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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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You don't give me enough credit... Julian.

— Snively, "The Doomsday Project"

Snively is the secondary antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a human, an enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the nephew of Dr. Robotnik. Following the end of the Great War, Snively assisted his uncle in overthrowing the King and taking over Mobotropolis. Despite being the nephew of Mobius' self-proclaimed ruler though, Snively was treated more as a servant assistant by his uncle than an equal as he had hoped. In addition, he would often get beaten or humiliated by Robotnik whenever the doctor wanted to unload his anger. Because of this, Snively grew resentful of his uncle and began to secretly conspire against him, waiting for the right moment to seize his empire. He often pilots and manages Dr. Robotnik's machines or designs robots for him.


Snively is a short human with pale skin and grayish blue eyes. He has a caricature head, possessing a long neck and a long, pointy nose. In the past, he used to have thick brown hair, but he eventually lost and now only has a couple of hairs left. For attire, Snively wears a green shirt with a light green collar, light green pants, a brown belt, and brown shoes.


TV series


In the past, Snively and his uncle Julian collaborated with the sorcerer Naugus, who had discovered the Void. One day, Julian was to send Naugus into the Void and pull him out after an hour. After Naugus ventured into the Void however, Snively was ordered by Julian to trap Naugus on the other side of the portal into the Void forever and prevent any way for him to return.[1]

Snively and his uncle at the day of Julian's coup.

Years ago, Julian served as the Minister of War in service to the King of Mobotropolis, with assistance from Snively. After Julian ensured Mobotropolis' victory in the Great War, Snively plotted with Julian to take over Mobotropolis. On the 13th, in the year 3224, Snively received orders from his uncle to prepare the palace attack force. Sometime later, Snively was supervising the work on the Destroyer when Julian joined him. While Snively was excited that he and his uncle were going to rule Mobotropolis, Julian dashed Snively's hopes of equal rulership by reprogramming all the robots so that they would only respond to his voice. Snively was then grabbed by the collar by his uncle, and was threated into calling him "sir" instead of uncle from then on. Afterward, Snively and Dr. Robotnik seized power over Mobotropolis and changed the city's name to "Robotropolis".[2]

Over the years, Snively and Robotnik tried to locate Knothole Village, which held the headquarters of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, whose members included Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally.

Season one

Snively eventually welcomed back Dr. Robotnik and CLuck when they returned to Robotropolis from a trip. Inside Robotnik's headquarters, Snively informed Robotnik that Tails had been detected on one of the monitors. Snively was later present at a meeting where Dr. Robotnik explained that his Buzz-Bombers were going to fly to the Great Forest and reveal the location of Knothole Village by destroying the forest with special chemicals under Snively's guidance. The next day, Snively guided Buzz Bombers to attack the Great Forest, but they were repelled by the Freedom Fighters with water balloons fired from catapults. As the Buzz-Bombers withdrew from the battlefield, Robotnik unloaded his frustration on Snively.[3]

Snively eventually brought the captured Cat, whom the Swat-Bots had caught while breaking into the Stealthbot hangar, to Dr. Robotnik. Later, upon instructions from Robotnik, Snively sent a Stealthbot to pursue Sonic. When Sonic, Sally and Antoine were later detected just outside Robotropolis, Snively followed Robotnik's orders and sent three Stealthbots after them. However, due to sabotage, the Stealthbots soon got destroyed.[4]

Snively preparing the Sallybot.

Later, Snively helped Robotnik copy the appearance and personality data from Sally, whom the Swat-Bots had caught, and install it into a Sallybot, who was to be rescued by Sonic and be taken to Knothole so Robotnik could discover the location of said village. After preparations had been made, Snively tried to roboticize Sally, but the Roboticizer malfunctioned, leaving Snively to postpone the roboticization procedure until the next day. In the meantime, Snively monitored Sonic when he arrived to save "Sally" from prison. The next day, Snievly had repaired the Roboticizer and got ready to roboticize Sally, but then someone opened one of the pipes, covering the room in smoke. While Snively went to fix it, he did not realize that Sonic had arrived and had the Sallybot take Sally's place in the Roboticizer. After getting rid of the smoke, Snively tried to roboticize the Sallybot. However, Snively was forced to flee afterward, as the roboticization procedure had caused Sallybot to go out of control and begin destroying everything around it.[5] Later, Snively was repairing the Roboticizer. However, he got interrupted by Sonic and Sally, whom he detected in the air ducts. Snively thus sent Swat-Bots after them. However, the duo managed to flee.[6]

Later, in Maga, after the Knothole Freedom Fighters managed to get the Secret Scrolls, Snively appeared alongside Robotnik in front of the heroes in the company of several Swat-Bots to take the scrolls from the heroes. Sonic, however, distracted Snively, Robotnik and their lackeys, thus allowing his friends to escape, before withdrawing himself. In response, Robotnik had Snively deploy a Surveillance Orb to track Sonic. Snively, Robotnik and the Swat-Bots subsequently followed Sonic to a tunnel, which Sonic was hiding in. Suddenly, however, the villains got blown off a cliff by a gust of wind coming out of the tunnel. Surviving the fall, Snively and Robotnik eventually climbed back to the top of the cliff.[7]

Some time after, Snively would read out loud some research he had done about the Forbidden Zone to Robotnik. Along the way, Snively told Robontik about the wizard Lazaar who slept in the Forbidden Zone with his computer that was capable of casting powerful spells. With Robotnik now seeking to get Lazaar's computer, Snively went to the Forbidden Zone and brought Lazaar's Guardian to Robotnik so they could talk. Eventually, Robotnik tricked the guardian into letting him enter the resting place of Lazaar. After Dr. Robotnik stole Lazar's computer, Snively helped bring Robotnik back to his headquarters. Snively then saw Robotnik teleport Sally and Bunnie to him and hypnotize them into doing his bidding with the computer. Afterward, the doctor managed to teleport Sonic to him with the computer and ordered Sally and Bunnie to bring him to the Roboticizer so Snively could start roboticizing. Sonic, however, broke free and escaped with his friends after neutralizing the spells Robotnik had cast by stealing Lazar's computer.[8]

Robotnik staring angrily at Snively.

Some time after, Snively informed Robotnik about the destruction of Robotropolis' power generator at the hands of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. However, Snively restored the city's power by launching the backup generator. Later, when Robotnik was thinking about ways to destroy Sonic, Snively suggested organizing a race that Sonic would surely try to compete in. This way, they would be able to set traps for him. This idea earned Snively praise from Robotnik. Snively later helped Robotnik test out a super fast robot cheetah which would be able to challenge Sonic's speed. Later, during the race, Snively used several traps against Sonic, but none of them worked, which enraged Robotnik. Later, when Sonic left the racing track, Snively could not find him. Soon after, the power in Robotropolis went out. As it turned out, Sonic had helped his friends destroy Robotropolis' backup generator.[9]

Snively and a Swat-Bot group later supervised the felling of the Great Forest, which was being spearheaded by the Shredder. While in the company of the Swat-Bots, Snively explained that the Shredder could take the life energy from the trees, which would help Dr. Robotnik finish the Sonic Radar. Sonic, however soon appeared and destroyed the Shredder, forcing Snively to escape. After returning to Robotropolis, Robotnik ordered him to rebuild the Shredder. While Robotnik worked on the Sonic Radar, however, Snively informed Robotnik that Antoine wanted to meet him to discuss the price for handing a Power Ring over to him. After Antoine was caught, Snively accompanied Robotnik while the latter tested the Sonic Radar, which was powered by the Power Ring. After the radar's laser seemingly hit Sonic, Snively and Robotnik flew to the Great Forest, bringing the Shredder and the Sonic Radar with them. When Sonic and Antoine later returned and came running towards them, Snively, upon Robotnik's orders, fired the Sonic Radar's laser at the heroes. However, Sonic tricked the Sonic Radar into firing at the Shredder, destroying it. Soon after, the heroes managed to recover the Power Ring, destroy the Sonic Radar and escape, leaving Snively and Robotnik to return to Robotropolis.[10]

Snively later supervised the launching procedure of the Sky Spy, a space station filled with spy sensors for finding Knothole, for Robotnik as it was sent into space. Eventually, he informed Robotnik about the detection of some electromagnetic radiation coming from the Great Forest. Following Robotnik's instructions, Snively launched a Stealthbot to that location. When Sonic and Rotor were later detected onboard the Sky Spy, Snively informed Robotnik about this and alerted the crew. Later on, Robotnik ordered Snively to cancel the Stealthbot's mission, as the Sky Spyhad been destroyed.[11]

Snively meets the captured Sally, Bunnie and Antoine.

Some time after, Snively watched over the Cloud Burster as it was being delivered to Dr. Robotnik on the Island of Nimbus where it was to collect the chemicals needed to fill the atmosphere with acid and create toxic rain. During the ride, however, Snively ordered the convoy carrying the Cloud Burster to stop when an explosion appeared on the road. He then had the Swat-Bots investigate the matter. Later, the Swat-Bots brought him Sally, Antoine and Bunnie, who had tried to sabotage the Cloud Burster. With prisoners onboard the convoy, Snively took Sally, Antoine and Bunnie to the Island of Nimbus and delivered them to Robotnik. Later, he helped Robotnik pilot the Cloud Burster and spray chemicals into the sky. However, Sonic would create a massive oil sprout that hit the Cloud Burster. With the Cloud Burster getting flooded with oil, Snively and Robotnik fled to Robotnik's hovercraft and activated its stealth mode, allowing them to escape the crashing Cloud Burster unseen. The worker then wanted to shoot Sonic with his hovercraft's missile, but Snively warned him not to do it as they would crash as a result. Regardless, Robotnik tried to do it anyway, only to discover that his hovercraft would not respond due to circuitry damage. As such, Snively and Robotnik had to return to Robotropolis.[12] Snively would later supervise Robotnik's Snake Probe-equipped oil rig. He soon informed the doctor about the state of the oil extraction, but Robotnik ordered him to speed up the work. Later, together with Robotnik, Snively would fly around the vicinity of the oil platform using Robotnik's hovercraft. From the hovercraft, they saw Sonic attack the oil platform and destroy it.[13]

Snively piloting Robotnik's hovercraft.

Snively later joined Robotnik in his Hovercraft, with three Stealthbots accompanying them, on a mission to capture the migrating Terapods. For this mission, Snively himself had prepared a special cage to catch these animals with. When Robotnik surrounded some Terapods and the Knothole Freedom Fighters accompanying them with a force-field, Snively dropped the cage and caught Momma T. But when the cage was being pulled back up to the hovercraft, Sonic and Bunnie interfered and got Momma T out of the cage. Soon after, the heroes managed to escape from the force-field after Sonic cut a hole in it with a Power Ring-enhanced Super Spin. After the escapees got away, Snively continued to pilot Robotnik's hovercraft. When Sonic later caught their attention, Snively followed Robotnik's orders and began pursuing Sonic. However, after the Stealthbots got destroyed by Sonic when he lured them into a field full of Scorch Plants, Robotnik snatched the controls from Snively and stabilized his hovercraft's course, thus keeping the hovercraft from colliding with the Scorch Plants as well. However, they lost track of the heroes and the Terapods, forcing them to give up the pursuit.[14]

Season two

Snively eventually helped Dr. Robotnik use Ari to lure Sonic into a trap in a specially-designed fortress. While he noted that Sally could be a problem, all Robotnik cared about was that Sonic fell for Ari's deceit. After Sonic was lured into the fortress, Robotnik forced him to play a game of pinball with him. Snively suggested that they should crush Sonic immediately, but Robotnik insisted on toying with his arch-enemy. When Ari later came to Robotropolis to have his Freedom Fighters released in exchange for helping Robotnik, Snively showed Ari his comrades upon Robotnik's orders. However, to Ari's shock, they had all been roboticized. Just as Ari was to be taken to the Roboticizer as well, Dulcy appeared and froze both Snively and Robotnik, thus allowing Aria to escape.[15]

Some time after, Snively prepared the Shriek-Bot for Dr. Robotnik. Snively himself promised that this jet would be able to catch up to Sonic. However, when the Shriek-Bot was pitted against Sonic, Sonic used a Power Ring to escape it. Afterward, Robotnik accused Snively of lying to him, but Snively promised that he would add more jet engines to the Shriek-Bot which would allow it to catch Sonic next time. When Sonic later got captured by Sir Charles, Snively, on the order of Robotnik, launched the improved Shriek-Bot. This time, however, the Shriek-Bot got destroyed while pursuing Sonic, making Robotnik furious at Snively.[16]

Snively manipulating Sonic in Knothole.

Dr. Robotnik later informed Snively that he was leaving for some time to put an end to the Freedom Fighter uprising up north. Robotnik therefore left Snively in charge while he was gone, leaving all of Robotropolis under his control. Soon afterwards, Snively saw that Sonic had broken into a Roboticizer facility to save some Freedom Fighters from roboticization. A Tech-Bot in particular also informed Snively that Sonic had been hit by a Memory Scrambler and lost his memory. Snively thus went in search of Sonic in Robotnik's hovercraft. Upon finding him, he introduced himself to Sonic as his friend, with the secret intention of using him to locate Knothole Village. Afterward, Snively gave Sonic a walkie-talkie and followed his progress as he was send off to find Knothole. After Tails led Sonic there, Snively tracked Sonic's coordinates and prepared to head out. Together with a group of Swat-Bots, Snively headed into the Great Forest and met up with Sonic there. There, he ordered Sonic to gather all the Knothole Freedom Fighters in one place. However, the hedgehog could not find them. Snively thus ordered his Swat-Bots to turn their heat sensors on. Thanks to them, the robots found Freedom Fighters, who were hiding in an underground shelter. Snively then treated them all to the Memory Scrambler before ordering a batallion of Stealthbots to bombard Knothole. Since Sally was not among his prisoners, however, Snively sent Sonic out to catch her. Sonic soon after returned, but it turned out that he had regained memories. As such, Sonic took Snively's Memory Scrambler and used it against him. After Snively lost his memory, Sonic, Sally and Sir Charles took him to Robotropolis and changed the coordinates of Knothole to that of the Great Swamp's. Additionally, Sonic told Snively that Robotnik his enemy. Snively then said goodbye to Sonic when he left with his friends. When Robotnik then returned, Snively began to challenge and attack him. However, when Robotnik knocked him away, Snively suffered a blow to the head that restored his memory. Snively then saved himself from Robotnik's wrath by telling him that he had found Knothole. Together with the doctor, Snively went to the Great Swamp and tried to find Knothole there, realizing that the coordinates were incorrect.[17]

Young Snively meeting present-day Sonic and Sally.

Snively's history was later slightly altered when Sonic and Sally went back in time to stop Robotnik before he rose to power in Mobotropolis. However, they arrived too late, and Robotnik managed to seize power in Mobotropolis, like in the original timeline.[2] However, when Snively came with Robotnik to capture the King, they encountered resistance from Sir Charles, who neutralized their robots. They also witnessed Sonic's speed for the first time when he took Sally with him and fled. Snively later sent the Destroyer out for Robotnik, whose purpose was to spread pollution and destroy all nature in its path. Snively later informed Robotnik that two prisoners had escaped from prison, among them a blue hedgehog. Robotnik remarked, however, that it was nothing to worry about. Snively then went with Robotnik to roboticize young Bunnie, only for the Roboticizer to go offline for two hours. While Snively worked on bringing the Roboticizer back online however, he eventually met present-day Sonic and Sally, who had broken into one of the computers in Robotnik's headquarters. There, Sonic told Snively that he should enjoy his hair while he could. Sonic then took Sally and escaped with her, but the wind created from Sonic's takeoff tore almost all the hair off of Snively's head. Deciding to remember Sonic for this, Snively would carry a grudge at Sonic from then on. Snively later showed Robotnik a video feed of Sonic and Sally attacking the Destroyer, which was brought down by Sabina. Getting angry, Robotnik ordered Snively to prepare the Roboticizer.[18]

Snively later awoke Dr. Robotnik in the middle of the night when Sonic was detected in Robotropolis. Upon Robotnik's orders, Snively sent Swat-Bots and the latest Mega Muck Units after Sonic. However, Sonic managed to escape with the aid of the dragon Dulcy. Afterward, Dr. Robotnik began to wonder where the dragons were coming from, as he thought he had roboticized them all. As such, upon Robotnik's orders, Snively used the Mind Probe on a roboticized dragon in order to learn the dragons' secrets. After reading the robotic dragons' mind, Robotnik learned that he could find more dragons at Dragon's Nest. Snively then prepared Robotnik's Command Ship for him. After Robotnik came back to Robotropolis with a Mother Dragon that he had caught, Snively helped Robotnik interrogate her. He also accompanied Robotnik when he escorted the Mother Dragon to the dragon Roboticizer. Along the way, Robotnik warned Snively that he should expect the Freedom Fighters to intervene. Snively thus ordered their backup forces to be prepared. However, Sonic and his friends saw through the villains' strategy. As such, they managed to turn the Mega Muck Units against Snively and Robotnik, and save the Mother Dragon.[19]

Snively later noticed Void activity in the Great Unknown. Counting on this being a sign that Naugus was finally successful in escaping from the Void, he suspected that Naugus would come after Robotnik. Snively subsequently warned Robotnik against the potential return of Naugus, and the doctor listened to him for once. Snively and Robotnik thus prepared Robotnik's Command Ship and flew to the Great Unknown. Encountering Sonic there, they managed to intercept him at a portal into the Void and force him into it. When Snively tried to close the portal however, he met resistance from Naugus. As such, Robotnik told him to wait and shoot anyone who tried to exit the portal. After some time, Sonic pulled the King out of the Void. However, the King turned out to be Naugus in disguise. Naugus then left Sonic to save his friends who were stuck in the Void while he dealt with the terrified Robotnik. Snively would subsequently laugh hysterically when Naugus began humiliated Robotnik. When Naugus then allowed the doctor to escape, Snively took Robotnik with him and flew away in the Command Ship.[1]

Snively having been overpowered by Sonic and Sally.

Eventually, Snively informed Dr. Robotnik that the Wolf Pack had damaged the test Doomsday Pod in the Great Unknown. Snively was thus sent out there by Robotnik to repair the Doomsday Pod and find the Wolf Pack. During repairs, Robotnik contacted Snively to hear when he was done with the repairs, to which Snively replied that he would be done soon. Before hanging up on Snively though, Robotnik reminded him to look for the Wolf Pack. After the Doomsday Pod was fixed, Snively used the heat sensors onboard Robotnik's hovercraft to look for the Wolf Pack. Shortly thereafter, he found Sonic, Sally, Antoine and the Wolf Pack fighting the Doomsday Pod. Soon after, Sonic created a whirlwind that swallowed up the Doomsday Pod and hurled it at Robotnik's hovercraft. Despite this, the Doomsday Pod was not destroyed and it soon took to the air again. Meanwhile, Snively re-launched Robotnik's hovercraft. As he searched for the Wolf Pack, Robotnik contacted Snively and told him to send him his recordings. After he saw them, he informed Snively that the wolves were masking the entrances to their hiding place in the canyon walls. Following Robotnik's directions, Snively eventually found a cave entrance and sent some Swat-Bots in there. Eventually, the Swat-Bots brought Sonic and Sally to Snively. As Snively gloated however, Sonic and Sally revealed that they had tricked him by neutralizing the Swat-Bots and tying him up. With Snively incapacitated, the duo stole the plans for the Doomsday Pods.[20]

Snively was later sent to Drood Henge by Dr. Robotnik to dig out three scrolls that revealed the Deep Power Stones' location, which Robotnik planned to use for the Doomsday Project. While working, Snively's forces found the first scroll. Soon after, he was brought Tails, whom the Swat-Bots had found trespassing on the excavation. Moments later, however, Sonic arrived and overpowered Snively, whom he forced to release Tails and make the Swat-Bots return to their stations. Sonic and Tails then took Snively to the excavation site's power station and asked him how to turn it off, but Snively told them it was too complicated to explain. Despite this, Tails managed to turn off the power station. Sonic and Tails then left Snively to complain about his life. He later contacted Robotnik, who noticed his dirty appearance. Snively explained to the doctor that he appearance was due to a scuffle with Sonic and Tails and that he had managed to restore the power station after the heroes turned it off. He also added that he had found the second scroll. After hearing this, Robotnik decided to come to Drood Henge personally. The next day, Snively welcomed Robotnik's upon his arrival and took part in the excavation of the first Deep Power Stone.[21]

Snively tormenting Antoine by preparing escargot the wrong way.

While inspecting one of Robotropolis' factories, Snively noticed the suspicious behavior of the roboticized Sir Charles. Later, he would send a Fuel Tanker convoy to the Doomsday Machine. When Sonic lured some of the guards around the convoy away, Snively contacted Robotnik and showed him what was happening. Upon seeing this, Robotnik told Snively to order the guards to return to the convoy since Sonic was clearly distracting them. After the Freedom Fighters fled after sabotaging the Fuel Tankers, Robotnik hung up on Snively. When Snively was later sitting around in Robotnik's headquarters, Robotnik came to him and put on a special mask on him. The doctor explained that this mask kept anyone from eavesdropping on them, as he suspected there was a spy in their midst, which would explain why the Freedom Fighters were predicting his every move. Snively and Robotnik later found a eavesdropping bug in the air ducts. Instead of destroying it like Snively suggested however, Robotnik only told him to damage it, because he counted on the spy appearing to replace it. While later at work, Snively found Antoine falling out of an air duct in front of him, which made Snively conclude that Antoine was the spy. Snively thus began to interrogate Antoine with torture in the form of poor preparation of French cuisine. However, he was interrupted by the appearance of Sonic, who rescued Antoine. Snively thus had to apologize to Robotnik for allowing Antoine to flee,. After a while, however, he introduced Robotnik to the real spy: Sir Charles. Snively and Robotnik thus began interrogating Charles, but they were interrupted by the appearance of Sonic. After Sonic saved Charles, he created a whirlwind that scattered Snively and the Swat-bots against the walls in the room, before escaping with Charles.[22]

Snively rising to power.

Snively later joined Robotnik at the Doomsday Machine and participated in the launch of the Doomsday Project, whose purpose was to destroy all life on the planet. When the Freedom Fighters attacked the Doomsday Machine, Snively informed Robotnik that Sonic and his team had gotten inside. He suggested eliminating them, but Robotnik wanted them to look around his machine for a bit. Later, Snively monitored Sonic and his friends in the Doomsday Pod factory for Robotnik. He then began to question Robotnik's plan, only to get reprimanded by Robotnik. Robotnik then told him to open the hole in the ceiling which he wanted to fly through in order to reach the main power generator. After doing as he was ordered, Snively sensed that it would end badly. Snively's intuition later turned out to be correct: When Robotnik tried to roboticize Sonic, the hedgehog overloaded the machine with three Power Rings and escaped from the Doomsday Machine. Later, after Sonic and Sally returned to the Doomsday Machine's generator, Snively informed Robotnik about the intruders. Upon seeing that Sonic and Sally had both Deep Power Stones, the doctor told him to send the Swat-Bots to catch the heroes and retrieve the stones. However, it was too late, as Sonic and Sally used the power of the Deep Power Stones to rampage through the Doomsday Machine. Eventually, Robotnik escaped in his Hovercraft, but he did not let Snively come with him. Left behind in the Doomsday Machine, Snively hid in an elevator, which took him underground. After the Doomsday Machine was destroyed and Dr. Robotnik had disappeared, Snively emerged in a new guise and decided to take control of his uncle's empire. He was not alone, however, because he was accompanied by Naugus, who had been freed from the Void.[23]


Snively is devious, mean, passive-aggressive, and hates Sonic, his friends and his uncle with a passion.[20] However, he is also a quiet and cowardly person. Living and working in constant fear of his merciless uncle's wrath, he often complains about his life.[20][21] Despite the fact that he is afraid of his uncle though, Snively will often talk trash about him behind his back. However, whenever Robotnik seems to hear Snively's insults, he distorts his words and tries to act as an obedient assistant.[17][21]

Like Robotnik, in the event of a failure, Snively can get angry like a child and throw tantrums.[20] Like his uncle, Snively also wants power for himself and would like to take control of Robotnik's empire. As such, he plotted to overthrow Robotnik and take control of his empire, waiting just for the right moment to step in and take action.[23] He also considers his strategies and plans to be much better than Robotnik's, and looks down on the way Robotnik tends to toy with his enemies instead of outright eliminating them.

Powers and abilities

Like Dr. Robotnik, Snively possesses a brilliant intellect, as well as the ability to build and operate machines. Although the vast majority of robots seen are designed by Robotnik, Snively is often the one piloting or steering them from behind the wheels in different vehicles or controls. He also knows the ins and outs of Robotropolis' systems. Like Robotnik, Snively also knows how to strategize and use others to his advantage,[17] although he is less tactically competent than his uncle.[20]




In other media

Archie Comics

Main articles: Julian Snively and Snively Robotnik

Snively in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Snively, birth name Colin Kintobor Jr., was the devious and treacherous nephew of the despot Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Having a difficult upbringing since his birth due to a father with no parenting skills, Snively joined his uncle in the Kingdom of Acorn and helped him overthrow King Maximillian Acorn. Snively's hopes of being treated as an equal were dashed however, as he was reduced to Robotnik's lackey following the coup, and he plotted to overthrow his uncle and seize his empire. He eventually succeeded in killing his uncle, only for Dr. Eggman to take over, but the Freedom Fighters and his own self-preserving nature kept him from any chance for power and cost him several allies. After building a relationship with Regina Ferrum, Snively made one last attempt to take over the Eggman Empire, but failed and was imprisoned by Eggman.

After the Super Genesis Wave rewrote reality, Snively became a shady scientist at Guardian Units of the Nation under the name of Dr. Julian Snively.

Troll Associates

In the Sonic the Hedgehog Troll Associates novels, Snively is a cowardice little henchman in service to Dr. Robotnik in the fight against the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Production background and future plans

According to screenwriter Ben Hurst, Snively and his uncle Julian were space travelers who came from Earth. Snively and Julian themselves belonged to a space expedition from around the year 2200. They tried to take control of a space colony, but their technology got out of control and destroyed everything. Snively and Julian barely escaped the colony with their lives. While traveling through space however, they moved thousands of years forward in time due to the time dilations effects of space travel. After returning to Earth, they noticed that humans had gone extinct due to a nuclear holocaust and in their place, anthropomorphic animals had appeared and evolved into intelligent organisms, who had changed the name of Earth to Mobius. Because they considered themselves better than anthropomorphic animals, they decided to take over.[24]

In the planned third season of the series, Snively would have tried to rule Robotropolis, but fail. He would then try to free Naugus to get his help, and in the process, free Robotnik and the king by mistake. Reduced once again, not only to a lackey but to an insignificant nobody, Snively would rebel against Naugus and Robotnik, joining Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, only to later betray them and be stopped by Antoine.


  • On the sonicthecomic Yahoo mailing list, Nigel Kitching revealed that originally Snively was going to be Robotnik's assistant in Sonic the Comic, as he thought that he was required to use the character (as the television cartoon was debuting); when Kitching discovered he didn't have to (and, indeed, was not allowed to because Fleetway did not have rights to the character), he created Grimer instead. The script for "Girl Trouble, Part 1" (from Sonic the Comic #21, Grimer's first appearance) has all his lines attributed to Snively. Unlike Snively, Grimer is not personally ambitious, but actually aspires to being Robotnik's servant.[25]

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