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Slime is a liquid obstacle that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. Touching this substance causes various, though mostly negative, effects on the player.


Slime is a thick, gooey, and oozing, yet runny substance that falls down from the ceiling in large amounts, forming puddles in over a meter in diameter. It can be speculated that Slime requires dark and moist environments to be produced, given the areas where they can be found. It comes in three types, depending on its color.


Slime can usually be found in some Missions with tunnels or narrow passages. When making physical contact with a puddle of slime it creates certain effect, which is determined by the slime's type. However, a puddle of slime can be destroyed without causing any effects at all when hit with the player's sword.

Types of Slime

Purple Slime

Purple Slime

Purple slime is the most common form of slime and is found in places such as Deep Woods, Titanic Plain and Knight's Passage. As its name implies, it is colored purple. It is a toxic substance that, when making contact with the playable character, poisons him/her and causes the player to lose up to five Rings over the course of the next couple of seconds. The more puddles of purple slime the playable character makes contact with, however, the more Rings will the player lose for the next few seconds.

Green Slime

Green slime, as its name implies, is a green-colored slime and is found in places such as Deep Woods. Unlike the purple slime, the green slime is an acid substance that causes acid damage to the playable character when making contact with it, though the player does not lose any Rings.

Golden Slime

Golden Slime.

Golden Slime is an extremely rare type of slime that is colored golden yellow and is said to bring good luck when stepped on.

Unlike other types of slime, the golden slime does not have a permanent location, but instead has a small chance of randomly appearing in the place of other types of slime. Also, unlike other types of slime, it does not inflict an status effect on the playable character when touching it, but instead unlocks Achievement 10 in Vault 7 in the game's Gallery, which specifies that the player has encountered the golden slime.


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