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Sonic Boom
Sleeping Giant (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Sleeping Giant."

[Scene: Seaside Island canyon, day.]

[Tails is shown flying his plane over the canyons, diving down deeper and gliding through. Knuckles flies up alongside him.]
Knuckles: Dude, whatup?
Tails: How can you be flying?
Knuckles: Heh, I'm Sonic powered! [The camera moves towards the ground, revealing that Knuckles is tied to a parachute, and the other end of its rope is tied to Sonic. As Sonic is running, he is pulling Knuckles along with him, like a kite.]
Sonic: Let's go for a big boy ride! [He begins to speed up.]
Knuckles: Yeah! [He hits the cliff wall, and bounces off it. As Sonic runs in zigzag patterns, Knuckles hits each side of the cliff and bounces off.]
Knuckles: This is fun! [hits the cliff again] And only mildly damaging to my kidneys!
Sonic: Use your head on this one!
[Sonic runs past a rock, but Knuckles hits his head on it, and the recoil pulls Sonic backward. He lands right beside Knuckles.]
Sonic: You know, in retrospect that may have been bad advice.
Knuckles: I don't know where "retrospect" is, but it was bad advice here, too.
[There's a sound of rocks falling. As Sonic and Knuckles look up in amazement, they see a giant creature made of rocks standing up. The monster is holding its head and moaning, then it yawns and looks down at them.]
Sonic: Huh, maybe it's a friendly gargantuan rock monster.
[The rock monster roars right in their faces. It blows them both back, leaving Sonic facedown on the ground.]
Sonic: [lifts his head up] Nope; he's playing into the stereotype.
[Sonic stands up and dodges being crushed by the monster's rock hand. He runs around the monster's feet, and the monster tries to stomp on him, to no avail.]
Tails: Here I come! [The monster swats his plane away.] There I go.
[Sonic continues running in a circle around the monster, who again tries to squash him. Knuckles is running toward them.]
Knuckles: Keep him busy, Sonic; I'll give you a hand with his feet with my head.
[Knuckles leaps over and attempts to headbutt the monster, but that doesn't do anything except make Knuckles dizzy. As he aimlessly walks around, the monster walks away.]
Knuckles: [dazedly] Yes, Grandma, I will have another Gingersnap.

[Scene Change: Countryside, day.]

[The monster walks into the green plains, with Sonic still beside him. The monster kicks a massive boulder high into the sky and is heading right towards Fastidious Beaver, who is pulling a lemon cart in the village. Sonic sprints after it, and he safely gets Fastidious Beaver out of the way; the boulder crushes the cart, squirting squeezed lemon juice everywhere. Some of it even lands in a barrel.]
Sonic: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Fastidious Beaver: But I already had the lemons.
[Knuckles walks up, still holding his head.]
Sticks: [offscreen] Sonic! Knuckles! What's goin' on? [Sticks runs up to the scene, with Amy right beside her, and they screech to a stop.]
Sonic: A giant rock monster is laying waste to the countryside.
Amy: You mean, "a Granifer Giganticus is laying waste to the countryside".
Sonic: Yeah, thanks for clearing that up.
[The Granifer Giganticus moans, then picks a tree up out of the ground, and throws it at Team Sonic. It lands on the ground right side up, and more lemons fall out of it, all over Fastidious Beaver.]
Fastidious Beaver: As previously noted: I already had the lemons.
[Tails' plane falls from the sky and crashes down right in front of Sonic, Knuckles, Sticks, and Amy. The engine is smoking, and Tails sighs with relief. But then, it falls to pieces and stops smoking.]
Tails: Don't worry; it's still covered by the manufacturer's warranty!
Sonic: But you're the manufacturer.
Tails: I knew I shouldn't have given myself a receipt!
Amy: Guys? Rock monster?
[The camera moves to the Granifer Giganticus, who is now walking towards them.]
Sonic: Oh right. What do you know about that thing, Amy?
Amy: Granifer Giganticus is a proud race of mountain dwellers from the time of the Ancients. No one has seen one in hundreds of years.
Knuckles: That's not true; I just saw one.
[The Granifer Giganticus sits down on top of a hut, but it gets crushed underneath its weight.]
Tails: He's ignoring the "You break it, you bought it" sign. He really is a monster!

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Eggman is watching the event unfold on his monitor screen.]
Dr. Eggman: Egad! There's a pitiless monster spreading destruction and horror across the land!
Cubot: Sounds like your kind of people.
Dr. Eggman: Oh, I'm a huge fan of his work. I must make him my minion; he could destroy entire cities! [He looks at the viewer] And clean my rain gutters; they're hard to reach. [He turns to Orbot and Cubot and stands up.] Cubot, Orbot, go capture him!
Orbot: Why us? There's no way we could catch that behemoth.
Dr. Eggman: Well, not with a negative attitude like that. Now get moving! [He starts walking in place like a military soldier, while Orbot and Cubot float away] Left, right, left, right!
Orbot: He always says "left, right", yet we have no legs. That's hurtful.

[Scene Change: Hedgehog Village, day.]

[The Granifer Giganticus is still sitting down.]
Amy: So, so horrible; they were supposed to reupholster my loveseat.
Tails: Hey, he's doing what my neighbor's Uncle Tannous does when he has the insomnia; he can never get comfortable, so he's always fluffing his pillow.
[The Granifer Giganticus groans as he knocks on a neighboring building's roof.]
Tails: Like that! My neighbor's Uncle Tannous's next move would be to get up and get a drink of water.
[The Granifer Giganticus stands up and walks over to a well. He picks the well itself up off the ground, and the water squirts up into his mouth.]
Tails: Like that!
[The Granifer Giganticus yawns, and ducks fly out of his mouth.]
Tails: But my neighbor's Uncle Tannous doesn't yawn ducks.
[The Granifer Giganticus begins to walk out of the village, yawning and stretching his arms as he goes.]
Sonic: Hey, he isn't rampaging. You know what he's doing?
Sticks: Ravaging? Devastating? Marauding? Obliterating? Flinging or scattering to the wings? [She pulls out a book] Found a thesaurus in a cranberry bog.
Sonic: He's trying to get comfortable. He can't sleep.
Sticks: [Looks in the thesarus] Slumber, repose, forty winks... [She finds a cranberry] Ooh, a cranberry! [She tosses it into her mouth.]
Sonic: We've gotta help him get back to sleep.

[Scene Change: Canyon, day.]

[Sonic, Tails, Amy, Sticks, and Knuckles are following the Granifer Giganticus through the canyons. He soon reaches a massive boulder and sits down on it, and Sonic and his friends stop.]
Sonic: I'm no giant-rock-monsterologist, but our guy looks overtired.
Amy: Nothing brings on sleep like a dose of melody sung by a sweet songbird.
[A songbird flies up and begins chirping sweetly, but Amy does not look pleased.]
Amy: Not you! Me!
[The bird screeches and flies away.]
Amy: [Clears her throat, and then begins singing] ♪ Hush, little Granifer Giganticus, don't say a word; Amy's gonna buy you a mockingbird! ♪
[The Granifer Giganticus holds its ears and roars painfully. It then gets up and runs away.]
Amy: [Stops singing] He's made out of rock! What does he know?
[Sticks clears her throat and tries herself. She begins singing a very horrid version of "Rock-a-bye Baby"; it's so horrid, that Amy, Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic all cover their ears painfully.]
Knuckles: That's not a lullaby; that's what happens when I drop bagpipes into a woodchipper.
Sonic: Yeah, but it's working! He's falling asleep!
[The Granifer Giganticus is laying down in the middle of the canyon path; Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Sticks, and Amy run up a nearby rock cliff, and on the other side, they see villagers with carts of produce stuck.]
Knuckles: That road is the delivery route for all the deli products that come into the village. If the monster sleeps for a thousand years, how are we gonna get potato salad?!
Sonic: You know what, giant rock monsters are a pain in the butt. Sticks, keep singing--or, whatever it is you're doing.
[Sticks jumps onto Sonic's back and begins caterwauling again; Sonic runs off, carrying her with him, and the Granifer Giganticus stands up and follows them. Amy, Tails, and Knuckles follow them as well.]
Amy [irritated] Worst parade ever.
[Sonic runs to a clearing away from the deli route, and the Granifer Giganticus moans, leans against the cliff wall, and sits down. Sticks gets off Sonic's back and stops singing.]
Sonic: It's working! Sleep, my large, rocky friend, and dream of larger, gravely girl monsters.
[Eggman arrives seconds later in the Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Release the Bee Bots!
[Orbot is wearing a hat and scarf.]
Orbot: After you've returned your seat and tray table to the upright position.
[Eggman groans, and Orbot presses a button on a screen.]
[Bee Bots swarm out from the Eggmobile by the dozens, and they fire red sphere attacks at the Granifer Giganticus; they levitate around him and generate a ball-shaped net made from red energy. Eggman chuckles, but the Granifer Giganticus snarls, and he breaks free of the net with little effort.]
Dr. Eggman: Hey, that was a very expensive honeycomb cage! If you and I are going to subjugate the world for a thousand generations, I need to see a better attitude from you.
Sonic: Give it up, Egg-Stain; we're not letting you capture Rocky.
[Sonic launches himself at the Bee Bots in a Spin Dash, Knuckles grabs a large stick and swats at the Bee Bots, and Amy smacks them with her hammer.]
Sonic: Hey, Bee Bots, follow me!
[The Bee Bots all chase after Sonic, and he runs round and round up a peak; once he reaches the top, he catapults himself up towards Eggman, but he misses. However, the Bee Bots can't stop in time, and they crash into Eggman, sending him flipping backwards.]
Orbot: Might be time to turn on the "fasten seat-belt" sign and head back to the lair.
[Eggman and all the Bee Bots retreat. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy stare up at the sky, smiling.]
Sonic: Okay, Eggman's gone. Sticks, you can start singing again.
[The four of them cover their ears, but nothing happens. They look to the side, and there's no sign of Sticks or the Granifer Giganticus; all that's there is what appears to be an unusually shaped rock.]
Tails: The monster took Sticks.
Sonic: Then let's go get her.
[They all run off, but as they do, the unusually shaped rock expands and changes color, revealing itself as the Granifer Giganticus. He stands up and begins to walk. He also is holding Sticks in his hand.]
Sticks: Wow, that was good camouflage; you gotta teach me to do that. [The Granifer Giganticus carries her to a peak, and he begins to climb it, still holding Sticks.] Not gonna teach me, huh? Fine! Then I'm not gonna teach you how to use gelatin to keep monkeys from swarming into your fireplace!

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

Sonic: I searched all the mountains and canyons; no trace of Sticks.
Tails: I scoured the coastline; bupkus.
Amy: I searched the jungle; zilch.
Knuckles: [Smiles and rubs his tummy] I just finished lunch; nice, fresh potato salad.
Amy: Knuckles, we can't find Sticks! We've searched everywhere!
Knuckles: [scratches his chin] Not everywhere... [Picks up a flower pot and observes the spot, but Sticks could not possibly be hiding under it, and as a result, he doesn't find her.] Okay, now we've searched everywhere. [Tosses the flower pot, and it shatters offscreen. Suddenly, an alarm rings.]
Tails: That's my Disasterometer!
Knuckles: "Disasterometer"? What does it do?
Tails: What do you think something called a "Disasterometer" does?
Knuckles: Detects and stores the sound signatures of typhoons, earthquakes, and other disasters? Either that, or it makes snow cones.
[The Disasterometer begins detecting Sticks' caterwauling, and Amy, Sonic, and Knuckles cover their ears as it plays.]
Sonic: That's horrible! What could be causing it?

[Scene Change: Canyon, day.]

[Sticks is still singing her horrid song to the Granifer Giganticus, but it roars right in her face.]
Sticks: [Choking] I can't sing forever; I'll ruin my voice.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

Tails: Hey, that's Sticks!
Sonic: The rock monster still has her. Can that tell us where she is?
Tails: Yeah, I can triangulate her location and get a topographic visual representation. [Tails turns a knob, and the Disasterometer prints out a map.]
Knuckles: And somebody mentioned something about snow cones.
[Sonic looks at the map.]
Sonic: That peak is a mile high, and Tails' plane is out of commission.
Amy: We've got to find another way!

[Scene Change: Canyon, day.]

Amy: I had to open my yap.
[Amy, Tails, and Knuckles are all tied to parachutes, and just like earlier, the other ends of the ropes are tied to Sonic, and as he runs, he pulls them along through the sky. But Amy feels altitude sick because of the mode of transportation.]
Amy: Does this thing come with a barf bag?
Tails: There's Sticks!
[The Granifer Giganticus is sitting on the peak, still holding Sticks as she sings. As Sonic sprints up to them, Amy and Knuckles grab Sticks together and take her away.]
Knuckles: Concert's over, Rocky. You can buy a t-shirt in the lobby.
[The Granifer Giganticus reaches up and tries to grab Sticks again, but she and her friends slip out of his reach, and he roars furiously. The draft from his roar is so powerful, it blows Amy, Sticks, Knuckles, and Tails even further away.]
Amy: [She looks at the viewer, still queasy.] New fun fact about Granifer Giganticus: their breath smells like dead jellyfish.
[The Granifer Giganticus slides down the peak and chases after Sticks.]
Knuckles: Now what are we gonna do with him?
Sonic: No worries, guys; I got a plan. [He sprints off.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Eggman is outside, trimming one of many bushes that resemble him while Orbot and Cubot watch.]
Cubot: Hey boss, who's your leafy lady friend?
Eggman: Stop flopping your hinges! Since you two botched the capture of the rock monster, I need the peace and quiet of my meditation garden to calm my nerves.
Orbot: May I say, sir; it's working like a charm.
[Suddenly, Sonic dashes by, and when he passes the bush, all the leaves blow off.]
Cubot: Ugh, he'll want us to put the leaves back on. I'll go get the glue gun.
[Then, the Granifer Giganticus walks up, and he steps on another one of the bushes.]
Eggman: Hey, do you mind? Don't stomp on the topiary!
[Next, the Granifer Giganticus picks up a gazebo and tosses it to the side, smashing it to pieces.]
Eggman: Okay, I thought "Don't stomp on the topiary" also implied, "Don't drop a gazebo on it". [Granifer Giganticus roars]
Sonic: We can't just stand here and watch Eggman's place get trashed.
Knuckles: [sighs] You're right. [He sits down and watches.]
Tails: Good news, the Disasterometer recorded Sticks' singing, and I've put it on an endless loop.
Amy [Sarcastically]: That is good news.
[Tails presses a button, and the recording of Sticks' singing begins. The Granifer Giganticus yawns and lies down on Eggman's topiary.]
Sonic: Oh, sorry about the flowers, Eggie.
Eggman: How long must I endure this?!
Amy: It takes Granifer Giganticus about a year to fall completely asleep. But we could always turn it up.
Eggman: No, no; that won't be necessary.
Sonic: Come on, guys; saddle up.
[Sonic runs across the ocean, pulling each of his friends on their parachutes behind him, away from Eggman's lair.]
Eggman: Ah well, maybe I can make a fountain out of his nose, a coy pond in his belly button. Cubot! Orbot! Bring me potting soil; evil potting soil...
[The camera zooms out from Eggman, and the episode ends.]