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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
Slowpoke Isle

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Slowpoke Isle (スローポーク・アイル Surōpōku Airu?) is the fifth area of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.[1] As implied by its name, it is a river-filed and lush isle which houses villages for anthropomorphic turtles, including Old Tucker.

During Team Sonic, Lyric and Dr. Eggman's hunt for the Chaos Crystals, the parties raced each other through Slowpoke Isle to find the Verdant Crystal. In the end, Team Sonic got the Crystal first and took out Metal Sonic.


Slowpoke Isle is located in an archipelago of mountainous and closely packed islands. The islands are like soft hills with lush grass and large-crowned trees growing on top. Around Slowpole Isle and its islands lie buildings from the Ancients that form a city over the sea. This city is made of pale rock and is adorned with golden rims and roofs. It include towers, dome-shaped and castle-structured buildings, colossal walls, a network of suspended roads and aqueduct-like bridges. Despite being a thousand years old, the city is in remarkably good condition, having only cracked walls a few collapsed roads.

Slowpole Isle consists of pillar-like and soft mountains with long grass, flowers and large-crowned trees. Weaving through it are passages and river-filled gorges and canals with calm waters, and small waterfalls. Amidst the isle lies two sections of turtle villages with large wooden gates as entrances. These villages are tribal, with hut-like houses (some of which stand on stilts above water) that have vegetation growing on them. Other structures include towers with large horns and windmills. The first village section has cable railways with turtle-shaped carts, while the second is a burning ruin due to Metal Sonic. Outside the villages lies a large wooden tower called "Octagon Tower" which resembles the village huts and contains a large bell.

The last part of Slowpoke Isle is a dark and murky cave flooded with water. Large stalactites hang from the roof, and vegetation like moss, a few leaves and glowing fungus grow there. Deep inside lies a complex from the Ancients which contain the Verdant Crystal.


A thousand years ago, the Ancients hid the Verdant Crystal on Slowpoke Isle so that Lyric could not find it.

Arriving at Slowpoke Isle with Lyric and Dr. Eggman hot on their heels to claim their Radiant Crystal, Team Sonic played keep away with the Crystal to occupy the villains. Eventually, the team escaped them when Eggman accidentally flew into Lyric.

While Team Sonic continued their search, Lyric got fed up with Eggman's failures and decided to dissolve their "partnership." Eggman agreed and summoned Metal Sonic to finish Lyric. However, Lyric took control of Metal Sonic using his suit, and had the robot blast Eggman away. Lyric then upgraded Metal Sonic and sent him on a rampage through the villages. When Team Sonic found the Verdant Crystal, Metal Sonic took it, having followed the heroes there. However, Team Sonic pursued Metal Sonic and defeated him, allowing them to retake the Verdant Crystal.


In Slowpoke Isle, the player travels through the river chasms, through the turtle villages and into a cave. Like other areas in the game, Slowpoke Isle includes speed level sections, where the player runs down a long path with speed-enhancing gimmicks while avoiding hazardous obstacles, and as well slower-paced areas for exploration and combat. One speed level section also include metallic blue balls that the player can use to briefly stunt pursuers by knocking the balls away with an attack. The level also features the standard puzzles that the player must solve with the Enerbeam mechanic and Buttons. Unique to itself, the level has a "Simon Says" button puzzle near the end.

Slowpoke Isle contains gimmicks for all four playable characters' specific actions. These include Spin Ramps and Air Targets for Sonic, Climbable Walls and Ceilings for Knuckles, Balance Beams and Beam Swings for Amy and Tails Vents for Tails. Besides bottomless waters, hazardous obstacles in Slowpoke Isle include floating mines in the water skimming sections that explode upon contact, rotating windmill sails which will slice the player when touched, and fires in the destroyed turtle village that deal damage upon touch. Also, should the player have not completed Old Tucker's side-quest in Cliff's Excavation Site, red hedges with purple thorns also appear, which damage both the player and enemies when touched.


In Slowpoke Isle, the player's objective is to collect the Verdant Crystal. At the beginning, the player goes through a speed level section. After that, the player enters a similar section where they switch between Sonic and Tails who run through the river chasms, and Knuckles and Amy who run on the roads. When reaching the end of the pairs' routes, the player will automatically take control of the other pair. During these sections, the player must also dodge attacks from Eggman and Lyric. On the roads, the player can use the metallic blue balls against Eggman and Lyric by hitting them. Complete two runs with each pair to complete this speed section.

After the speed level sections, the player reaches the first turtle village where some enemies must be destroyed to unlock the gate blocking the path. From here, the player enters the village where the walkthrough differs depending on Old Tucker's side-quest in Cliff's Excavation Site: if the side-quest is not cleared at this point, the player must get through a maze of red hedges and destroy enemies to unlock the gate out of the village. If the side-quest has been cleared though, the player must complete a puzzle where three cable carts high above the village must be moved into the middle tower. This will activate the Button that unlocks the gate out of the village.

Outside the gate, the player boards a boat. Here, the player must use the Enerbeam to move the boat a little towards the next path and then clear out an incoming wave of enemies. After this pattern is repeated three times, the player reaches the path leading through a destroyed village to Octagon Tower. Scale this tower to reach a wall that hides a cave behind it. Smash through the wall to enter the cave and destroy the enemies standing on the stalactites to open another path. At the end of this path, the player must ring a bell using the Enerbeam and then hit three nearby switches in the same sequence they flash in. This opens a door that player must enter to complete the level and reach the Metal Sonic boss fight.


Metal Sonic

The boss of Slowpoke Isle is Metal Sonic, Sonic's robot duplicate. He can be fought directly after reaching the end of Slowpoke Isle. For this boss battle, the player controls all of Team Sonic.

When fighting, Metal Sonic will attack with lasers, powerful charges and floating orbs. To defeat Metal Sonic, the player must keep knocking the orbs on the course back into Metal Sonic until he is defeated.


This level has the following total of collectable items:


  • Slowpoke Isle is the only level in the game whose layout can be changed depending on whether the player completes a side-quest or not.
  • At the beginning of Slowpoke Isle, several copies of Hayward and Foreman Fred can be seen and heard from on a scaffold above the path.
  • Even if the player clears Old Tucker's side-quest and removes the thorns and enemies in the first village section of Slowpoke Isle, Treasure Minions which release weapons upon defeat can still be encountered inside the village, though their weapons are rendered mute due to the absence of foes.
  • SonicBoomUnusedAceBall.png
    There is an unused ball, loaded in the main area of Slowpoke Isle, with a texture of the words "Replace Me" on it. It's exactly purpose is unknown.


Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A Richard Jacques 4:00
N/A (Battle) Richard Jacques 4:00
N/A (Chase) Richard Jacques 2:58
N/A (Cave) Richard Jacques 2:24
N/A (Cave/Battle) Richard Jacques 2:24


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