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For the world in Sonic Speed Simulator, see Snow Valley (Sonic Speed Simulator).
Intro - Snow Valley.png

Snow Valley (スノーバレー Sunōbarē?) is the second survival course from Sonic Riders. It is a huge snow area with crystalline borders.


When you battle for a long time in the course, giant Egg-Snowmen begin to stomp around obstructing paths the stage, colliding with one causes damage to the player. One bonus item that is only found in this stage is the invisibility cloak. The cloak allows you to become invisible to other players and your player icon on the map vanishes until the effect eventually ends. In the mean time, it is good for surprise attacks. If you need to get some fuel, the only pit stop in the stage is in the center. Since the stage is circular, you don't need to go a far distance to get there.


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