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Sol Furic from Sonic the Comic #49. Art by Roberto Corona and Brian Williamson.

Sol Furic is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic sheep from the Chemical Plant Zone (before the Chemical Plant had been built) and a former member of the Flock.


Sol wears an eye-patch and his right forearm has been replaced with a metal prosthetic (he can also replace this prosthetic for an automatic firearm).


Sol Furic was once a partner (and perhaps lover) of Sab, the Flock's leader, but he left the team in order to work for Nutzan Bolt, believing (falsely) that he could work with the robot to make changes for the better. (At this point, Sol did not yet wear an eye-patch, and his eyes and hands were intact. It is not clear how he was injured.) By the time he realised that Nutzan Bolt was a homicidal maniac with a penchant for using neck saws, he was already deeply in the robot's service, and had become the Flock's enemy.[1]

He fought against the Flock and Tails (whom he knew as "Zonerunner") on several occasions, but was captured by the Flock (along with his fellow henchman, Tess Tube) when the Flock prevented Nutzan Bolt from flooding surrounding zones with Mega Mack.[2]

When Nutzan Bolt started to tear up the zone looking for Tails, Sol Furic was able to escape his capture. By this time he had decided to turn against the crazy Nutzan Bolt and rejoin the Flock, but when he reached their headquarters, a massive explosion destroyed the building, apparently killing everyone inside and knocking Sol unconscious. When Tails turned up at the destroyed building, Sol attempted to disguise him and helped him get through a mob of angry, dislocated citizens and get to a safe house, where Sol explained his story.[1] It turned out that Sab had managed to survive the explosion (having been recording a message for Tails at the time), and she believed that Sol was responsible, having seen him outside. Nevertheless, when Tails vouched for Sol, Sab agreed not to execute him. Sol joined the two of them in a trek to the surface to take out Nutzan Bolt before he could do any more damage, but when they arrived in the Ice Palace Sab and Sol were knocked out by Nutzan Bolt almost straight away.[3] When Sab and Sol awoke, Nutzan Bolt had been defeated and the Palace was melting, however thanks to the Zonerunner's microputer the temperature was lowered again. Sab and Sol left with the Zonerunner and bade him goodbye. Sol was surprised how modest the hero was, although he never knew exactly how Tails had beaten Nutzan Bolt. If he had known that Tails had won largely by luck, he probably wouldn't have thought as highly of the zone's "Savior".[4]


  • Sol's name is an obvious reference to the word "sulfuric", as in sulfuric acid.


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