The Soldier-One (spear) (ソルジャー·ワンズ(槍) Sorujā· wanzu (yari)?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. They are a type of the Knights of the Underworld and a variant of the Soldier-One.[1] They wield long spears which distinguish them from the other Soldier-One variants.


The Soldier-Ones are humanoid underworld creatures. They are clothed in gray full-body armor that resembling those used by medieval knights. Noticeably, the Soldier-Ones' helmets are cylinder-shaped with a slim peephole at the top. They also have medieval markings on their armor around their arms, torso and helmet. Behind their helmet, they have a single eye.


The Soldier-One is an enemy that appears fairly regularly from Titanic Plain and onward. When encountered, they will typically line up in a column of three and attack simultaneously.

The Soldier-Ones primarily come in groups of three, attacking by charging towards the player with their spear first which can dodged by jumping. If they miss, they teleport back to their starting point to charge again. This only occurs, however, if the player backtracks. In close quarters however, they will resort to stabbing with their spears.

The Soldier-Ones are difficult to dodge and defeat without taking damage, as the former requires a good eye to jump over them, while the latter requires good timing. To attack Soldier-Ones without harm, the player can either Homing Dash into them from above while attacking, disorientate them by countering their charge with a sword slash and then strike, or stun them by blocking and then attack. Hitting a Soldier-One with a single sword slash is enough to take it out.

In very rare cases, the Soldier-Ones are equipped with shields which can protect them from upcoming frontal attacks, though these shields will eventually break down when hit with enough attacks (the shields of wood are the weakest while those of metal are the strongest).


The Soldier-Ones are said to be crafty opponents.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Soldier-Ones are able to teleport to different locations by emerging from black voids. The also have skills in spearmanship, being able to use spears quite offensively in combat.


The Soldier-Ones, as their name suggests, wield each a Cursed Spear which they use solely to charge at opponents. In rare cases, they also wield large shields, made from either wood or metal.


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