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Slimy from Sonic the Comic #88. Art by Roberto Corona and colouring by Steve White.

Slimy is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is the cousin of Grimer in Sonic the Comic. He heavily resembles Grimer, as they both have green skin, although Slimy also has a whiskery chin while Grimer does not. Also like Grimer, Slimy is an inventor, and he dreams of taking Grimer's place as Doctor Robotnik's chief scientist. He works out of a laboratory in the woods. 


Longing to prove himself to Doctor Robotnik as a brilliant inventor, Slimy developed a shrinking ray called the Reducing Ray and a powerful robot named the Hulko-Droid. Aiming to test his weapons, he shrunk Tails to the size of an ant, and then unleashed the Hulko-Droid on some local villagers. However, the tiny Tails was able to get through a gap in the robot's armour and pull apart its wiring from the inside, destroying it. When Tails emerged, the effects of the shrinking ray began to wear off. Slimy set the ray to full power and fired again, only for Tails to dodge out of the way. The beam reflected off the Hulko-Droid's shiny armour and rebounded on Slimy, who continued to shrink even smaller than an atom.[1]


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