Snow Day Street Hockey Title Card

Title Card for Snow Day Street Hockey.

Quotation1 Two teams play ice hockey on the streets, using various mechanisms to help shoot the puck into the opponents goal. The team that scores the most points within the allotted time wins. Quotation2
— Description, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Snow Day Street Hockey is one of the Dream Events that is available to play in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. In this event, two teams must compete against each other in a hockey ring to claim the gold medal. This event takes place at the Delfino Plaza location from Super Mario Sunshine, albeit the location is now covered in snow.


Before the event begins, the first player gets to choose between three streets–Main Street, Market Street, and Coin Street–to play the event on. For the First Period of the match, the players will begin to challenge each other to a game of hockey. Whoever scores a point within the first twenty minutes of the First Period will win the period. For the second period, the team that is losing will choose the street to play the event. Like the First Period, the objective is to score as many points as possible within two minutes. Whoever has the highest amount of game count points (the team won has the most points within a period gets a game count point) will win the event.

At any point in time, there will randomly be a moment where each team can make a goal at a "Bonus Goal", which gives the team who scored the same number of points as the other team, with an extra point added (note that this only applies to the team that is losing; the team that is winning that scores a Bonus Goal shot gets three points).


Main Street

Main Street is the first hockey ring the player can choose to play the event at. It is a circular arena with no obstacles, being the perfect course for beginning players to play on. The goal is on each side (left and right) of the arena.

Market Street

Market Street is the second hockey ring the player can choose to play the event at. It is mostly a rectangular arena with octagon-shaped ends on each side of the arena. The goal is located on the top of each octagon-shaped end. It has two orange mushrooms-blocks on each of the octagon-ends, where it can let any player jump up, allowing them to have a clear shot at the goal.

Coin Street

Coin Street is the third and final hockey ring the player can choose to play the event at. It is a standard, rectangular hockey ring with Super Mario-inspired blocks scattered throughout the area. The goal is inside a sideways-"U" block figures.


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