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Snively is a major antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a human and the nephew of Dr. Robotnik. Following the end of the Great War, Snively assisted his uncle in overthrowing the king and taking over Mobotropolis. Serving as Robotnik's foremost lackey over the next ten years, Snively slowly grew ever resentful of his abusive uncle and secretly plotted to seize his empire.


After the end of the Great War, Snively plotted against the king with his uncle Julian in a plot to seize the throne and assisted him in taking over Mobotropolis. While Snively was under the impression that he would rule the planet alongside his uncle, he was soon reduced to a lackey and servant by Julian shortly before Julian's takeover of Mobius.

In an alternate timeline created when Sonic and Sally travel back to the past to prevent Julian's coup, but failed, Sonic rushed past Snively and caused him to lose most of his hair due to the suction from his speed, leaving only a few strands. This left Snively with personal reasons for loathing the hedgehog.

After his uncle's successful takeover, Snively served over the next ten years as the underling and assistant to Julian, now having renamed himself Robotnik. While he was just as active in planning and machine-building as his uncle, Snively was constantly ridiculed by Robotnik, being abused both physically and psychologically, leaving him in a miserable existence. Because of all the abuse he endured from his uncle, Snively came to despise Robotnik and began to secretly plan against him to seize his empire for his own.

During the Doomsday Project, Snively tried to correct Robotnik into vanquishing Sonic, but was denied. When Sonic and Sally used the Deep Power Stones to demolish the Doomsday Machine, the destruction forced Robotnik and Snively to escape. When Robotnik refused to let Snively into his escape hovercraft, he instead escaped into an elevator. Later, Snively arose from the wreckage, glad that his uncle was finally defeated, before moving to take his place and battle the Freedom Fighters himself, with the help of Naugus.


Snively is devious and passive-aggressive, but also a quiet and cowardly person, living and working in constant fear of his merciless uncle. Because of Robotnik's treatment of him, Snively resents his uncle with a passion, gladly talking about him behind his back, and would love for nothing more than to overthrow him and seize power for himself.

Powers and abilities

Snively possesses a level of intellect that easily rivals that of Dr. Robotnik, especially in the fields of robotics-engineering and programming, though he is less tactically competent.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main articles: Doctor Snively and Snively Robotnik

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Snively, birth name Colin Kintobor Jr., was the devious and treacherous nephew of the despot Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Having a difficult upbringing since his birth due to a father with no parenting skills, Snively joined his uncle in the Kingdom of Acorn and helped him overthrow King Maximillian Acorn. Snively's hopes of being treated as an equal were dashed however, as he was reduced to Robotnik's lackey following the coup, and he plotted to overthrow his uncle and seize his empire. He eventually succeeded in killing his uncle, only for Dr. Eggman to take over, but the Freedom Fighters and his own self-preserving nature kept him from any chance for power and cost him several allies. After building a relationship with Regina Ferrum, Snively made one last attempt to take over the Eggman Empire, but failed and was imprisoned by Eggman.

After the Super Genesis Wave rewrote reality, Snively became a shady scientist at Guardian Units of the Nation under the name of Dr. Julian Snively.

Production background and future plans

In the planned third season of the series, Snively would have tried to rule Robotropolis, but fail. He would then try to free Naugus to get his help, and in the process, free Robotnik and the king by mistake. Reduced once again, not only to a lackey but to an insignificant nobody, Snively would rebel against Naugus and Robotnik, joining Sonic and the Freedom Fighters.


  • On the sonicthecomic Yahoo mailing list, Nigel Kitching revealed that originally Snively was going to be Robotnik's assistant in Sonic the Comic, as he thought that he was required to use the character (as the television cartoon was debuting); when Kitching discovered he didn't have to (and, indeed, was not allowed to because Fleetway did not have rights to the character), he created Grimer instead. The script for "Girl Trouble, Part 1" (from Sonic the Comic #21, Grimer's first appearance) has all his lines attributed to Snively. Unlike Snively, Grimer is not personally ambitious, but actually aspires to being Robotnik's servant.[1]


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