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The Smogsucker 2000[1] is an object that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Secret Admirer. It is a smog-less grilling machine made by Rotor.



The Smogsucker 2000 is a gray dome-shaped portable grilling machine with a lid. Attached to the lid are black tubes encased in red coils, which are connected to a storage canister with yellow labels on it.

Features and abilities

The Smogsucker 2000 can grill food without creating smog.[1]


Rotor Walrus designed and showcased the Smogsucker 2000 to his fellow Knothole Freedom Fighters. The device impressed Sonic, who ate the food provided. Sonic, Tails, and Sally then took the Smogsucker 2000 so they could find a proper place to grill.[1]

When it was discovered that it was Dr. Robotnik who had set up a fake "Secret Admirer" trap for the Freedom Fighters, Sonic removed the Smogsucker 2000's lid and used its smog to defeat the doctor.[1]


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