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Slide Turn is a move that appears in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It is a racing maneuver exclusively for users of Wheel type Extreme Gear where the user makes a sharp turn at high speed.


When performing Slide Turn, the user jumps while leaning towards the side they want to turn on their Extreme Gear, causing it to tilt and make a sharp sliding turn along the ground while still moving at high speed. After making the turn, the user will then shoot forward in the direction they are facing. In gameplay, this is a useful maneuver for making it through sharp turns on the racing tracks without using Gravity Control. It also partially overcomes the Wheel type Extreme Gears' inability to use the aforementioned move to the same extent as other Extreme Gears.

In gameplay, Slide Turn can only be used by those playable characters using a Wheel type Extreme Gear, either one by default or achieved through the Wheel Gear Part, or by SCR-GP. To perform Slide Turn in gameplay, the player must press the following button while steering to adjust their direction:

PS2 Wii (remote) - sideways Wii (remote) - forward Wii (Nintendo GameCube Controller)
PSXButton.png Snnwii2buttondisco.png WiiDSA.png A Button GameCube v2.png

After the player releases the button, the playable character will then shoot forward in the direction they are facing. The player must hold the button long enough to be shot forward at high speeds. If the character bumps into a wall as they are performing the Slide Turn, the move is canceled.


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