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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Slowwww Going

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Slowwww Going".

[The episode begins at the house of Rocket the Sloth. Inside the house, Rocket's Dad is hanging from a tree branch by his right arm and holding a paper in his left hand. Rocket's Sister is hanging from a tree branch by her right arm, Rocket's Mom is hanging from a tree branch by her right arm and holding a ladle in her left hand, and Rocket himself is hanging from a tree branch by his right arm. All four sloths are covered with cobwebs. Dr. Robotnik floats above their house in his Egg-O-Matic hovercraft, with two mini pods near it. Scratch is in the left one, and Grounder is in the right. He looks down at Rocket's house through the monitor in the control panel. Scratch and Grounder are also both wearing helmets.]

Dr. Robotnik: Those slowpoke sloths are the perfect bait for my Sonic trap! Now, jump down there and use my careful and scientific plan to dismantle, distruct, and destroy!
Scratch: Whoa-ho! You first, Grounder!
Grounder: You're older! You go first!
Robotnik: How about if both you microchips for brains go at the same time?

[Robotnik turns the Egg-O-Matic upside down, causing Scratch and Grounder to fall out of it, screaming.]

Grounder: Do you think maybe we should have opened our parachutes by now?
Scratch: I think maybe we should have remembered to wear them!

[Scratch and Grounder crash through Rocket's house.]

Scratch: Yipe!
Grounder: Oof!

[Scratch and Grounder land with a crash in Rocket's front yard. Grounder's head is even springing out of his body. Robotnik looks down at them.]

Scratch: We trashed Sloths' Manor, your nastiness!
Grounder: Yeah! Can we go home now?
Robotnik: D'oh! This is embarrassing!

[As Robotnik talks, he pulls a lever with his right hand. This lever opens a trap door at the bottom of the Egg-O-Matic, which sends down a wire with a giant magnet.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Mobius' greatest genius, reduced to a junk collector!

[The magnet grabs Scratch and Grounder.]

Scratch: [screams]

[The wire pulls the magnet with Scratch and Grounder up, and the trap door closes on Scratch's body.]

Scratch: Ow! [yells]

[Rocket watches from inside his house as Robotnik flies away. He then walks away, then slides down a zipline, holding onto the handle with his left hand. When he reaches the other end, he lets go and drops down. He opens a door on a tree with his right hand and pulls on a handle with the same hand repeatedly.]

Rocket: Save... us... Sonic!

[The handle causes a hammer to hit a rope repeatedly. The wave on the rope quickly travels across the telephone lines to signal Sonic. The screen then transitions to a view outside Dr. Robotnik's fortress.]

Grounder [heard offscreen]: Trashing that sloth place was fun, Dr. Robotnik! Can we do it again?

[Inside Robotnik's fortress, as Robotnik is talking to Grounder, he puts his head back onto his body with both his hands. He then puts Grounder's right arm back on his body with his right hand, then Grounder's left arm back on his body with his left hand.]

Robotnik: That was just to get Sonic's attention! Now, you go back to Sloth City, with my latest brilliant invention!

[Scratch is now standing next to a laser cannon.]

Scratch: What? This old stove pipe?

[Scratch picks up the laser cannon with both his hands and spins it. It eventually hits him on the head.]

Scratch: [yells]
Robotnik: That "stove pipe" is a subatomic slow-go beam weapon!

[Scratch continues spinning the Slow-Go Beam on his right hand, then tosses it into the air. It lands on the floor.]

Scratch: Oooh!

[Robotnik walks up to Scratch and picks him up by his comb with his right hand.]

Scratch: [yells]
Robotnik: It drastically coattails molecular motion!

[Robotnik throws Scratch down.]

Scratch: Ow-how-how-how!

[Scratch picks up the Slow-Go Beam with both his hands and puts it on over his head. He walks around foolishly with it obscuring his view.]

Scratch: Hey! It works! It's already "ker-tailed" my motion!

[Scratch walks into a pile of boxes, knocking them over. He also appears to have knocked down a machine as well, breaking it to pieces. Scratch then aimlessly wanders into an electric field, which shocks him.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! Whoa-ho-ho! Whoa-ho! Oooh! Ow-how-how!

[Scratch falls back, then gets back up. He continues aimlessly wandering across Robotnik's fortress, bumping into a pillar, then bumping into a machine, then tripping over another machine.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho!

[Scratch continues wandering aimlessly, until he bumps into Dr. Robotnik.]

Scratch: Oh-ho-ho!

[Robotnik grabs the Slow-Go Beam with his right hand. He then yells into it.]

Robotnik: It's not for you, you metal mess-up! It's for Sonic! It's the ultimate weapon for catching that meddling, high-speed hedgehog!

[Robotnik pulls the Slow-Go Beam off Scratch's head.]

Scratch: Ow-how-how!
Grounder: Uh, how's it work, Dr. Robotnik?

[Robotnik points with his left index finger, and walks away, carrying the Slow-Go Beam in his right hand.]

Robotnik: It shoots a slow-motion beam that'll slow him, to sloth motion! [cackles]

[Robotnik reaches behind his back with his left hand and pulls out a crystal.]

Robotnik: It's powered by this Mobian Mega Crystal, that took me nine years to make!

[As Robotnik talks to Scratch and Grounder, he opens the compartment on the Slow-Go Beam with his left hand and puts the crystal inside.]

Robotnik: Now, remember; just shoot the slow-motion beam at Sonic! It'll slow him down for exactly one hour, plenty of time for you to capture him!
Scratch: Then we squish him and squash him into a tiny little Sonic lint ball?
Robotnik: No! Then you call me to pick him up! Is that clear?

[Robotnik tosses the Slow-Go Beam at Scratch and Grounder, who immediately argue over it.]

Scratch: Okay!
Grounder: Oh! No, let me do it!
Scratch: Give me it!
Grounder: No! Dr. Robotnik!
Robotnik: Break it up or you're both fired!
Grounder: Both fired?
Screatch: Yes sir, your supremeness! Bwahaha!

[Scratch and Grounder zap Robotnik with the Slow-Go Beam.]

Robotnik [in a low, slow voice]: Come back in exactly one hour, so I can dismantle you!

[In the next scene, Rocket and his family are all waiting outside their house, each hanging from a piece of it by their right arm. Rocket is now hanging by his left arm and holding a checkered flag in his right.]

Rocket: Sonic promised he'd... be... here... fast!

[Sonic runs past some boulders, then past Rocket's House.]

Rocket: Here... we... are... Sonic! Stop!

[Sonic runs back to Rocket's house and stops when he reaches it. Tails flies above him.]

Sonic: Your S.O.S. didn't tell me the half of it! You really got Robotnik'ed!

[Mr. Sloth is hanging by his right arm and holding a dustpan in his left hand. Mrs. Sloth is hanging by her right arm and holding a broom in her right hand, and Rocket's Sister is hanging by her right arm and holding a feather duster in her right hand. A single feather falls from the feather duster.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Looks like your whole family's in shock!
Rocket: No. They're... this... way... all... the... time.

[Sonic pulls out a tape measurer, which he is holding in his left hand.]

Sonic: Let's figure out how to fix this place. Take some notes, would you, Tails?

[Sonic pulls out a notebook and a pencil, which he is holding in his right hand. He hands them to Tails, who is now holding them in both his hands. Sonic runs around Rocket's house.]

Sonic: Revise, reenforce.

[As Sonic is talking, Tails is holding the notebook in his left hand and the pencil in his right, as he writes down what Sonic is saying.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Two main braces, four standing joints, three crossbits.

[Sonic is now measuring various parts of Rocket's house, as well as himself.]

Sonic: Twenty-four hundred board feet divided by four sloths, one warpin' hedgehog....

[Sonic jumps down and measures Tails as the latter continues writing the notes.]

Sonic: And one two-tailed hero in training!

[Tails finishes writing the notes.]

Tails Right!
Sonic: Now, let's see. Should take about... ten minutes, tops! Now, let's check the notes.

[Sonic takes the notebook from Tails with his right hand, only to find out Tails had unintentionally written a bunch of scribbles in it.]

Tails: I'm only four and a half years old! I don't know how to write yet.
Rocket: I'm... older.
Tails: Really? What's your name?
Rocket: Rocket!

[Tails flies up to Rocket and shakes his left hand with his right hand.]

Tails: Hi, Rocket.
Rocket: I'm... the... fastest... sloth... on... Mobius! Wanna... see?
Tails: Hey!

[Rocket lets go of the tree branch, falling from it, and since Tails is holding on to him, he pulls him down as well. They land on the ground below.]

Rocket: See? Now... that's.... fast!
Sonic: No time for hanging out, gang! Let's get fixin'! I'll saw, you haul!

[Tails runs away. Sonic runs up to a log and spins through it, making several planks of wood. Tails runs up to the planks of wood and tosses them aside.]

Tails: It's an assembly line! Let's rock and roll, Rocket!

[Rocket catches the planks of wood in both his arms.]

Rocket: I'm... rocketing!

[The pile of wood planks causes Rocket to fall over.]

Rocket: Whoa!
Sonic: This isn't working.

[Sonic runs up to two planks of wood and a short log, forming a seesaw from them, with one plank of wood on one end. Sonic jumps on the other end, launching the wood plank into the air. He then runs up to a tree branch and catches the wood plank in both his hands.

Sonic: Now somebody send me up another board!

[Tails picks up Rocket by his right arm with his left hand.]

Tails: Look, Rocket! You can do what Sonic did! Use your head!
Rocket: O...kay!

[Tails lets go of Rocket, and he falls onto one end of the seesaw, landing on his head. Stars spin around his head.]

Rocket: Yeow!
Tails: I didn't mean use your head for real!
Sonic: Nice try, Rocket!

[Sonic jumps onto the other end of the seesaw, launching Rocket into the air.]

Rocket: Whoa!

[Rocket lands in a tree branch.]

Rocket: Wanna... see... it... again?

[Sonic jumps onto the tree branch below, holding a gong in his left hand and a mallet in his right. He sets the gong on the tree branch and hands the mallet to Rocket, who is now holding it in his right hand.]

Sonic: That's okay! You stay here and be lookout. Just sound the gong if you see anything!

[Sonic runs away.]

Rocket: Okay!

[Rocket is about to hit the gong, but Sonic runs up to him and stops him.]

Sonic: If you see trouble!

[Sonic runs away, then runs around the fence to Rocket's house, rebuilding it. When he stops, he hears what sounds like whistling as he hammers in some nails with a hammer he is holding in his right hand. Tails picks up a plank of wood with both his hands.]

Sonic: Hey, hear that song? Sounds like the Sloth family finally got moving!

[Inside Rocket's house, that whistling is revealed to be snoring, as Rocket's Parents and Sister are all sleeping in their beds.]

Sonic: Not!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Scratch and Grounder are walking towards Rocket's house. Scratch is holding the Slow-Go beam in his right hand.]

Scratch: Dr. Robotnik's gonna recycle you when that Slow-Mo Ray wears off!
Grounder: Not if I catch Sonic first!

[The sound of Sonic running can be heard in the distance.]

Scratch: What's that noise?
Grounder: Us arguing.

[A sattelite appears from Grounder's antenna and spins. Grounder gasps.]

Grounder: Hedgehog ahead!

[As Grounder's satellite disappears, Scratch slams Grounder's head with his left hand. Grounder then scratches his head with his left drill.]

Scratch: Dr. Robotnik was right! Sonic came to help the Sloths!

[Scratch prepares to aim at Sonic with the Slow-Go Beam.]

Scratch: Let's get him!

[Grounder taps Scratch's left elbow with his right drill.]

Grounder: Give me that!
Scratch: My turn! You zapped Dr. Robotnik!
Grounder: I did?

[Scratch and Grounder walk forward and see Rocket's house in the distance. Grounder scratches his head with his left drill. Rocket sees them in the distance.]

Rocket: Uh...oh! Trou...ble!

[Rocket hits the gong with the hammer he is holding in his right hand three times. Grounder now has his eyes extended like binoculars and is holding the Slow-Go Beam in his right arm.]

Scratch: Hold still, lugnut! We'll practice on that little sloth in the tree!

[Scratch takes the Slow-Go Beam from Grounder with his right hand and fires it. Before Rocket can hit the gong again, the Slow-Go Beam zaps the gong.]

Rocket: Whoa!
Scratch: D'oh! Missed!

[Sonic jumps up to Rocket.]

Sonic: Nice gongin', Rocket! What's the trouble? Duck!

[Sonic and Rocket duck just as the Slow-Go Beam fires at them. It misses them, and they jump off the tree branch. Inside Rocket's house, Tails is holding a hammer in his right hand, and is using it to hammer in a nail. The Slow-Go Beam fires past him. He turns around to see the beam.]

Tails: What was that?

[Sonic, who is now carrying Rocket in his right arm, runs up to Rocket's Parents, and sets Rocket down on a tree branch, which Rocket is now hanging from by his right arm.]

Sonic: We're under badnik attack!
Rocket: Let... me... at... em'!

[Rocket lets go of the tree branch and falls from it just as the beam fires at it.]

Sonic: Stay foot, Rocket. I gotta fortify!

[Sonic runs around Rocket's house, building a steel wall. He then lands outside the window to Rocket's house.]

Sonic: I could tell you guys, "Don't move, I'll take care.", but why waste my breath?

[Inside Rocket's House, Rocket's Parents and Sister are all hanging from tree branches by their right arms.]

Sonic: Tails, you take care of the sloths, while I get rid of the badniks!

[Outside Rocket's house, Scratch is riding Grounder, holding the Slow-Go Beam in his right hand, and hitting Grounder with his left hand.]

Scratch: Faster, you bucket of bolts!

[As Scratch talks to Grounder, Grounder rolls into a boulder. He then turns around it.]

Scratch: Hard left! Right!
Grounder: Right!
Scratch: Uh, left! U-turn! No, hey! Oh! There's the hedgehog!

[Scratch tries to zap Sonic, who runs past the waterfall. He misses Sonic and hits the waterfall instead, causing the water to fall slowly from it. Sonic runs up to the waterfall and stares at it in shock.]

Sonic: Did I see what I saw or what?

[In the next scene, Scratch is now carrying Grounder on his back with both his arms, and Grounder is holding the Slow-Go Beam in his right arm.]

Grounder: Aw, stop complaining! It's my turn to be on top!
Scratch: Well, at least turn off your treads!

[Sonic runs up a mountain filled with boulders.]

Sonic: Gotta see if that zapper does what I think!

[Sonic stops at the top of the mountain.]

Sonic: Give it your best shot, and try aiming this time!

[Grounder zaps the boulders with the Slow-Go Beam, causing them to fall slowly. Sonic looks up at them.]

Sonic: Yep! That's zapper slow-mo stuff.

[In the next scene, Scratch and Grounder are both fighting over the Slow-Go Beam.]

Scratch: You missed again, you miserable meat grinder!

[Scratch lets go of the Slow-Go Beam, which Grounder prepares to aim at Sonic.]

Grounder: How could I slow him down if he won't slow down so I can zap him?

[Robotnik is now floating above Scratch and Grounder in his Egg-O-Matic, and is holding a megaphone in his right hand, which he yells into.]

Robotnik: Can't you rotten robots do anything right!
Scratch: Whoo! Guess that means the hour's up and his slow-mo ray wore off.

[Grounder looks up.]

Grounder: He's probably not mad anymore.
Robotnik: Want to bet?

[Scratch and Grounder now fight over the Slow-Go Beam.]

Scratch: Quick! We better zap Sonic! Hey!
Grounder: Hey, no, let me!
Scratch: Give me!

[Scratch and Grounder both hit the Slow-Go Beam with their heads at the same time, causing it to fire at Robotnik.]

Scratch and Grounder: Uh-oh!

[The beam zaps Robotnik and he screams]

Robotnik [in a low, slow voice]: You're robo-junk! See you in an hour!

[Robotnik flies away. Grounder, who is now holding the Slow-Go Beam in his right hand, fires it, and the force of the zap pushes him and Scratch back.]

Scratch and Grounder: Oh!

[Sonic runs back down the mountain and to Rocket's house.]

Sonic: That Slow-Mo Zapper really works!

[Grounder tries to Zap Sonic, but Sonic dodges every time.]

Sonic: Gotta make sure the Sloths are safe, then I gotta stop em'!

[Sonic runs up to Rocket's house, and Rocket looks out the window.]

Rocket: Can... we... come... out... now, Sonic?

[Sonic is standing at the bottom of Rocket's house, with Tails flying next to him.]

Sonic: Not till I've scratched Grounder and grounded Scratch! Come on, Tails!

[Sonic runs away, with Tails following him. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Grounder watches as Scratch inflates a schoolhouse.]

Grounder: I don't get it. How do we catch Sonic with an inflatable schoolhouse?

[Scratch carries the schoolhouse with both his hands and sets it down.]

Scratch: Oh, Grounder, it's so simple!

[Scratch inflates a bunch of children with the pump. The children are all holding hands, resembling a paper doll. All the boys are bald and wearing red pants with yellow buttons (not unlike those of Mickey Mouse), and all the girls have blonde hair and wearing pink dresses. Scratch grabs the inflatable children with his right hand and carries them to the inflatable schoolhouse. He then carries a sign that says, SLOW SCHOOL ZONE in his right hand and a hammer in his left. He sets the sign down and hammers it into the ground.]

Scratch: Sonic slows down for the fake school zone, then we zap him!

[Sonic runs up to the fake school zone, with Tails flying behind him. He screeches to a halt when he sees the fake school zone.]

Sonic: Whoa! Sub-sonic speed! School zone ahead!

[As Sonic stops, the sound of school children playing can be heard.]

Sonic: I smell a bot plot!
Tails: Want me to get the tails out of you?
Sonic: I got a better way to check it out!

[Sonic runs up to the fake school zone, then in the next scene, he is dressed as a school crossing guard, holding a sign in his right hand, and an arm of the inflatable school children in his left. As he walks across the fake school zone, Scratch and Grounder are hiding behind it, with Grounder holding the Slow-Go beam in his right hand.]

Scratch: Do you see Sonic yet?
Grounder: Nah, just a dumb school crossing guard.
Scratch: Let me see!

[Scratch grabs Grounder's head with both his hands and pulls it off. He then peers out from behind the fake school zone.]

Scratch: You rustbucket! That's no crossing guard! That's Sonic! Get him!

[Grounder zaps the Slow-Go Beam. Scratch pulls on it, causing it to aim out of control.]

Sonic: Tornado drill, kids!

[As Grounder talks to Sonic, he puts his head back on his body with his left arm.]

Grounder: Tornado? What tornado?
Sonic: A Sonic tornado!

[Sonic runs up to Scratch and Grounder and spins around them, creating a tornado. Scratch and Grounder scream, then when the tornado is formed, Sonic grabs the bottom with his right hand and tosses it, causing Scratch and Grounder to land underground. Scratch and Grounder wearily poke their heads out, then in the next scene, Grounder is hanging from a tree in a sloth costume, which is nailed to the tree by its limbs.]

Grounder: What am I doing in here?

[Scratch is hiding in the hollow tree, holding the Slow-Go Beam in his left hand.]

Scratch: Simple. Sonic can't resist a sloth in distress!

[Sonic runs up to the tree, with Tails flying behind him.]

Scratch: Here he comes! Act like you're in trouble!
Grounder: Act? What's my motivation?
Scratch: This!

[Scratch hits Grounder with the Slow-Go Beam.]

Grounder: Ouch! Oh! Ow! Hey, you bent my capacitator!

[Scratch hits Grounder with the Slow-Go Beam again.]

Grounder: Ouch! Oh! Ow! Oooh, hurts! Oh, pain!

[Sonic stops near the tree.]

Sonic: What's the matter, big guy? Did your arm fall asleep before the rest of you?

[Tails flies up to the top of the tree and sees Grounder in the sloth costume.]

Tails: Sonic! It's a trap!

[Scratch aims the Slow-Go Beam at Sonic.]

Sonic: Get back, I'll...

[Scratch zaps Sonic with the Slow-Go Beam.]

Sonic: [screams] [in a low voice] Save! You... go... warn... sloths!

[Tails flies away. Grounder is now holding a hammer in his right hand, which he uses to pry the nails holding the limbs of the sloth costume off the branch. He lands near Scratch, and they both grab Sonic.]

Scratch and Grounder: Gotcha! We captured Sonic! [gasp] We won!

[Scratch and Grounder laugh evilly.]

Sonic [in a low, slow voice]: Oh, no! I'm done for!

[The screen fades to black.The next scene takes place in a cave behind the waterfall, which is now flowing fast again. Sonic is imprisoned in a cage as Scratch pulls Grounder's robocom phone out of his chest compartment with his right hand.]

Scratch: Bwahaha! We got Sonic catatonic, your nastiness!

[Grounder pulls his head off his body with both his hands and holds it up to the phone.]

Grounder: And we slowed him down, too!

[Robotnik grumbles unintelligibly over the phone, which now has a mouth on it.]

Grounder: What did he say?

[Grounder puts his head back on his body just as Scratch puts his robocom phone back in his chest compartment with his right hand and closes the chest compartment with his left hand.]

Scratch: I'll... be... there... soon... to... finish... off... the... hedgehog!

[Scratch and Grounder laugh evilly as Sonic sits miserably in the cage. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Tails is pacing on a tree branch of Rocket's house.]

Tails: We've gotta help Sonic!

[Rocket is hanging onto the same branch, and he follows Tails.]

Rocket: Ready... when... you... are!
Tails: No offense, Rocket, but we gotta rescue him at this lifetime!
Rocket: You... can... do... it, just... use... your... head!

[Rocket lets go of the tree branch.]

Rocket: Whoa!

[Rocket falls and lands on the ground, leaving a Rocket-shaped hole in it.]

Rocket: Yeow!

[Tails flies down to the hole. He picks Rocket up from it with both his hands and sets him down on a tree branch, which Rocket is now hanging from with his right hand.]

Tails: You could use your own advice, Rocket. You stay, and keep the family from doing anything hasty. I'm going after Sonic!

[Tails flies away. In the next scene, Scratch and Grounder are roasting hot dogs. Scratch, who is holding his stick in his right hand, holds the hot dog directly outside Sonic's cage.]

Sonic [in a low voice]: Gotta... get... moving!

[Sonic tries running, but he only does it in place so slowly, that thunderous footsteps can be heard.]

Scratch: Hey, jailhog! Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! Run over here and get your lunch!

[Sonic walks over to the hot dog, which Scratch pulls away before he can get it.]

Scratch: What's the matter? Is the food too "fast" for you? Bwahahaha!

[Scratch pulls the hot dog off the stick with his left hand and takes a bite out of it.]

Grounder: Ha ha ha! Maybe the slowpoke's on a diet! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[Sonic lips his licks miserably. Scratch is now holding a cake with seven candles on top in both his hands.]

Scratch: Why don't we just skip to dessert? Hey, whoo hoo hoo! Catch this!

[Scratch opens the door to Sonic's cage with his left hand and tosses the cake at Sonic, which lands on his head.]

Scratch [heard offscreen]: Bwahaha!

[Scratch and Grounder laugh evilly.]

Scratch: Most fun I've had in years!

[Grounder briefly turns his left drill into an oil can and dances.]

Grounder: Heh heh! Yeah. What you gonna do with your share of the reward?

[Unknown to Scratch and Grounder, Tails grabs the Slow-Go Beam with his right hand.]

Scratch: Hire Dr. Robotnik to build a replacement for you!
Tails [heard offscreen]: Let Sonic go,

[Scratch and Grounder stare in shock.]

Grounder: Huh?
Scratch: Oh-ho-ho-ho!

[Tails is now aiming the Slow-Go beam at Scratch and Grounder.]

Tails: Or I'll slow-mo you!

[Scratch and Grounder look at each other. Grounder turns his right drill into a hand, waves it, and extends it just far enough to knock the Slow-Go Beam out of Tails' hands. He does just that, and Tails gasps. The Slow-Go Beam hits the ground, and the Mobian Mega Crytsal falls out of it. When it lands, it splits in half. Grounder gasps.]

Grounder: The crystal broke!

[Scratch walks up to the Slow-Go Beam and the shattered crystal. He picks up the former with his right hand and the latter with his left hand.]

Scratch: So? I'll just... put it back in and slow-mo the brat!

[Scratch puts the shattered crystal back in the Slow-Go Beam. He then runs up to Tails and aims the Slow-Go Beam at him.]

Scratch: You're gonna join your pokey friend in that cage!

[Tails gasps. Sonic sees this, and pulls on Scratch's tail feathers with both his hands.]

Sonic: Ugh! Ugh!
Scratch: Yeow-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

[Scratch lets go of the Slow-Go Beam, which bounces off Tails' head, and cover his tail feathers with both his hands.]

Sonic [in a low voice]: Tails! Save... yourself!

[Tails picks up the Slow-Go Beam with both his hands and flies away with it.]

Sonic [heard offscreen in a low voice]: Go!

[Tails flies out the hole in the ceiling. He then lands outside Rocket's house. Rocket is now hanging from the porch by both his arms.]

Tails: I just gotta go back, and this time, I won't let them trick me! I'll slow-mo them both, and save Sonic!
Rocket: I'll... go... too!
Tails: You can't, Rocket. You're just too slow!
Rocket: No... I'm... not. Watch!

[Rocket lets go of the porch and falls, landing on the Slow-Go Beam and causing it to fire a ray from it.]

Rocket: Yeow!
Tails: [yells]

[The beam bounces off some boulders and zaps Rocket, who suddenly starts running around his house really fast.]

Rocket: Wow! I'm faster than ever!

[Tails picks up the Slow-Go beam with both his hands.]

Tails: The Slow-Mo is a Fast-Mo! It must have happened when the crystal broke!

[Rocket lands near Tails.]

Rocket: Too bad. Now we won't be able to slow down the badniks or free Sonic!
Tails: It's even better! Now we can get a whole gang and outspeed em'!

[Tails zaps Rocket's Parents and Sister with the Slow-Go Beam, making them all faster. They all let go of Rocket's house and drop down.]

Rocket [heard offscreen]: What are we waiting for? Let's boogie!

[Rocket and his family run up to a plank of wood, and run off carrying it, grunting.]

Tails: I never thought I'd say this. Hey, wait for me!

[Tails flies after the Sloth Family. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Scratch and Grounder are playing a card game. Scratch takes another card from the stack with his right hand when a bounce can be heard in the distance.]

Scratch and Grounder: Huh? What's that?

[Scratch walks up to the top of the waterfall, and Grounder takes another card from the stack with his right hand. He then sets his cards down. Grounder rolls up to Scratch, who watches from the top of the waterfall.]

Rocket: Incoming sloths!

[Rocket, who is curled up into a ball, flies past Scratch and Grounder.]

Scratch: Hey-hey! Watch it!
Grounder: Hey! Watch it!

[Mr. Sloth bounces on the plank of wood, which he is using as a diving board. He jumps off it, then Mrs. Sloth and Rocket's Sister both jump off it. They go into the cave, and they and Rocket bounce around Scratch and Grounder, who are screaming and trying to catch them.]

Scratch: Get em'!

[A Sloth bounces off Scratch.]

Scratch: Ow-hoo-hoo!

[Grounder now has his drills turned into baseball gloves, which he tries and fails to catch the Sloth with.]

Grounder: I... oh, I can't! They're too fast!

[The Sloths spin Grounder around, then one bounces off him.]

Grounder: Ugh!

[Grounder turns his left glove back into his left drill, and turns his right glove into a tennis racket.]

Grounder: I always wondered what this thing was for!

[Grounder hits the Sloths with his tennis racket, launching them back out of the cave.]

Grounder: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

[The Sloth Family flies out of the cave and land near Tails, who is carrying the Slow-Go Beam in both his hands.]

Rocket: We'll work fast and keep em' busy while you save Sonic!

[Rocket runs back to the cave, and his Parents and Sister follow behind him. Tails flies after them. Grounder continues hitting the Sloths with his tennis racket.]

Grounder: Ugh! Ugh!

[Tails lands outside Sonic's cage.]

Tails: I gotta zap Sonic back to his old self!

[Tails aims the Slow-Go Beam at Sonic and zaps him with it, turning him back to his old speedy self.]

Sonic: Wow! Way to go, bro!

[Sonic spins and breaks the bars on his cage. Grounder hits a Sloth with his tennis racket one last time.]

Grounder: Ugh!
Scratch: Nice backhand!
Grounder: Thanks. What's the score?
Scratch: We got four! They got zip! We're winning! Bwahaha!
Sonic [heard offscreen]: Game's just starting, guys!
Scratch: Whoa-ho!

[Scratch and Grounder turn around and see Sonic, who is standing atop a rock, tapping his left foot.]

Grounder: Hey! How'd you get out?
Scratch: Relax, Grounder. No slowpoke hedgehog's gonna bother us!
Sonic: Slowpoke? Up, over, and streakin'!

[Sonic jumps into the air and runs around Scratch and Grounder.]

Scratch and Grounder: Hey, watch out!
Scratch: What's he doing?

[Sonic runs away.]

Grounder: Where'd he go?

[Sonic runs top of Grounder. He then spins on him.]

Grounder: Whoa! Hey, get off of me!

[Sonic runs in place on Grounder, spinning him around.]

Sonic: Gotta get my exercise!
Grounder: Whoa-o-o-o-oa!
Sonic: Let's show Scratch your great forehand!

[Grounder hits Scratch with his tennis racket.]

Sonic and Scratch: Whoa!

[The force of Grounder's hit launches Scratch out of the cave.]

Scratch: Ooh-hoo-hoo-hey! Yeow-how-how-how!

[Scratch bounces off the diving board and continues flying.]

Scratch: Ow! Aaaah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

[Back at the cave, Sonic is still running on Grounder, who has turned his tennis racket back into his right drill.]

Grounder: [yells]

[Sonic runs off Grounder, whose head is now spinning counter-clockwise.]

Grounder: Oooh, the world is spinning. Oooh, I never been so dizzy, oh!

[Sonic runs away. He comes back, holding part of a slingshot. He puts it behind Grounder, and it launches him out of the cave.]

Grounder: Ugh! Whoa!

[Grounder bounces toward Scratch.]

Grounder: Ouch! Oh! Whoa!

[Scratch gets up, with stars spinning around his head.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho-ho!

[Grounder continues bouncing towards Scratch.]

Grounder: Ouch! Oh! Ugh!

[Grounder crashes into Scratch, and his head falls off.]

Grounder: Ugh! Ugh ugh!

[Stars spin around Scratch, who is now under Grounder's decapitated body. Sonic watches from inside the cave, and Rocket runs up to him. Sonic shakes his right hand with his right hand.]

Rocket: Fast work, Sonic! Couldn't have done it quicker myself!
Sonic: Thanks, Rocket! Couldn't have happened it without you and Tails.

[Tails walks up to Sonic, carrying the Slow-Go Beam in his right hand.]

Tails: Hey, Sonic, what do we do with this?
Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Hey, you little double-tailed troublemaker!

[Sonic, Tails and Rocket all stare in shock, then look at Robotnik, who is floating above them in his Egg-O-Matic.]

Robotnik: What are you doing with my priceless invention? Give it back!
Sonic: You heard the man, Tails! Let him have it!

[Tails aims at Robotnik, who holds his arms out like stop signs, then flinches.]

Robotnik: No! Don't shoot! You'll make me slow again!
Tails: Wanna bet?

[Tails zaps Robotnik.]

Robotnik [in a high-pitched voice]: Aaaagh! Yeow!

[Robotnik flies away really fast. Sonic is now holding the Slow-Go Beam in his right hand and pulls the shattered crystal out with his left hand.]

Sonic: Gotta make sure this doesn't fall into Robotnik's hands again!

[Sonic tosses the Slow-Go Beam aside and the shattered crystal into the river. Tails and Rocket cheer.]

Tails: Whoo! Let's go!
Rocket: Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo!

[Meanwhile, Robotnik is still flying around in his Egg-O-Matic really fast.]

Robotnik [in a fast, high-pitched voice]: Stop! I can't take this for an hour! I get speed-sick! I'll get Sonic for this! Hey, where did that mountaintop come from? No, stop! [screams]

[Robotnik crashes into the mountain.]

Robotnik [in a high-pitched voice]: Ow! Oh! I... hate... that... hedgehog!

[The screen begins to iris out, but just before it can finish, Sonic runs up to it, winks with his left eye, and holds up two fingers in his left hand. The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Near Rocket's house, Tails is unknowingly standing in a patch of quicksand. Sonic is standing next to him. The Sloth Family walks past really slowly, indicating the effects of the Slow-Go Beam have worn off.]

Tails: Sonic, they're so slow!
Sonic [to the viewers]: Everyone has something special to offer.

[Rocket is now standing next to Tails and points to him with his left arm.]

Rocket: You are... standing... in... quicksand!

[Tails begins to sink.]

Tails: Quicksand? Yikes!
Rocket [heard offscreen]: Don't panic! Move... slowly... and you'll be okay!

[Tails moves slowly out of the quicksand.]

Tails: Phew!

[Sonic points to Tails with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Even you can learn something from a sloth!