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Society Max

Society Max from Sonic the Comic #135. Art by Richard Elson.

Society Max is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an inhabitant of the Special Zone, and the partner of Blockhead Bill.


In his appearance in Sonic the Comic #135, Max can be seen wearing an all blue suit with blue buttons and a white dress shirt underneath. He also sports a blue tie, blue spats, and spectacles.

In his second appearance in Sonic the Comic #137, Max is seen wearing black pants, a sweater, and a pair of slippers.



Blockhead Bill and Society Max have been crime fighters for some time, and their list of enemies included the Crimson Cobra.[1]

One day, while searching for Mandrake Roots in the Mandrake Swamp, the pair were captured by Root's mud minions. Root used his Mind Roots to make the two his slaves,[2] and ordered them to pour a vial of a special chemical into New Tek City's water supply.[2][3] However, while attempting to complete this mission, Bill mistook Sonic the Hedgehog (who had just arrived in the Special Zone to meet the Chaotix Crew) for the Crimson Cobra. Bill gave Society Max a Mandrake Root, turning him into a giant, red T-Rex, and attacked Sonic. The battle caused significant destruction (including the home of Maude and Harold Mudd), before Sonic and Chaotix managed to subdue Bill and Max. Max turned back to normal after hitting his head on the underside of a bridge.[1]

A short while later, at Chaotix Tower, Root used his powers to call out to Blockhead Bill, who became agitated and violent. Bill gave Max another Mandrake Root, again turning him into a dinosaur, and Bill's son, Mighty the Armadillo, accidentally punched Bill and Max through the wall. Before the fight could be resolved, however, an image of Root appeared in the sky and he magically whisked Bill and Max back to the Mandrake Swamp.[4] Once they were in Root's castle in the swamp, Root berated Bill for failing, calling him an idiot.[3]

Sonic and Chaotix followed them to the Swamp, but were quickly captured by mud minions.[3] They were brought before Root, and Bill revealed how he and Max had been captured and enslaved. Root similarly enslaved Chaotix with Mind Roots, but Sonic escaped.[2] Bill and Max, again turned into a dinosaur, helped Chaotix hunt down Sonic, but they were defeated when Sonic found Max's weak spot: he is incredibly ticklish. As Sonic ran off to face Root, Bill demanded to know why Max never told him he was ticklish.[5]

Once Sonic had finally defeated Root, the Mind Roots dropped off of everyone, and Bill and Max had their free will restored.[5]


While Blockhead Bill is a slightly senile former crime fighter, Max is an affable and debonair orange lizard. However, when he tastes the Mandrake Root, he turns into a giant red dinosaur, whom Blockhead Bill rides into battle.

When in his normal form, Max speaks with an upper class accent and has a refined palate, despising the taste of Mandrake Root but feeling it might go well with salad dressing.[1] He likes to wear fine suits, but when he transforms into a dinosaur they are instantly shredded.[4] After returning to normal following one of these transformations, he typically goes without any clothing besides his spectacles.[1]

As a dinosaur, Max seems to be incapable of speech and may be little more than a mindless, rampaging beast. However, he is incredibly ticklish even in this form, something that he has never told Bill.[5]



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