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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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No more waiting! No more scheming! It's time I finally took you down.

— Snively Robotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog #234

Snively Robotnik[2] (born day 134, 3206), born Colin Kintobor Jr.,[1] is the secondary antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He was the Overlander nephew of the infamous world-despot Dr. Ivo Robotnik (formerly Julian Kintobor). Snively was both devious and treacherous, and was responsible for his uncle's death when he reprogrammed the Ultimate Annihilator to target only his DNA. Following this, Snively attempted to secure control over his late-uncle's empire, only to be captured and imprisoned by the Freedom Fighters.

After escaping from prison and being the temporary leader of the other escapees, Snively eventually joined the alternate-universe counterpart of his deceased uncle, Dr. Eggman, though their relationship has been even more antagonistic than that between Snively and the original Robotnik. Snively eventually entered into a secret relationship with Regina Ferrum, with the two planning to dispose of the Iron King and rule the Eggman Empire together. After the fall of the Iron Dominion their relationship was abruptly broken off, only for Snively to escape from Eggman again to free Regina. His attempt to conquer the Eggman Empire afterward was short lived, and he was immediately imprisoned in the bowels of the Death Egg Mark 2, before briefly being moved to the Wily Egg until the Super Genesis Wave rewrote his existence.


Snively is a short Overlander, the size of most mobians. He is mostly bald except for the individual hairs on the center of his skull that reach down to the back of his head. In the beginning of the series Snively had about nineteen to thirteen hairs on his head, but it had since been reduced to five. However during the take over of Mobotropolis Snively originally had a full head of dirty blond hair. His most distinguishing feature, however is his long beak-like nose. As a running gag it is sometimes poked by Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman and comically straightens out like a springboard.

Snively's updated wardrobe.

Snively originally wore a blue sweater-like shirt with red pants and blue shoes. At the beginning of the Second Robotnik War, Snively's outfit was the same except for the colors. His shirt was now green, his pants tan-ish and his shoes brown. In his brief roboticization he became metallic gray and his irises turned orange-red. After his destruction, reconstruction, and Deroboticization, Snively is now more streamlined and leaner then before and now has five fingers instead of four like most Overlanders. Snively's current outfit greatly resembles Dr. Eggman's - minus the buttons. The color is different as well - being green instead of red. During Operation: Clean Sweep, Snively got back his original appearance but still retained his five fingers.


Early life

Colin Jr. had a difficult upbringing ever since his birth. His mother died while giving birth to him, leaving him to be raised by a father with no parenting skills. Every friend he made as a young boy he lost, having found some reason to betray them to gain an advantage out of the relationship. As he got older, young Colin developed an interest in technology and mechanics, finding himself using electronics far more than socializing.[1]

Snively offering his allegiance to his uncle.

Young Colin Jr. was given his nickname "Snively" by his father, as a sort of "badge of honor" for his antics. When he was a teenager, Snively's antics were no longer tolerated by his father Colin, who kicked him out. Snively decided he would go to his uncle Julian, who was currently the Warlord of the Kingdom of Acorn. Arriving in Mobotropolis, Snively pledged allegiance to his uncle and began to work for him. Due to the fact that Snively severed ties to the rest of his family at this point, it can be assumed that Colin believed Snively had possibly died.[1][3][4]

Julian's Right-Hand Man

Now working for his equally treacherous uncle, Snively was let in on his uncles plans for takeover. After witnessing his uncle Julian convey his loyalty to King Acorn, Snively said "Feh! That was disgusting! How could you suck up like that? I'm embarrassed to call you my uncle!" Julian then explained it was a ruse to maintain the king's trust until he could create an army of cyborgs to overthrow the monarchy and take control.[5]

When Robotnik was given the plans for the Roboticizer by Sir Charles Hedgehog, Snively assisted his uncle in reprogramming the machine to make those roboticized subservient to them. Snively was present when Jules was reprogrammed to carry out any orders, including throwing his wife Bernadette into the roboticizer.[6]

Snively scheming with his uncle Julian to take over the kingdom.

For the first time, Snively found himself considered an equal. After Julian was appointed Minister of Science and gained access to Sir Charles former science laboratory, Snively asked his uncle if he was planning to eliminate King Acorn. Julian explained his plans to exile him to the Zone of Silence as he had done to Kodos Lion previously. Snively then revealed a "volunteer" he had captured to test the Roboticizer on once again. As the helpless Mobian was roboticized, Snively said "Your vile vision of enslaving planet Mobius will soon be reality!" Amadeus Prower, who had overheard and witnessed everything, revealed himself and threatened to shoot Julian with an Overlander pistol if he acted. However, Amadeus was captured by a SWATbot and subsequently roboticized. Snively then assisted Julian in convincing everyone in the hospital room that Amadeus was "contaminated" and this heavily dressed in sterile attire as to not pose a risk to the health of the newborn son Miles "Tails" Prower. After leaving the room, Snively and Julian set up final preparations for their military takeover.[7]

That evening, Snively was given the word to order the SWATbot hordes to begin the coup. After Castle Acorn was successfully taken and King Max captured, Snively helped prepare the demonstration of the Roboticizer before King Max's eyes. Snively's treatment as an equal by his uncle, now christened Dr. Ivo Robotnik, ceased to exist following the latter's successful takeover of the kingdom and the establishment of his global empire.[8]

Robotnik's Lackey

Over the next ten years of his uncle's rule over the planet, Snively had found himself bearing the brunt of his uncle's anger and insults. Acting as nothing more than a lackey for Dr. Robotnik, Snively found himself given less responsibilities than his uncle's Badniks. When Snively offered to activate the Time-Immobilizing Ray, Robotnik refused as he didn't completely trust Snively, instead getting Cluck to activate the ray. Later that day Snively confided with Crabmeat that Robotnik was able to boss them around for the time being because he was the one in charge.[9][10]

Despite his uncle's treatment towards him, Snively, still lacking enough self confidence, found himself in tears when he believed Robotnik to have been killed by his renegade creation E.V.E., having lost the one person evil enough to boss him around. He also discovered how little information his uncle entrusted to him, when Operation: Wasteland took effect, which Snively had no idea how to stop. Upon Robotnik's return, Snively found himself overjoyed, particularly because Robotnik stopped Operation: Wasteland before it resulted in Snively's death.[11][12]

Betrayal and Rise to Power

As Robotnik's anger and futile attempts to stop Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters increased, as well as the abuse he was forced to endure as a result, Snively gradually developed a feeling of loathing towards his uncle, secretly planning his downfall. On several occasions, Snively found himself able to put his schemes into practice. The first act of betrayal occurred when Robotnik attempted to send Sir Charles Hedgehog to the Void as a test of the reconstructed Transdimensional Transporter. The experiment was rushed, and due to an unforeseen mix-up, not only did Sir Charles regain his free will, but Robotnik was trapped in The Void. They all knew that unlike the tests with the Zone of Silence, the Void had easier return trips, so Robotnik ordered Snively to return him. Snively reacted by calling his uncle "Robuttnik", taking command, boasting that he could and would do better than his uncle, and even stole Robotnik's wardrobe. Snively had planned on attaching the Transdimensional Transporter to a hover craft and sucking the entire Great Forest into the Void until Knothole went with it. Unfortunately for him, Uncle Chuck told Sonic about his plot and freed Robotnik, making him promise to not harm the Freedom Fighters or Snively. After Uncle Chuck grounded Snively's hover craft with a 'Bot-Plane, Robotnik stopped Snively's plan to wipe out the planet by sitting on Snively (by accident).[13]

Snively ordering the SWATbots to pamper him as his first order ruling "Snivopolis", from Sonic Quest #1.

When his uncle left Robotropolis to control his new ultimate weapon, the Death Egg, Snively found himself in total control of the city. Instead of ordering the SWATbots to begin reconstruction of the city (as it had recently been devastated during the battle between Mecha Sonic and Mecha Knuckles) or patrolling its borders, Snively had them pamper him as the new ruler, going so far as to have the city renamed "Snivopolis".[14] His rule over the city ended abruptly when Robotnik parachuted into the city after the Death Egg's destruction, unintentionally landing on Snively.[15]

Shortly after this Robotnik went off to Flicky Island by himself to roboticize the local population. Snively - still angry over the fact he had been stuck to Robotnik's backside after he landed on him when he escaped the Death Egg - deliberately allowed the Freedom Fighters to hear a transmission Robotnik made so they could stop his schemes, knowing his uncle had no SWATbots to protect him. However, Robotnik managed to survive and escape back to Robotropolis.[16]

While all this was going on, Snively had secretly built an army of Eggbots, making sure that Robotnik did not find out about them. When Snively learned of the possibility that there might be some Krudzu seeds still in existence, he had the Eggbots do some digging. When Antoine D'Coolette discovered the Eggbots, Snively ordered them to terminate Antoine. They failed to stop him from informing Sir Charles, who tipped off Robotnik. Snively convinced Robotnik that the destroyed Eggbots were mere "digging robots."[17]

Dr. Quack witnessing Snively reprogramming the Ultimate Annihilator.

Finally, Snively was given the opportunity he needed to engineer his uncle's downfall. While Robotnik began Operation: EndGame, Snively reprogrammed the Ultimate Annihilator to target only Robotnik's DNA, and to target the war room in addition to Knothole. During Sonic and Robotnik's showdown, the super weapon fired, erasing Robotnik from existence and securing Snively's rule over his uncle's empire.[18]

Capture and Escape

Unfortunately for Snively, his rule over his late uncle's world empire was short lived. When the mobians retook Robotropolis, rechristening it Mobotropolis, Snively attempted to defeat them while piloting a DYNAMAC machine. The Freedom Fighters were able to defeat it when they worked together, and Snively was captured by Geoffrey St. John when he attempted to flee the scene.[19]

Snively was then taken to the Devil's Gulag prison, where he was incarcerated along with Drago Wolf, Nack the Weasel, the Fearsome Foursome and other villains. Despite this setback, Snively was able to remotely control a group of Eggbots, which he had hoped to use to capture the recently escaped Ixis Naugus to steal his incredible powers. The Eggbots, ordered by Snively to search for strong power sources, instead uncovered a Power Ring and Monkey Khan; a cyborg created by Robotnik year ago which was never put to use. Monkey Khan destroyed the Eggbots, however, and began his own life, after facing off against Sonic.[20][21]

While imprisoned at the Devil's Gulag, Snively was mocked by fellow inmates. This changed when it appeared that Snively managed to open all of the jail cells, thus freeing the villains (this was actually the work of Robo-Robotnik). The villains then made Snively their boss, with Kodos and Arachnis joining their group.[22][23] Then they kidnapped Nate Morgan and fled back to their base in West Robotropolis on Big Kahuna Island. Sonic and the Royal Secret Service soon arrived, beating the villains and rescuing Nate. The arrival of a giant mutant squid disrupted the battle, and it captured by Snively and Bomb. The former was seemingly killed along with the squid when Bomb self-destructed, but in fact he was actually transported onto Robo-Robotnik's space station.[24][25]

Helping the Mobians

Confronted by Robo-Robotnik, Snively pretended to join his robot "uncle" in order to survive, as Robo-Robotnik pointed out he knew of Snively's part in reprogramming the Ultimate Annihilator which killed the original Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and thus branded him a traitor.[3] When Sonic and the Freedom Fighters were captured during their mission to discover the purpose of the space station, Snively helped them escape captivity. When asked why he helped to release them, Snively simply replied "that isn't the same uncle Julian I knew and despised". After this, Snively helped them to destroy the space station, fleeing on board their space ship.[26] Upon their return to the planet, Snively went with the Freedom Fighters and helped to plant a computer virus in the computer systems so that Robo-Robotnik could not access the location of Knothole. After this, Snively and the Freedom Fighters went their separate ways.[27]

Eggman's Assistant

Snively after allowing himself to be roboticized, from Sonic the Hedgehog #105.

Weeks later, Snively was caught breaking curfew in Robotropolis and captured by Shadowbots. He was placed in a jail cell for some time, only to receive a visit from Robo-Robotnik (now referred to as Dr. Eggman), who offered him a job and revenge on his father, which Snively eagerly accepted.[28] Soon Snively was back in the reigns helping Eggman scheme about dealing with the recently returned Overlanders. Snively helped his robotic "uncle" develop his ability to roboticize people with a touch, capturing the Overlander Cheddermund and allowing Eggman to use him as a test subject.[29][30]

After Eggman roboticized Snively's own father and Lady Agnes, Snively willingly allowed himself to be roboticized to prevent his death from radiation poisoning, instead of leaving the city like the rest of the Overlanders.[31] As a robotic being, he continued to plan with Eggman, though his body was destroyed along with Eggman's when Robotropolis was nuked by Station Square.[32] He soon had his consciousness transferred to a new robotic body along with Eggman, but then the two were de-roboticized by the Bem.[33]

Rejoining and Betraying the Mobians

When the Xorda began their attack on the planet, Snively went missing after New Megaopolis was severely damaged, though he presumably took this time to escape and save himself.[34] During Sonic's long absence in space, Snively apparently lost favor with Eggman, when the latter created his "children" Mecha and A.D.A.M.. After Sonic's return, Snively helped the Knothole Freedom Fighters halt the Nanites destructive expansion and joined the Brain Trust group. He would help them learn about the nanites and Eggman's other technology.[35][36]

After the death of his "daughter" Mecha, Eggman re-recruited Snively, arriving secretly in Knothole by means of a transporter. Giving Snively one chance to join him, Snively took it. Before leaving with Eggman however, Snively convinced his step-sister Hope Kintobor to leave Knothole and go to Station Square, knowing Eggman planned to destroy Knothole soon. Before being teleported on board an Egg Fleet ship, Snively asked Eggman why he trusted him since they had been trying do each other in, to which Eggman replied that he did not and was waiting for him to strike. Snively remarked, "Just like old times," as the two teleported away.[37]

Eggman's Second-in-Command

Snively confronting Knuckles in the Egg Lobster, from Sonic the Hedgehog #171.

In no time Snively was attacking Freedom HQ in his Egg Lobster in order to retrieve his hair, which had been recently stolen by Shadow the Hedgehog. Although he nearly defeated Knuckles the Echidna with it, his Egg Lobster was quickly destroyed, but Shadow returned his hair.[38]

Not long afterwards however, Snively's back-stabbing nature resurfaced when he thought his "uncle"'s childlike methods of defeating Sonic were foolish. He decided to reprogram Metal Sonic to obey his orders, but was soon stopped by Metal Sonic. Eggman revealed that he knew of Snively's treacherous ways, and had programmed Metal Sonic, along with every other robot in the Eggman Empire, to monitor Snively in case he decided to back stab Eggman once again.[39]

Realizing betrayal was not an option, Snively went back to serving as Eggman's lackey. He participated in the successful destruction of Knothole, acting as a diversion to the Knothole Freedom Fighters at Freedom HQ while the rest of the Egg Fleet obliterated the entire kingdom. During his attack, Snively managed to successfully capture all of the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters except for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Nicole, though the latter four were buried under rubble while Sonic went to warn King Elias. After this, Snively monitored Eggman's battle with Sonic from his escape shuttle.[40]

Snively brought to tears by Hope's words, from Sonic the Hedgehog #177.

Snively stood by his uncle while the latter gloated over his captured enemies. However, Snively watched in horror as Sonic and company freed the prisoners from the Egg Grape Chambers, trying numerous times to inform Eggman that Nicole had reprogrammed the the Egg Fleet and the Egg Beater's weapons to transport to New Mobotropolis instead of back to the Egg Grapes. Snively remained in command of the Egg Fleet during its attack on New Mobotropolis' shields. However, he was soon distracted when his step-sister Hope attacked in her personal air plane. Snively was brought to tears when Hope revealed how ashamed she was of him and how she aimed to restore honor to the Kintobor name. An Egg Pawn informed Snively of an all-weapon's lock on Hope's plane, but Snively hesitated to give the order to fire. No matter what he did do, Hope did survive for another day. Snively retreated along with the rest of the Egg Fleet after the Egg Beater was destroyed and Eggman withdrew.[41]

During the return of Enerjak, Eggman had Snively modify his remaining Egg Grapes so they could contain the Chaos-demigod and drain his power. When Dimitri came to warn Eggman, Snively watched as Enerjak destroyed Egg Grapes from within, and then destroyed all of New Megaopolis, the entire Egg Fleet and the army of Egg Pawns. The trio fled into a bunker while Enerjak returned to draw more power from the Master Emerald.[42] Following the Enerjak crisis, the remaining Dark Legion members still loyal to Lien-Da allied with Eggman, becoming his new ground troops in exchange for robotic enhancements. When the Chaotix attacked New Megaopolis and the rechristened Dark Egg Legion, Snively responded to Lien-Da's call for backup, informing her there was none and that the Dark Egg Legion was the standing army.[43]

Meeting and Scheming with Regina

Snively increasingly became disillusioned with Eggman Empire following the destruction of its capital city by Enerjak. With recent failures mounting, Eggman's verbal abuse against Snively continued to rise. This combined with the lack of respect shown by the Dark Egg Legion caused Snively to question his future in the Eggman Empire. Upon one of his routine check-ups over the Eggnet, Snively managed to get in contact with one of the Sub-Bosses known only as "Regina F" from the D. Kingdom. Feeling a connection with this Sub-Boss, Snively looked forward to meeting up with the mysterious figure in the future.[44]

Over the next few days, Snively and Regina grew much closer during their conversations over the Egg Network. Regina even informed Snively of her plans to overthrow Eggman. When Snively realized that his "uncle" was losing his sanity entirely, Snively realized that Regina's plans could be accelerated, playing along as Eggman's loyal servant until the time was right to enact the plan.[45]

While Dr. Eggman attacked the combined forces of the Chaotix and Knothole Freedom Fighters, Snively watched the battle on a monitor from within the Eggdome. Dimitri soon approached him, pointing out the Egg Phoenix nearly wiped out the Dark Egg Legion. Snively pointed out it would have been "collateral damage" and that he did not care. Following this, Dimitri explained how he'd discovered Snively's relationship with Regina and their treasonous plots, and that if Snively did not prioritize helping to protect the Dark Egg Legion he would expose this to Eggman. Snively quickly pointed out Dimitri could benefit from working with Snively and Regina, forming an alliance with him to take down his uncle.[46]

With Dimitri and the Dark Egg Legion as his allies, Snively prepared himself for his meeting with Regina, while instructing the Dark Egg Legion to pretend to follow Dr. Eggman's defense plans for the Eggdome and acting like he was still loyal to his uncle. When Lien-Da entered his personal quarters to give him an updated report following the Freedom Fighters entrance of the Eggdome, she was disgusted by the smell of Snively's cologne. Snively then explained Regina had given it to him as a gift, and the scent was particular to her region of the world. When Lien-Da stated she didn't know how he could stand the smell, Snively grudgingly stated it was something the "animals" could never understand. After telling Lien-Da to order the Dark Egg Legion to hold back the Freedom Fighters until Sonic was locked in a chamber with Eggman, he told Dimitri to wait for him on the landing pad of the Eggdome. Snively remained behind, content to watch as his uncle was defeated and the Eggman Empire collapse.[47][48]

After Sonic defeated Eggman, Snively came in, putting on a show of defeat and sympathy for his uncle's state. He revealed, to a confused Sonic and Sally, that Sonic had done more than beat Eggman; he had been "broken" with the constant defeats at Sonic's hands, despite the doctor's great genius. Snively then told Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters that they had won and to return to New Mobotropolis and to celebrate their victory, leaving him to take care of his ill uncle. After they left, Snively put Eggman in a straight jacket and locked him in a padded cell, gloating, and then proceeded to the landing bay of the Eggdome to greet his sweetheart, the Iron Queen.[49]

Steward to the Iron Dominion

Snively later took position as the Iron Queen's steward and showered her with considerable respect, which did not go unnoticed by the Iron King who took an immediate dislike to him as a result. Snively was present when the Bride of the Conquering Storm and the Yagyu Clan reported in regarding the state of New Megaopolis and reported that only the Eggdome was operational. The Iron King then went with Conquering Storm to search for weapons in the rubble, and Dimitri came before the Iron Queen and Snively requesting that the Dark Egg Legion's bombs be removed. The Iron Queen revealed that Eggman had been too thorough in his work, however, and Snively presented him with a briefcase of microchips that would jam the detonation signal, but Dimitri was not fooled. When they were finally alone, Snively promptly jumped on to his sweetheart's lap and the two laughed merrily at how their plans were going so well, and at the aspects that had yet to come forth. They were soon interrupted to Conquering Storm who revealed her agent, Lightning Lynx, had successfully gained the alliance of Espio the Chameleon and had spotted Sonic and Monkey Khan heading towards the city. Snively then told the whole story of how the Dark Egg Legion, Yagyu Clan and Iron King had defeated the duo before she told him her life story and ended it before without finishing as she felt tired.[50][51]

Soon after, Snively joined the Iron Queen in attacking New Mobotropolis while riding in Eggmobiles. Then the Iron Queen took control of Bunnie D'Coolette and caused havoc with her cybernetics to the city, only for Monkey Khan to distract the Iron Queen so Sonic could get her to Freedom HQ. Snively then used the pincers on his Eggmobile to take Monkey Khan's Power Ring Headband and destroy it, allowing the Iron Queen to take control of Khan.[52] After Sonic returned, Snively destroyed the Power Ring while the Iron Queen used Monkey Khan to fight Sonic. Although it entertained Snively, Sonic managed to get a new power ring for the simian and Regina told Snively it was time to go back to New Metropolis. While confused at first, Regina told him that it was enough victory that the others had lost faith in Khan.[53] Soon after, Snively went to gloat in his uncle's face, before realizing he had escaped. After Snively called the Dark Legion and the Yagyu Ninja he bumped into the Iron King. After he was insulted by him and questioned on what was wrong, Snively told him Eggman had escaped. At first, the Iron King believed Snively to be betraying him, however Snively tried to explain the situation before they both heard a "thoom" and were there to witness Eggman's escape in the Egg-Tortoise. He then ran off to inform the Iron Queen. After she barked out for what to do, Snively told her her pod was prepared, hoping for some affection but getting only a cold shoulder in return.[54]

Snively later participated in the search for Dr. Eggman along with a fraction of the Iron Dominion's army. He then watched with a hint of jealousy as the queen complimented the Iron King for subduing Sonic. However, the celebrations were cut short by the arrival of Sally and several Freedom Fighters. After a brief fight, he went after the dominion who was in pursuit of the Freedom Fighters. After catching up with them, he found them in retreat, having failed to penetrate the shield in New Mobotropolis. Later that night, Snively went to Regina's chambers to try to comfort her, but she coldly informed him he better find a way past the shields or he would never be allowed in her chambers again before slamming the door on him.[55] When the Iron King failed to breach Robotropolis' dome, they both received a tongue-lashing from Regina before retiring to her chambers. The Iron King then explained to Snively about their take over of the Dragon Kingdom, that she became more harsh as time went on. He then lashed out on Snively since instead of cementing their control of the Dragon Kingdom, they came here and vented his frustration at Snively. Once he left to meditate, Snively muttered behind his back on how he'll become the Iron King when Regina rules the world and that Jun will be hamburger.[56]

Snively's speech is interrupted by his deranged uncle, from Sonic the Hedgehog #208.

Nervously approaching Regina, he tried to sweet talk her in a good mood. She told him he had thirty seconds before she'd imprison him just like his uncle, so he quickly used the opportunity to explain that he'd found a solution to their problem concerning New Mobotropolis. Showing her holographic displays of the former nanite city, now New Mobotropolis, he explained that the entire city was made of nanites controlled by an AI (Nicole) and thus should be directly vulnerable to her technomagic. Regina swooped in and swung him around happily, her mood immediately improved. Once they arrived at the outskirts of New Mobotropolis, he graciously helped her out of her craft, an action which Jun Kun found to overstep the boundaries of a mere steward, and stood by with the combined Dark Egg Legion and Yagyu Clan, watching as Regina confronted and overwhelmed Nicole with her powers. As Nicole allowed their forces access to the city, Snively made his way to the Detention Center to look in on his less-than-lucid uncle. Finding Dr. Eggman still in a state of delirium and unable to discern what period of his life he was in, Snively broke into a tirade about how after everything his uncle did to him he was in charge now and the world would soon fall to him and Regina, giving him everything he ever wanted. To this, Eggman's reply was nothing more than the wonderment of how Snively had almost no hair left, effectively killing the mood.[57] Later, Snively became puzzled when the Iron Queen started ranting to herself while staring into her staff, and when he inquired what she was doing, he was told to go away, and Lien-Da made it her business to tease him about it before giving in a status report.[58]

Return To Eggman

Snively back as Eggman's lackey, from Sonic the Hedgehog #212.

Soon after this, Snively was summoned by the insane Eggman. Snively hope to enjoy seeing him in his deranged state, but received the shock of his life when Eggman had revealed he had become sane again. Eggman declared that he had finally figured out why he could not defeat Sonic, and told Snively to release him so he could start anew. However Snively as he was now in the top spot and had found love with Regina, but Eggman told him she was only using Snively, and that Snively himself could never love anyone since all he cared for was himself. This brought Snively to tears, denying these accusations before storming off. Snively still pondered these words as he made ready to Legionize Rotor Walrus, who resisted him momentarily before his back gave out. Amy, Antoine and Geoffrey St. John then stormed the coliseum, breaking Snively's operation table. After a heated brawl between foes, Sonic, Sally, Monkey Khan and Tails stormed the city.[59] NICOLE revealed herself to be in control of herself again, and quickly took the Iron Queen while the others went for the Iron King. In the midst of all this, Snively came face-to-face with Sally, who was more than a little disappointed with him at wasting all the chances she had given him. Snively retorted that there were three other Clans in the Dragon Kingdom just waiting for the order to come to the city and help, but that went out the window when Monkey Khan revealed to the Yagyu Clan that their ties to the Iron Dominion were severed. With no one backing the Iron Queen, Lien-Da thought this was the perfect opportunity to seize power, but the Iron Queen used her Magitek powers to set off the bomb in her cybernetics. With no one leading them, the Dark Egg Legion demanded Snively to give them orders, but Snively was too overwhelmed by it all and ran for a hovercraft to free Eggman so he could fix everything, his panic intensified when he saw the Iron King get blasted through the city's dome. When he arrived at the Detention Center, Eggman was all smiles and mockingly asked about saving Regina. Snively said there was no time and pleaded for Eggman to save him. They went back to the pod and flew out of the city, and when Snively calmed down, he asked if they could go back and get Regina, but Eggman refused.[60]

Snively being teased by Eggman, from Sonic the Hedgehog #212.

For the next week they remained hidden in the Eggdome's lower levels with the Dark Egg Legion back under their control since they saved Lien-Da by hospitalizing her. Snively continued to plead with Eggman to go to the Dragon Kingdom and rescue Regina, but he refused to waste his time and efforts. Snively then inquired about why they bothered to help the treacherous Lien-Da, but Eggman said it was for the same reason he kept around Snively himself; because it was more fun that way. He then ordered him back to work while Sonic and Tails kept searching for them.[61]

At some point, Snively repeatedly made contact with the Raiju Clan and worked to establish them as the new chapter of the Dark Egg Legion for the Dragon Kingdom, shipping off supplies and equipment necessary to upgrade them despite the clan's unease regarding self-mutilation. Eggman discovered this and had his nephew brought to him at gunpoint by two legionnaires. Defending himself, the tiny overlander claimed to have done so for the empire, something neither the echidnas or doctor believed once the recording revealed Snively's interest regarding Regina's whereabouts. Eggman then gave him an ultimatum: declare his relationship with the Iron Queen void, or face the consequences. Nearly brought to tears, Snively proclaimed, "Sh-She's... lost to me. It's... over. I give up," to his gleeful uncle, who accepted his decision and dismissed the troops. Shaking his fist at Eggman with his back turned, Snively grimly vowed that it indeed was "over" but not in the way his uncle thought.[62]

Later, Eggman and Snively used all the energy to the energy in Robotropolis to power a portal to the special zone in order to retrieve a Chaos Emerald from Feist. Feist made Eggman and Snively race each other for an emerald. Snively intended to win, abandon Eggman, take over the Eggman Empire and rescue someone not specified. Snively took the lead near the end, but Eggman shot him with a missile and took the emerald. Feist made Eggman choose between the emerald and Snively, which Eggman took the former without hesistation. Eggman left with the emerald, leaving the frighten Snively with Feist, but Eggman pushed a button that teleported Snively back to the EggDome. Eggman told dazzled Snively to quit lying around and it time to get the show on the road.[63]

Snively was monitoring Egg Dome reading and was amazed of how fast the Chaos Emeralds was charging the systems. By the time Eggman reached the bridge the Eggdome was powered and stage one Operation Clean Sweep was charge to 15%. Snively questioned about starting Operation: Clean Sweep before stage one was completed, but was ignored by Eggman and the Death Egg Mark 2 was launched.[64][65] Snively was the first person to notice Ixis Naugus' and Freedom Fighters' assault on the Death Egg. He was shocked to hear that Eggman didn't want to shoot Sonic. He also noticed that Ixis Naugus' magic didn't work on the Death Egg due to the power of magic rings. When Eggman left to oversee Operation: Clean Sweep's activation, Lien-Da said that Eggman is just setting himself up to fail and asks how could Snively stand to work for him, which Snively replied. "I can't, really." Later Snively told Eggman stage one is fully charged and was nervous as it would affect them all, but Eggman simply told him to grow up and he won't feel a thing.[66]

Genesis and Aftermath

Snively explaining Eggman's plan, from Sonic the Hedgehog #226.

In a strange new world created by the Genesis Wave initiated by Eggman, Snively had just finished his quota of capturing small animals in capsules, but Sonic smashed the capsule open and after introducing each other Snively made a speech about Dr. Eggman and how glorious his plan to bring order to the "wild lands", which Sonic just blew off. After this insult Snively fought Sonic, but was defeated. He retreated to tell his "Uncle Eggy".[67] For the remainder of Genesis, Snively remained at the Death Egg's controls, contacting Eggman on status updates. After Sonic successfully reverted the universe to normal and Sally was roboticized, Snively advised his uncle against continuing the attack on Mobotropolis.[68][69]

Snively found himself increasingly frustrated with his uncle's priorities, such as focusing on upgrading Mecha Sally over repowering the Death Egg and leaving repairs to the Egg Mites. The final straw came when they launched an attack on the Mobo-Cruiser as the Freedom Fighters were escorting Elias' family out of New Mobotropolis; Snively was aghast when Eggman decided to settle for a lesser victory by having Metal Sonic self-destruct and seemingly kill Antoine before retreating and leaving Elias alive. Snively furiously objected, especially since they had the Freedom Fighters on the ropes, only for Eggman to dismiss him from the deck for ruining his mood. Outraged and fed up, Snively decided to wait no longer and that it was time to finally take his uncle down.[70][71]

On the Run

Wanting to rescue Regina from the Dragon Kingdom and seeing his chance, Snively briefly locked Eggman out from the Death Egg's computer system. He sent out a video message to Eggman's sub-bosses, saying that Eggman had been killed by Sonic and that the Dark Egg Legion was officially disbanded. He fled in the Egg Jet, using infiltrator robots to cause some damage on his way out. He began traveling to find Regina while Eggman prepared to pursue him.[72]

Snively is smacked by Hope, from Sonic Universe #38.

Snively first stopped at Central City in order to talk with his stepsister Hope. He had a device in his hand that made him invisible, but Dr. Eggman knew that Snively stopped in Central City thanks to the tracking signal on the Egg Jet. As a result, Dr. Eggman invaded the city looking for him. When Snively found Hope, she was working hard in order to support the city, which was fighting against Eggman's forces. She was working on a Flame Shield when Snively, who was invisible thanks to a device he was holding, revealed himself to her. She quickly ran to alert the others, but decided to stay and listen to what Snively had to say after he begged her. He explained to her that they shared the same biological father, making them half-siblings instead of step-siblings. He found this out when they were living together in Knothole through a DNA test that he took in secret, and he guessed that their father wanted to hide their relationship due to Snively joining Dr. Robotnik. He then told her that he was done working with Dr. Eggman and that he wanted to free his love, Regina Ferrum, from her prison in the Dragon Kingdom and have Hope in his life so they can be a happy family. Hope seemed to grow fond of the idea, that is, until Snively went on to explain that he wanted to defeat the Eggman Empire and rule the world. Upset that Snively was still evil, she slapped him in his face and explained to him that he did not change at all and that he was not her brother. She then activated the Flame Shield that she was previously working on so that he could not do anything to her, and it deflected the device he was holding when he threw it at the shield. He then fled in despair, resulting in Dr. Eggman's attack on the city stopping as he continued his pursuit of his traitorous lackey.[4]

Snively and Regina reunite, from Sonic Universe #39.

Snively finally arrived at the Dragon Kingdom and obtained the Iron Oni from the Bride of the Conquering Storm. He then approached the cell where Regina Ferrum was imprisoned, which was a well with no water. Liu Fang was going to serve her her meal, but Snively knocked Liu Fang unconscious and appeared before her with the meal. He told her that he had come to rescue her, but she kicked the tray of food out of his hand and yelled at him for betraying her right before she lost her battle in New Mobotropolis. He tried to explain himself, but she was upset at him and told him that she would never take him back. He left the well and was not sure what to do. He then saw the Egg 'Stache Flyer arrive in the distance, and he decided that he would continue with his plans, as he was doing everything for her. He revealed himself to Dr. Eggman with the ancient Iron Oni machine and smacked Mecha Sally and Monkey Khan (who was now under Eggman's control) out of the way. He had the machine rip out Regina's well-like prison from the ground, and he destroyed part of it to reveal to her that he did everything for her and would never betray her, again. The two kissed and made up, and she asked him to do one more thing for her. He said he would do anything for her, and she told him to destroy Dr. Eggman, to which he responded that he would.[73]


As Snively prepared to destroy Dr. Eggman, he became distracted by his Uncle's taunts (which was part of Dr. Eggman's plan). Snively now inside the Iron Oni charged at Dr. Eggman intending on finishing him off once and for all. Fighting his way through Egg Swats, Snively was surprised to see Dr. Eggman's newest lackeys Orbot and Cubot drop Dr. Eggman's newest Egg Beater Battle Suit. Finding this to easy, Snively asked Regina to do the honors. Snively however had underestimated his Uncle's intelligence for his suit wasn't made with circuits but ceramics, plastics and etc. The two geniuses clashed in combat, but Dr. Eggman had the edge by subduing Snively's Iron Oni armor in a vice grip. While in this position Dr. Eggman exited his Battle Suit and hacked into Snively's. With Snively's armor now weak, Dr. Eggman delivered the final blow knocking out both Snively and Regina. The next day Dr. Eggman taunted and gloated at Snively (who had been imprisoned in a prison pod) and informed him that Regina was now in control of the Dark Egg Legion in Central City with a convincing infiltrator of Snively beside her. With Dr. Eggman leaving his last words, he left a spirit-broken Snively to rot.[74]

Worlds Collide

Before Eggman and Dr. Wily reset the world, Snively was moved to the Wily Egg before the second Genesis Wave hit, where he remained trapped inside his capsule. Later, Dr. Light was placed inside the capsule next to him. He remained there until the launch of Super Genesis Wave, and subsequent changes to the Prime Zone.[75][76]

Note: From this point, Snively's history continues from his new life in the altered timeline.


Snively is best described as devious and treacherous. He is bitter, passive-aggressive, and self-serving (even when serving others). He has a deeply rooted resentment for those around him, and for many years only trusted his uncle, Julian. Since the coup, however, he has since closed himself off to anyone and anything other than his own personal gain. Snively spends a large portion of his time swallowing his pride in the face of humiliation and repressing the rage instilled in him. This leads him to occasionally snap in the form of physical tantrums or infuriated screaming (usually the phrase "I HATE YOU!"). These outbursts are rare, however, as muttering his grievances below his breath is much safer.

Snively takes a great deal of pride in his hair, or what's left of it at least. When Shadow swiped his last six strands, retrieving his hair was his top priority. He even put tracers in his hair, individually. However, this also calls his sanity into question, as he has on more than one occasion been called insane.

During the times Snively is actually given an inch of independence, he tends to be very cold and calculating, and in the even rarer instances that he has power, he can be downright sadistic. He takes great pleasure in the pain and misfortune of those around him — especially those that are particularly hated, such as Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Dr. Eggman or Sonic the Hedgehog. Even when forming what appears to be an alliance, Snively never fully puts trust in anyone, and in fact is usually plotting a back-up betrayal plan in the back of his mind.

However, it would appear that Snively is not completely heartless, and appears to care for his half-sister, Hope, to some extent; during the destruction of Knothole, Snively persuaded Hope to escape to Station Square prior to the attack, and was reduced to tears when Hope expressed her shame towards him and her intent to redeem their family name.

Powers and abilities

Snively is technical genius of considerable skill and an incredibly gifted inventor, though not on par with his uncle.[77] Scientifically, Snively is a force to be reckoned with, his robotics-engineering and programming being the two most prominent skills at his disposal. Despite his short stature and frail looking frame Snively is capable of physical activity, he has a noted affection and affinity for hockey and was willing to put his hostility aside for a game.


Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Snively was Dr. Ivo Robotnik's lackey and nephew, dealing with his uncle's abuse for ten years before killing him. After being kicked out by his father (due to Snively's treacherous nature) Snively went to the only person he felt he could trust, Julian Kintobor, who would later on be known as Dr. Ivo Robotnik. For many years Snively only trusted his uncle and even showed sadness when he though Dr. Robotnik was killed by his renegade robot, E.V.E.. However, during the last year of Dr. Robotniks reign Snively slowly grew to detest his uncle due to the constant abuse he received by him and his constant failing plans that were thwarted by the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Snively would mutter to himself, often insulting Robotnik behind his back, and is responsible for some of the doctor's plans being thwarted by the Freedom Fighters, such as the time he purposely damaged the two way communication system so the Freedom Fighters could hear Robotnik's plan to invade Flicky Island. During Operation: EndGame, Robotnik's final attempt to destroy his enemies, Snively had reprogrammed the Ultimate Annihilator to target only Robotnik's DNA signature, erasing him from existence.

Dr. Eggman

It has been shown that Snively hated Dr. Eggman far more than even the original Robotnik. He was often annoyed when Eggman enacted plans that made little to no sense or ignored blatantly obvious solutions such as allowing Sonic to be destroyed by the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra. Eggman's arrogant decision to withdraw after Metal Sonic had knocked out Antoine— an action the doctor would indeed later regret— finally pushed Snively over the edge, prompting him to turn against Eggman once and for all, even going so far as to try and kill him.

During the time Mobius was reset by the first Genesis Wave, however, Snively instead idolized Eggman in the same way as he used to to idolize the original Robotnik, to the point that he would snap angrily at anyone who spoke ill of him.

Regina Ferrum

Snively and Regina enjoy their first moments alone together, from Sonic the Hedgehog #201.

Snively found love with a Sub-Boss by the name of Regina Ferrum during a routine surveillance check. The two corresponded with each other via the Egg Network and became close, even sending each other gifts. As Dr. Eggman lost his sanity, Snively planned to overthrow his uncle and rule the Eggman Empire with Regina by his side.[44][45][47] After Regina arrived in the ruins of New Megaopolis, the two were able to develop their relationship a bit, showing signs of affection when they were alone together, and sharing their life stories with one another in private.[49][50][51]

The relationship between two appeared to become strained, however, when Dr. Eggman escaped from the Eggdome and was then taken into custody of the Republic of Acorn, Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters foiling the Iron Dominion's efforts to recapture him as well as take Sonic as a hostage. Following this defeat, Snively was seen visiting Regina's chambers only for her to coldly tell him that if he wished to enter her chambers again he would find a way to disable the shields over New Mobotropolis, then slamming the door in his face.[54][55] They eventually reconciled after Snively found a solution to New Mobotropolis' shields. Once Eggman recovered his sanity, Snively explained he would not return to him, stating that Regina respected him and that he found love. Eggman retorted that he was not in love because he could not love and that he was simply using Regina for his own personal gain, thus causing Snively to leave with tears in his eyes. Following the dissolution of the Iron Dominion and the betrayal of the Dark Egg Legion, Snively seemingly abandoned Regina to free Eggman just to save himself. While fleeing back to the Eggdome, Snively did express some hope of rescuing Regina during the confusion and the days that followed, indicating that he still had some devotion to her.[57][59][60][61]

Eventually Snively demonstrated that he still cared for Regina to an extensive degree, going to the point of fleeing the Eggman Empire and rescuing her. Of course, some selfish motivation was evident, as Regina was a necessary ally in his continued rivalry with Eggman. However, his feelings were eventually shown to be genuine, as he persisted in his efforts to rescue and reconcile with her even after she initially rejected him. Eggman evidently recognized this, to the point of replacing Snively with an Infiltrator and informing him of the fact after his imprisonment in order to make his defeat that much crueler.


  • Snively was not featured in the comics until Sonic the Hedgehog #8 (although he appeared in the Christmas back-up story in Sonic the Hedgehog #6), wearing an all white outfit. After this, Snively was almost always seen wearing a blue top and brown pants, as opposed to his Sonic the Hedgehog television series (SatAM) counterpart, who always wore green. Despite Snively's introduction to the series relatively early on, the Badnik Crabmeant would act as Robotnik's close lackey more than Snively for numerous issues, until the Badniks were, for the most part, phased out of the storyline.
  • Snively appears to have some built in cybernetics, as he not only had a switch operating a door on the back of his hand, but controlled his Eggbots with remotes resembling his thumbnails. One nail even has a communicator. Whether or not they remained after he was roboticized and derobotized is unknown. He also has GPS trackers in his last six hairs.
  • Former writer Ken Penders revealed on his forum that in his post-#159 plans, he originally intended to kill off Snively in a heroic act while he attempted to shut down an unstable nuclear power plant with the help of the Freedom Fighters. Snively's death would have hit Sonic hard with grief and would have caused uneasiness between all his friends.[78]
  • Karl Bollers had ideas for Snively post-#134, which would have included Snively creating a battle suit for himself and new identity in order to battle his uncle. As "Skarkus", he would also have formed an alliance with Shadow.[79]
  • Had Sega not intervened with the initial plans for Sonic the Hedgehog #175, Omega would have taken over Snively's role of destroying Freedom HQ during the destruction of Knothole.[80]
  • The cause for Snively losing his hair was "male-pattern baldness," which afflicted the geniuses of the family, as he claimed to his father Colin. However, in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series, it was caused by a time traveling Sonic. Both series feature Snively being quite fond of his hair and becoming vengeful upon losing it.
  • Snively's eyes were originally blue, however, during the middle of the series, they were changed to green and at one point designated red.[1] They are now currently blue again.

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