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Lord Hood's Fortress 01

Lord Hood's Fortress

Snottingham Castle, sometimes referred to as Lord Hood's Fortress, is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. It was formerly the home of the royal family of Mercia, and later became the headquarters of the Mercia Dark Egg Legion under Mordred Hood.


The fortress appears as a mostly gray and red castle with several wooden tents surrounding the area. A moat surrounds the fortress, preventing anyone from entering it by any means except via the drawbridge. An insignia of Eggman is on the main tower of the castle.


Under Mordred's reign, the castle became the prison of many of Mercia's citizens who lived out in the open rather than taking refuge in Deerwood Forest. Lord Hood was also summoned from here to a meeting of the Grandmasters aboard the Death Egg Mark 2.[1]

After the Chaotix (Vector, Espio and Charmy) met the Mercian Freedom Fighters (Bow Sparrow, Thorn the Lop, Alan Quail, Munch Rat, and Friar Buck), the two groups assembled a plan to rescue Mercian villagers and the Chaotix's friends, Mighty and Ray, if they were captured while trying to find Mighty's sister, from the fortress. And so, the Chaotix and Mercian Freedom Fighters sneaked inside the fortress. However, a minion had told Lord Mordred Hood about the Freedom Fighters entering the castle. Hood, who at the time was hypnotizing a Mercian villager about where the Deerwood Forest Hideaway is located, told the minion not to attack them but to wait for them to enter the dungeon, where they will meet their fate.[2]


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