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That's a Soda Rocket! Keep shaking it for a blast that will propel you forward!

Omochao, Sonic Free Riders

The Soda Rocket[1] (ロケットソーダ[2] Rokettosōda?, lit. "Rocket Soda") is an Action Item that appears in Sonic Free Riders. It is used to grant an increase in speed.


The Soda Rocket is basically a giant soda can with an image of Dr. Eggman on it, along with the words "Power Up".


The Soda Rocket can be obtained from the different Item Boxes on the race tracks. When obtaining the Soda Rocket, the can itself must be shaken to be used. Once shaken enough, the user will jump onto the now-giant soda as its lid is opened and the can is shot forward at extreme velocities for a couple of seconds, giving the rider a temporary increase in speed. The harder the soda can is shaken, the further it will travel. However, the soda can still be steered by the player as normal.

To use the Soda Rocket in gameplay, the player must move one of their hands up and down repeatedly.



The "Soda Can" item.


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