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For the move in Team Sonic Racing, see Slingshot (move).

The Slingshot, also referred to as the Enerbeam Express, is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. It is a device that is used in conjunction with the Enerbeam to transport the player between areas.


In its default state, the Slingshot is a round gray platform with a ramp on the front and four reddish-brown feet. On top of it is a reddish-brown dome with a gray frame and a pair of purple caps. When in use, the Slingshot folds out into a V-shaped frame and the users can latch their Enerbeams onto each upright, forming an actual slingshot with the user as the projectile.


In gameplay, the Slingshot folds out when approached, allowing the playable character to latch onto it with their Enerbeams by pressing WiiDSA. The player then has to pull back and release the Enerbeam on the Nintendo 3DS's touchscreen, which the playable characters mimic in gameplay. The characters are then flung to another, otherwise inaccessible, area.

Slingshot World Map

The Slingshot on a World Map.

In the adventure levels of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, the Slingshots are used to move between the playable foreground and background sections of said levels. The Slingshots also appear on the World Maps where they are used to travel between the six areas in the game.


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