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Snownik from Sonic the Comic #68. Art by Carl Flint and colouring by Elitta Fell.

Snownik is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a giant, snowman-shaped Badnik that battled Amy Rose in the Ice Cap Zone. Although powerful, and equipped with ice blasters in its hands, it was also very stupid. It frequently began sentences with "Duh!" and even introduced itself by saying "Me am the Snownik!"


Following the destruction of Doctor Robotnik's Death Egg II,[1] the Floating Island was cleansed of Robotnik's Badnik armies. However, certain vestiges remained, including Snownik, who was concealed in a secret compartment behind a rock wall in the Ice Cap Zone.

Some time later, the Freedom Fighters travelled to the Ice Cap Zone to enjoy a holiday in the snow. Amy Rose attempted to steal a kiss from Sonic, only to be rebuffed and left on her own when Sonic ran off for a race with Johnny Lightfoot and Knuckles. Spotting some mistletoe on a high ledge, she attempted to retrieve it, but in the process accidentally released Snownik from his compartment.

Snownik attacked Amy with ice blasters built into its hands, freezing her crossbow in a block of ice and then chasing her to a cliff edge. Amy was able to outsmart Snownik by taunting it for its slow speed, thereby causing it to use its ice jets to create an ice slide to speed along. However, it was unable to control its direction, and fell over the edge of the cliff to its doom.[2]


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