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The small bomb[1] is an obstacle that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a small explosive device from the Black Arms which were used for their invasion of Central City.


Mission icon - Small bomb.png

The small bombs are purple, organic-looking machines surrounded in a yellow aura. They resemble a thick four-pointed star with long metal feet. They are seemingly manufactured by the Black Arms.


Small bombs appear in Lethal Highway and Central City. In gameplay, they can destroyed with the Homing Attack or sucked up with the Vacuum Pod; otherwise, they are invulnerable to harm. They play a vital role in Central City where the Black Arms have set them up as a plan to destroy the important areas in the city and weaken GUN. In the Hero mission for this Stage, the player has to collect twenty small bombs (without making them explode) within the time limit to complete the mission. In Lethal Highway they are used to destroy the sections of the road to help the Black Arms escape on their tank.


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