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Sonic Boom
Sole Power

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"Sole Power" is the nineteenth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 18 February 2015 in France and on 28 March 2015 in the United States.


Every time Sonic runs, his speed causes a deafening tone so he's forced to give up his speed until a solution can be found. The remedy comes from a very unusual place, Dr. Eggman.



Races and species:





Within a canyon on Seaside Island, Tails demonstrates his Tailsmobile's new voice-activated controls to Sonic. While Sonic is initially impressed, the vehicle ends up leaving him drenched after he orders it a chocolate milkshake. Sonic runs back to Tails' Workshop to find a towel, but as he does, he creates a deafening tone that hurts all the bystanders he come across, including Tails, whose yelp prompts the Tailsmobile to move uncontrollably and ends up plummeting into a volcano; fortunately, Sonic returns just in time to knock Tails and the Tailsmobile back on solid ground as they plummet into the volcano. Sonic notes that screaming into a voice-controlled vehicle was not a good idea, but Tails blames Sonic and the noise he made for the predicament. However, Sonic is clueless about the noise he was generating, causing Tails to conclude that Sonic is simply moving too fast to hear it. Despite being certain the sound was not coming from him, Sonic quickly proves himself wrong with a short run when trying to disprove it.

At Tails' Workshop, Tails runs some tests on Sonic. After a hilarious montage however, Tails is still unable to figure out what is wrong and tells Sonic to avoid running until further notice. Despite thinking nothing of it, Sonic soon finds walking to be tedious. This is especially evident when his team tries to play volleyball at his shack and Sonic has to get the volleyball he forgot without running, leaving him bored out of his mind over long the ridiculously short trip took. When he returns though, they are ambushed by Crab Bots. As his team begins fighting, Sonic tries to join, but upon creating the horrible noise again, Amy tells him to sit this one out. Unsatisfied, Sonic begins to tell his teammates what to do, but only ends up distracting them, causing Sticks to tie him up to a coconut tree while they finish, leaving Sonic sour while his team cheers. There, Sonic meets Eggman resting in a beach chair, who tells him the attack was accidentally triggered by Orbot and Cubot; since it worked fine without him, Eggman felt unneeded, which Sonic could now relate to as his friends won without him. Eggman offers to talk it over as a kindred spirit, but Sonic's friends warns him not to trust him. With no other options, though, Sonic confides in Eggman about his noise issue, who shows some familiarity with the problem and invites Sonic to his lair for further analysis.

At Eggman's lair, Eggman's tests determine that Sonic is experiencing "velocity-to-energy ratio incompatibility", triggered by age, so Eggman offers Sonic a pair of new shoes that have power-absorbing insoles capable of preventing the sound. Despite some doubts, Sonic puts the shoes on and, true enough, the noise is gone. Thanking Eggman for the help, Sonic returns to his friends to demonstrate his recuperation, though as Sonic thinks Eggman has actually helped him, the doctor and his Giant Robot show up, revealing it all to be a trap. Sonic runs in to attack the robot, but it successfully repels him and appears to steadily gaining more power. As the others join, Tails' scanning device shows that the Giant Robot possesses no internal power source, but soon realize the existence of an external source: Sonic's new shoes, which converts his speed into power for the robot, making it stronger the more he runs.

Sonic tries taking the shoes off, but Eggman designed the shoes to be unremovable; not only that, they also serve as batteries, allowing the Giant Robot to continue functioning even when Sonic stops running. Eggman admits he played a noise whenever Sonic ran to trick everyone, but upon attempting to explain, Amy refuses to listen and destroys his holographic presentation of his scheme. Meanwhile, Sonic fights the Giant Robot in vain, but as Eggman gloats, Sonic gets an idea and starts running around faster and faster, generating so much power that the Giant Robot overloads and explodes. With the day saved, Sonic, referring to himself in third person, leaves for a run, while his team and Eggman agree that it is creepy when Sonic speaks like that.


Sonic's shoe error.

  • In the volleyball scene, Sonic's original shoes are shown despite being replaced in the scene before (specifically, when Sonic hits the volleyball a third time, in a shot that contains only him and Tails).

Regional differences

  • In Brazil, the scene where Giant Robot's head flies off was shortened.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 唯一的能源 Only Energy
Finnish Pohjalliset Insoles
French Semelles d'enfer Soles of Hell
German Heiße Sohle Hot sole
Hungarian A talpbetét The Insole
Italian Le scarpe energetiche Energy shoes
Japanese 脱パワー・シューズ De-Power Shoes
Korean 뛰지마 소닉 Stop Running, Sonic
Persian قدرت کند Slow Power
Polish Wkładka mocy Insole power
Portuguese (Brazil) Pés Descontrolados Uncontrolled feet
Portuguese (Portugal) Energia Solar Sole Energy
Romanian Doar eu am puterea Only I Have The Power
Russian Энергия бега Energy of run
Spanish (Latin America) Poder Único Unique Power
Spanish (Spain) Suelas Poderosas Powerful Soles
Turkish Tabana Kuvvet Sole Force
Ukrainian Прерогатива (Pixel TV) Prerogative
Ukrainian (PlusPlus) Енергія чобіт Boots energy


  • The device Tails uses to scan the Giant Robot uses the same model as his Reverse Polarizer.
  • The way Sticks and Knuckles argue over Sonic's plan to stop the Giant Robot is a nod to their own respective character flaws: Sticks, whose sanity can be called into question, calls Sonic's plan "crazy", while Knuckles, who is not very intelligent, calls it "stupid". Conversely, Tails, who is quite smart, calls it "brilliant". Interestingly, Tails references his own character strength with a positive comment, while Sticks and Knuckles reference their own character flaws with negative comments.
  • The training montage for Sonic and Tails features an instrumental version of the song "Push It to the Limit" sung by Paul Engemann.
  • Preview screenshots of "Sole Power" were accidentally released instead of those for "How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying" on the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter, about a month before its air date in the United States.
  • The first Finnish title "Sielunvoimaa" means "Soul power", which has nothing to do with the episode. This is a grammar error, since both "Sole" and "Soul" are pronounced same way. The name was later changed to "pohjalliset" (Insoles).
  • This episode, along with the "The Sidekick", "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?", "Chili Dog Day Afternoon" and "It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog", were the only ones during the first season of Sonic Boom to be released in their production order in the United States.


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