Quotation1 Stay in a teammate's trail to charge a speed boost Quotation2
— Hint box, Team Sonic Racing

The Slingshot is a move that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is a technique that allows car racers to travel at higher speeds by following a teammate's trail.


Slipstream gameplay

Rouge leaving a trail for Shadow to initiate the Slingshot on.

The Slingshot is a maneuver that certain racing cars can pull off. When performing the Slingshot, a car racers follows the tire tracks of a teammate. By staying on the trail, the car racer's car will build up a speed boost which will come into effect when the user leaves their teammate's trail.

In gameplay, the Slingshot can be used by the player to give themselves a boost of speed with the aid of a teammate. In order to perform the Slingshot, the player must first drive onto and follow the visible tire tracks of a teammate that drives slightly ahead of the player. These tire tracks can only be perceived by those who are on the same team, and will have a set length before fading away. Noticeably, when a playable character attempts to use the Slingshot maneuver, the tire tracks the character is on will change from white to yellow. If the player can stay on their teammate's trail for a few seconds, they will automatically built up a boost. This boost will then be activated when the player leaves their teammate's trail.

In addition to increasing speed, pulling off the Slingshot will charge both the player's Ultimate Meter and their teammates'.

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