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Smithy is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing.


Smithy is a large, brown-furred, antropomorphic lion with brown-red eyes, a black nose, rounded ears and white fur on his chin. He has a large, dark brown mane with the lower part hold by a black beard tie. He has light brown fur on his chest and muzzle and long tail with a black tie near the painbrush-shaped side of her tail.

Smithy wears an outfit that matches that of the other Diamond Cutters: a black cloak, black arm sleeves and gloves with light gray palms, and light gray boots with dark gray toes and soles. For missions, he would wear a cream cat-like ornate mask, wich leaves his muzzle exposed, with gray markings on its ears and the right side. The mask features three holes on the left side set in a triangular pattern and a dark gray and pink eye on the right side.




Powers and abilities

Smithy was a genius who crafted the Diamond Cutters' masks, Wispons, an other gear. He aslo created the Variable Wispon.

Smithy apparently had high physical strength, as he was able to use a pink, Wispon-based gatling gun, wich shoots energy spikes at a highly fast rate.





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