Quotation1 A newly developed Polar Bear type robot for cold regions. Its specialty is unleashing powerful attacks with its super heavy body. Its body is also tough, and this makes it a formidable enemy that will not be taken down with just a few attacks. Quotation2
Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II Website

Snowy's concept artwork from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.

Snowy (ベアラ Beara?, lit. "Bearer") is a Badnik created by Dr. Eggman that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, where it can found only at White Park Zone.


Snowy is a Badnik with a large body, strong hands, and heavy feet. When it sees the player, it approaches with hands upright toward the direction of the player, attempting to hurt him/her by slamming with his large hands.

Snowy is capable of taking three hits instead of one hit like regular badniks, being a little bit resistant. The exception to this is if being hit with a Rolling Combo or with Super Sonic which takes two hits. Despite being larger and requiring more hits to defeat, the player is still rewarded with only 100 points for defeating a Snowy.

Other Media

Archie Comics

A Snowy appears at the Artika Egg Army base in Sonic the Hedgehog #276.





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