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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Smithy was a genius. Designed our masks, our Wispons, everything. Masks let us communicate. Coordinate. He wanted us to act as one.

Whisper the Wolf, Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #3

Smithy the Lion[3][4] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He was an anthropomorphic lion and was both the crafter and the unofficial leader of the Diamond Cutters. He was betrayed by their infiltrator Mimic and killed by Shadow Androids.


Smithy was a large, brown-furred, anthropomorphic lion with bright brown eyes, a black nose, rounded ears and white hair on his light brown muzzle. He had a large, dark brown mane with the lower part of it held by a black beard tie. He had light brown fur on his chest and long tail with a black hair tie near the paintbrush-shaped side of his tail tuft.[3]

Smithy wore an outfit that matched that of the other Diamond Cutters: a black cloak, black arm sleeves and gloves with light gray palms, and light gray boots with dark gray toes and soles. For missions, he would wear a cream cat-like ornate mask, which left his muzzle exposed, with gray markings on its ears and the mask's right side. The mask features three holes on the left side set in a triangular pattern and a dark gray and pink "eye" on the right side.[3]



Smithy used to be the de-facto leader the Diamond Cutters, an elite anti-Eggman mercenary team. His Wisp companion was a Pink Wisp. As Smithy was also the crafter, he created all of the team's gear that they used on various missions, including some of their Wispons. With the masks he made, he wanted the team to act as one. He later created the Variable Wispon which he hoped that each member of the team would use one day so that they could all use the powers of each of their Wisps.[3][1]

During one mission at an Eggman base, Smithy, along with Slinger the Ocelot and Claire Voyance, pretended to be captured by Mimic, who had shapeshifted into an Egg Pawn. After they managed to fool the guarding Egg Pawn there, Claire sensed a formation of Badniks on the far end of the base and two more on the inside that were recharging. This prompted Smithy to shoot down several Egg Pawns that stood in their way. He soon followed Mimic out of the facility after he created an exit with his Cube Wispon.[3]

Later, at the onset of the Eggman War, Mimic secretly betrayed the Diamond Cutters and aligned himself with Dr. Eggman. He brought a plan before the Diamond Cutters to take down an Eggman base that cause a blackout among his forces along the coastline. At the Eggman base that the team decided to take down, the Diamond Cutters found no opposition. Claire tried to use her powers but could not sense anything, deducing that Eggman must have been emitting alpha waves somewhere to block her. After Smithy sent Mimic to scout for an ambush, he, Slinger and Claire pressed onward to find large capsules where Claire believed the source of the alpha waves was coming from. In the capsules, the trio discovered Shadow Androids. Suddenly, the room was automatically locked and trapped them inside. Ordering his companions to fire at will, Smithy attacked the activated Shadow Androids with all his might using his Spike Wispon, but was soon killed in battle.[3]


Smithy was a quite cheerful person who believed in justice and personally opposed everything Dr. Eggman stood for. Though Smithy was usually serious during missions, he sometimes found the fun in them. Smithy was quite caring for his team as he wished that they would always be able together as one.[3]

Powers and abilities

Smithy was an engineering genius who crafted all of the Diamond Cutters' gear, including the experimental Variable Wispon that could use the powers of multiple types of Wisps. In addition, he was a calculating person and took bold steps in leading his team. Smithy apparently had a great amount of physical strength, as he was able to carry and use a heavy Spike Wispon.[3]

Smithy was also a trained soldier and thus, had experience fighting in war-like situations.[1]

Weapons and equipment

Smithy used a mask during missions which would grant him communication with his teammates over large distances. The mask also had a built-in camera and was networked, so that all teammates could watch the footage as means of reviewing mission performance and studying each others' perspectives. It also had a built-in translator that let him understand the Wisps' language.[3]

Smithy used a Spike Wispon, which was powered by his Pink Wisp companion. Smithy would use its offensive functions during missions.[3]


Diamond Cutters

Smithy's Pink Wisp




  • Smithy resembles Vulcan Raven from the Metal Gear Solid video game, being the largest member of his team armed with a Gatling gun-like weapon. This is further alluded to in Smithy's trading card, which describes his cloak as being "raven-black."
    • Furthering the connection, the lion is the sacred animal to the Roman god Vulcan, who is incidentally the god of fire and the forge. This reflects Smithy's role as the Diamond Cutter's weapon-smith.


Model sheets

Trading Cards


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