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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Slowwww Going

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"Slowwww Going" is the fourth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the fourth episode, it aired as the seventeenth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic's Disguises

  • School crossing guard


Dr. Robotnik flies to the Sloth's home planning to use them as bait to lead Sonic into a trap. He damages their house with Scratch and Grounder. Rocket the Sloth sees Robotnik escape and sends a Morse code message to Sonic for help. Back at Robotnik's fortress, the evil Doctor shows Scratch and Grounder his Subatomic Slow Go Beam Weapon which can shoot a slow motion beam that will put Sonic into sloth motion. However, his mind is still accelerated (when Sonic pulls on Scratch's tail feathers, Jaleel's grunts for Sonic were recorded at normal speed). Sadly, it doesn't last long; the effects wear off in one hour.

Sonic and Tails arrive at the Sloth's home and repair the damage caused by Dr. Robotnik. Rocket sits in a tree with a gong, on the look out for danger. Scratch and Grounder come and begin firing slow rays. Sonic figures out what the ray does. Robotnik shows up and Scratch and Grounder accidentally zap him again. Robotnik leaves for an hour. Scratch and Grounder set a trap for Sonic, by having Scratch hide in a tree while Grounder hangs from a branch disguised as a distressed Sloth. Sonic stops to help the sloth, allowing Scratch time to zap him with the slowness ray, slowing down his molecules and his voice. Sonic slowly tells Tails to go warn the sloths. Scratch and Grounder capture Sonic and take him to a cave where they put him in a cage and call Robotnik to tell him their good news.

Back at the Sloth's home, realizing Rocket can't help him, Tails goes to save Sonic himself.

Back in the cave as Scratch and Grounder taunt Sonic, Tails steals the slow ray and threatens to shoot Scratch and Grounder. Grounder knocks it out of his hands, breaking the crystal that it runs on. Tails takes the slow ray and retreats to the Sloth home.

Back at the Sloth's home, Rocket uses the slow ray to make him and his family super fast. Tails and the four speedy sloths rush off to save Sonic. The Sloths roll into balls like Sonic, they bounce around and hit Scratch and Grounder. Tails zaps Sonic with the ray and he is back to his fast self. Sonic quickly takes care of Scratch and Grounder. Robotnik comes and Tails zaps him with the ray making his Egg-O-Matic go super fast. Speeding beyond control, Robotnik crashes into a mountain.

Sonic Says

Tails complains to Sonic about the Sloths being so slow. Rocket points out that Tails is in quicksand. Tails panics, but Rocket tells him to move slowly and he'll be able to get out okay. Sonic explains that everyone has something special to offer, even sloths.

Tails: "Sonic, they're so slow!"

Sonic: (talking to the kids) "Everyone has something special to offer."

Rocket: (talking slowly) "You're standing in quicksand."

Tails: "Quicksand!? Yikes!" (starts to panic and struggle)

Rocket: (still talking slowly) "Don't panic, move slowly and you'll be okay."

Sonic: (talking to Tails) "Even you can learn something from a sloth."


  • When Sonic is measuring Tails, his arms turn blue.
  • When Sonic pulls on Scratch's tail feathers to get him to fall over, his mental grunts are at normal speed.
  • In the Sonic Says segment of this episode, when Sonic says to Tails "Even you can learn something from a sloth", his mouth does not move.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Usporeni Sonic Slow Sonic
French Ralenti Sonic Slow Down Sonic
German Die Schnarchbärenfalle The snore bear trap
Italian Rallentando s'impara Slowing down you learn
Japanese 遅いソニックちゃん Slow Sonic
Spanish (Mexico) Cámara Lenta Slow motion
Portuguese (Brazil) Marcha Lenta Slow march
Spanish (Spain) Despacio, despacio Slow slow
Portuguese (Portugal) Devagar, Devagarinho Slowly, Slowly


  • The alternate name of this episode is "Sonic Slows Down".
  • When recording for this episode, Jaleel White's lines for Sonic and John Baldry's lines for Robotnik were recorded at normal speed and slowed down in post-production. Only White's lines were lowered in pitch however, while only the speed of Baldry's lines was slowed.
  • Tails says he is four and a half years old in this episode. He also says he does not know how to write.
  • Sonic wears a different crossing guard disguise in "Subterranean Sonic".