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Sonic Boom
Sleeping Giant

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"Sleeping Giant" is the twenty-first episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 11 March 2015 in France and on 11 April 2015 in the United States.


Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles accidentally awaken a sleeping rock giant who begins rampaging.



Races and species:





Tails is flying his plane through a canyon when to his surprise finds Knuckles soaring beside him. Wondering how he does that, Knuckles reveals that he is parasailing while being towed by Sonic. Knuckles enjoys the ride even while he bumps against the canyon walls until he flies headfirst into a rock formation, stopping both him and Sonic. The two soon discover that the formation is actually a rock monster, who reacts violently upon being disrupted from its sleep; Knuckles and Tails fight the giant to no avail, and Tails' Plane is damaged as it is swatted away. Soon, the giant runs off with Sonic in pursuit.

At the countryside, the giant kicks a boulder which endangers the Fastidious Beaver, whom Sonic swiftly rescues. Amy and Sticks then head over to Sonic and Knuckles, where Sonic explains the situation and Amy recognizes the giant as a Granifer Giganticus. Tails eventually crash lands next to the team, his plane now in pieces. With everyone gathered, Amy sheds some light on the giant: it is a member of a proud race of mountain-dwellers from the time of the Ancients, which have not been sighted for centuries. Also observing the giant are Dr. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot from within Eggman's lair. Impressed by the giant's destructive capabilities, Eggman plots to make him his minion, and orders Orbot and Cubot to capture it. After watching the giant a bit longer, Tails notes how its behavior mimics his neighbor's uncle Tannous when he suffers from insomnia, causing Sonic to deduce that the giant is just trying to go back to sleep. The giant then leaves the village, and Team Sonic follows it to help it return to its slumber.

As the giant returns to the canyon, Amy comes up with the idea of singing it a lullaby, though her attempt only drives it away. Sticks then gives it a shot, with an incomprehensible singing that grates her team's ears, yet makes the giant doze off. When they find out that the giant is now blocking the village's deli product delivery route, Sonic and Sticks lure it to a more secluded area, only for Eggman to arrive in his Eggmobile and summon his Bee Bots to capture the giant. The robots trap it in a Honeycomb Cage, but it quickly breaks out. Unwilling to let Eggman take the giant (which Sonic dubs "Rocky"), Team Sonic destroy several Bee Bots before Sonic lures the swarm right at Eggman, forcing him to retreat. With Eggman gone, Sonic tells Sticks to sing the rock monster back to sleep, yet the two are gone. Believing that the rock monster captured Sticks, Team Sonic runs off to rescue her, unaware that the rock monster was camouflaged nearby. With Sticks in his clutches, he climbs up one of the canyon's peaks.

After a thorough search, Team Sonic gather at Tails' Workshop yielding no results. Just then, Tails' Disasterometer detects Sticks being forced sing for Rocky. The invention pinpoints her location, to which Sonic notes would be difficult to reach since Tails' plane is destroyed, so Amy suggests they find another way; to her dismay, Sonic has them parasail as he tows them along. The team find Rocky, and Amy and Knuckles pull Sticks from his grasp. An enraged the rock monster gives chase, but Sonic reassures his team that he has a plan.

At Eggman's lair, Eggman is working on his topiary within his meditation garden to cope with his recent failure. Team Sonic enters and brings Rocky, who promptly levels the garden. Tails then takes out his Disasterometer and has it play a looped recording of Sticks' singing, lulling the rock monster into sleep. When Eggman asks for how long he has to put up with the recording, and Amy states that it takes approximately a year for a Granifer Giganticus to fall properly asleep. Eggman accepts this to prevent any more collateral damage to his lair, and Sonic helps his team parasail back home. Eggman then opts to rebuild his garden on top of Rocky.


  • Eggman's meditation garden is introduced. It would be mentioned again in "Strike!".


  • In Finnish dub when Sticks sings, the original voice clip can be heard at the background.

Regional differences

  • In the European Spanish dub of the episode, when Knuckles remembers eating his lunch, he mentions an empanada instead of a potato salad.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 沉睡的巨人 Sleeping Giant
Finnish Nukkuva jätti Sleeping giant
French La berceuse The Lullaby
German Der schlafende Riese The sleeping giant
Hebrew שינה ענקית Giant Sleep
Hungarian Az alvó óriás The Sleeping Giant
Italian Il gigante di pietra The stone giant
Japanese 眠っていた岩 The Rock that was Asleep
Korean 괴물 잠 재우기 Sleeping Monster
Persian غول بر خواب رفته The giant is asleep
Polish Śpiący olbrzym Sleeping giant
Portuguese (Brazil) Gigante de Pedra Stone Giant
Portuguese (Portugal) O Gigante Adormecido The Sleeping Giant
Romanian Gigantul adormit The Sleeping Giant
Russian Спящий гигант Sleeping giant
Spanish (Latin America) Gigante Durmiente Sleeping Giant
Spanish (Spain)
Turkish Uyuyan Dev Sleeping Giant
Ukrainian Сплячий гігант Sleeping Giant



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