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The Snake Probe[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a mass-produced, snake-based robot designed by Dr. Robotnik to burrow for oil reserves.


Snake Probes are large robotic snakes that extend from a drilling platform. They have dark blue bodies with triangular green markings across them. Their heads, whose foreheads are both thick and large, are a lighter shade of blue and their jaws are yellow.


While burrowing for oil reserves on behalf of Dr. Robotnik, a Snake Probe ended up burrowing deep enough underground to disturb the Kraken. Multiple Snake Probes soon after attacked the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Kraken underground, but were destroyed when Sonic the Hedgehog hit their emergency destruct button on the drilling platform they were connected to.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Snake Probes are capable of burrowing in order to search for underground oil reserves. Their mouths are also equipped with laser cannons to assist them with burrowing.[1]


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