Not to be confused with Slow-Down Shoes.

The Slow-Down Boots (スピードダウンブーツ Supīdo Daun Būtsu?, lit. "Speed Down Boots") are objects that appear in Sonic Labyrinth. They are a pair of boots created by Dr. Robotnik that look like Sonic's Power Sneakers, but with the ability to take away Sonic's trademark speed.


The Slow-Down Boots served to take away Sonic's greatest weapon - his speed. While wearing the boots, Sonic is drained of his speed and ability to jump by making his feet too heavy for these feats. However, his Spin Dash move is unaffected.[1]


Frustrated at his constant defeats by Sonic, Dr. Robotnik made the Slow-Down Boosts solely from the power of the Chaos Emeralds, as nothing else surpassed that power, to strip Sonic of his speed. Additionally, only the power of the Chaos Emeralds could remove these boots. Robotnik then had one of his machines place the Slow-Down Boosts on Sonic while he was asleep, allowing Robotnik to easily imprison Sonic while he began his conquest of South Island.[1] Even while wearing these Slow-Down Boots however, Sonic managed to beat Robotnik with the use of his unaffected Spin Dash move.


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