: [Pops out of the bushes] That's your move, not mine.
[The Crab Bots spot Sticks]
Sticks: Uh-oh...
[Cut to Sonic who looks embarrassed. Cut to Amy who is hammering loose on Crab Bots. A Crab Bot fires lasers at Amy which she evades.]
Sonic: Yeah! Give them a taste of your secret triple backflip move!
[Amy tries doing her move, but is grabbed in midair by a Crab Bot and thrown into the ground.]
Amy: It's not a secret if you tell everyone!
[Sonic looks embarrassed.]
Sticks: This ends now...

[Scene Change: Beach around Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Sonic is shown tied to a coconut tree.]
Sonic: Hey! I thought you were taking about them!
[Fighting noises are heard in the background]
Sonic: Oh, sure. Act like you can do this without...
[A Crab Bot is shown getting crushed by Amy's Hammer.]
Sonic: [Disappointed]
[A shot of several destroyed Crab Bots is show. Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks celebrate their victory while Sonic is still tied to the coconut tree. Sonic turns around as he notices Eggman sitting on a beach chair nearby.]
Eggman: Looks like someone else is sitting on the sidelines.
Sonic: Eggman! [Tries to break free] Wait, what do you mean "someone else"?
Eggman: I didn't sent out these Crab Bots. [Sits up] Orbot and Cubot were dusting and accidently hit a button in the lair.
Sonic: So, you weren't behind this?
Eggman: [Drags the beach chair closer to Sonic] Looks like you don't need to be a genius to be an evil genius anymore. [Lies down in beach chair] Makes me feel kinda unneeded.
Eggman pulls out some popcorns and starts eating them.]
Sonic: I guess we have something in common...
Eggman: You eat popcorn when you are depressed too?
Sonic: Eh... no~!
[Sonic looks back at his friends. Sticks is taking pictures of Amy, Tails and Knuckles standing victorious over the Crab Bots. Sonic looks back at Eggman.]
Sonic: You know, sitting on the whole sidelines thing?
Eggman: Here, have some popcorn. You'll feel better.
[Sonic tries to get the popcorn, but cannot break free from the coconut trees. Sonic thus opens his mouth while Eggman throws a popcorn into it.]
Eggman: Okay, the doctor is in. Talk to me. Just because I'm your sworn enemy, it doesn't mean we can't be friends.
Sticks: Sonic! Eggman's not your friend. If you listen to him, you're gonna end up tied to something.
Sonic: Yeah, I wouldn't want that to happen.
Tails: [Walks up to Sonic] I don't think this is a good idea, Sonic.
Sonic: Well, you couldn't help me! I'm kinda out of options here. [Sighs] Whenever I run, there's... this weird noise.
Eggman: You know, that happens to Cubot when he gets into the motor oil. Let's go run some tests.
[Eggman gets up from the beach chair and starts up his Eggmobile. Eggman gestures for Sonic to come, but he cannot since he is tied to the coconut tree. Eggman thus disintegrates the upper and lower half of the palm tree with his wrist controller. Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks look on in worry. Sonic then follows the Eggmobile by hopping after it since he is still tied to the tree trunk.]

[Scene Change: Dr. Eggman's lair, day.]

[Sonic is test running around in Eggman's lair while a noise is heard. Eggman is observing with a device and earmuffs on.]
Eggman: I see. A classic case of velocity-to-energy ratio incompatibility
Sonic: But why is it happening now?
Eggman:  It comes with age. Like wisdom. Or nose hair.  But not to worry. I have what you need right here.
[Eggman unlocks a compartment in the wall, revealing a pair of shoes.]
Eggman: These shoes have Power-absorbant Insoles. They'll prevent the sound loop that's causing the noise.
[Sonic takes one of the shoes.]
Eggman: And best of all: they're machine washable.
Sonic: [Smells the inside of the shoe] Well, how do I know this isn't another scheme of yours?
Eggman: What, you think I am planning a secret blister attack? If you don't want my help you can always walk out of here. [Takes the shoe back]
[Sonic ponders briefly. Cut to Sonic wearing the shoes.]
Sonic: Okay. Here goes nothing.
[Sonic runs around the lair with the shoes. No noise appears.]
Sonic: Hey! There really was nothing. The noise is gone. Thanks Egghead! [Runs away]
Eggman: Don't mention it, buddy.

[Scene Change: Beach around Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks are playing volleyball. During the game, Sonic suddenly appears and briefly plays volleyball with himself while everything else moves in slowmotion.]
Sonic: Yeah! Sonic's back baby! [Spins ball on his finger]
Amy: Don't refer to yourself in a third person. Its creepy.
Knuckles: Yeah. Knuckles hates that.
Tails: Wait! No noise! I guess Eggman figured it out.
Sonic: Yeah! [Points to his shoes] Power-absorbant Insoles [Runs around a little] Eggman actually helped me.
[A tremor suddenly starts. Giant Robot then appears on the scene, punching through the trees.]
Sonic: Or it was a part of a trap.
[Sonic runs up to Giant Robot, who starts to sparkle. Sonic tries a spin attack, but Giant Robot blocks it with its shield and makes Sonic step back to his team with its eye laser. Eggman then shows up in the Eggmobile.]
Eggman: Sonic, I'll like you to meet Giant Robot. I didn't have time to name him because I was too busy planning this trap.
[Glaring at Giant Robot, Sonic runs up to it again. As Sonic runs faster, Giant Robots starts glowing red. Giant Robot blocks Sonic's attacks and strikes a victory pose.]
Eggman: My turn.
[Giant Robot punches Sonic back, who is caught by Knuckles. Sonic and Amy try attacking Giant Robot, but to no avail as it fires its eye laser. Meanwhile, Tails is scanning Giant Robot with a handheld device.]
Tails: It doesn't have a power source. How is that even possible?
[Sonic runs around Giant Robot while dodging lasers.]
Eggman: [Laughs] That's right, Sonic. Run. Run!
[Tails ponders on Eggman's behavior. He then looks at Sonic while runs around Giant Robot dodging its laser. Eventually, Sonic passes by in slowmotion, with his new shoes in focus. Tails suddenly has a look of realization on his face.]
Tails: Sonic, stop!
[Sonic stops up next to Tails.]
Tails: Your shoes are powering the robot. The faster it moves, the stronger it gets!
[Sonic shows a dumbfound expression and looks at his shoes.]
Eggman: Oh, sneaky. I wish I had thought of that [Looks at the camera] Oh, wait, I did.
Sonic: Oh, that's easy to fix.
[Sonic tries taking his shoes off, but cannot despite struggling heavily.]
Eggman: Oh, did I forget to mention? They don't come off!
Sonic: Well, we'll see about that, Eggy.
[Sonic kicks a coconut tree and a coconut falls down on his head. Sonic stands still for a second.]
Sonic: I'm not saying it will be easy...
[Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks are kept at a distance by Giant Robot's laser. Knuckles tries punching it, but to no effect. Amy and Tails are pinned down by its lasers. Sticks throws her Boomerang at Giant Robot, but it deflects it with its shield.]
Sticks: [Catches her boomerang] If Sonic's not running, why does the robot still have power?
Eggman: Because the shoes store the energy he generates! You see...
Amy: [Interrupts] Are we really gonna do the thing where you explain how you did it?
Eggman: The hardest part was getting that sound to play whenever Sonic ran. [Grabs a holoprojector] I have actually prepared a brief presentation that explains the whole brilliant scheme.
[Eggman releases the holo-projector which hovers through midair and starts projecting a diagram. Amy, however, immediately smashes it with her hammer.]
Eggman: [Hovers up to Amy] Did you know how long it took me to create that presentation? Here, I've prepared a brief presentation that explains it step by step.
[Sonic continues to attack Giant Robot with spin attacks, but the robot keeps blocking each attack.]
Eggman: If you could only see yourself right now. I took your greatest strength and made it into a weakness!
[Sonic launches various attacks to the robot, only have them blocked again. After while, Sonic stands up and looks sadly at his shoes. Defeated. Eggman laughs at him. Sonic then smiles: Idea!. He starts running around Giant Robot while Eggman laughs. Giant Robot starts to glow red.]
Sticks: Sonic. This is crazy!
Knuckles: Not it isn't. Its stupid.
Sticks: Crazy!
Knuckles: Stupid!
Sticks: Crazy!
Knuckles: Stupid!
[While Sticks and Knuckles argue, Sonic runs faster and faster around Giant Robot. As it glows more intensely Giant Robot starts to twitch.]
Sticks: Crazy.
Knuckles: Stupid.
Tails: No. Its... brilliant!
[Back at the battle, Sonic continues to run faster around the twitching Giant Robot.]
Eggman: [Taps on his wrist controller] Hey, wait. That's too much. Seriously! Slow down! Its overloading!
[Sonic accelerates to top-speed as he runs and Giant Robot's head explodes. Pieces of the robot rains down while its body goes limp. Sonic stops up in front of the beaten Giant Robot.]
Sonic: Ah, now that we're done warming up, Sonic's gonna go for a run. [Runs away]
Eggman: Do you guys think it's creepy when he refers to himself in the third person?
Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks: Yeah...