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Sonic Underground
Sleepers (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Sleepers".

[Scene: Robotropolis, Night]

[The clouds vanish and the moon shines.]
Aleena: [As Narrator] Robotnik's reach was wild, but with so many operations, it also made him vulnerable in the most distant areas, or so my children thought.
[The underground observe the situation.]
Sonic: So when Reno and Todd take out the comm' lines, we can walk right in!
Sonia: I think it will take a little more than that.
[They both look at the map with Sonia holding a torch.]
Sonia: We still have to get past the pressure pads, electrified fences, a moat, and automatic fire perimeter area--
Sonic: [Interrupting] Been there, done that. No biggie!
[Sonic walks to Sonia's bike in excitement.]
Sonic: I want to get going here! [Angrily stamps his foot] We got a power plant to blow!
Manic: I don't think that's gonna happen tonight.
Sonic: Why?
[Sonic walks back to them.]
Sonic: What do you see?
Manic: Nothing. They're nowhere in sight.
Sonia: Something's wrong.
Manic: Well, we can't hang here for much longer. We're sitting ducks!
[A spotlight shines on them. They gasp as an supply ship lowers]
Robot: All citizens, you are under arrest.
Manic: [Holding his nose] Quack Quack.
Robot: You are under arrest.
Sonic: We heard you the first time!
[The craft shoots lasers at the group.]
Sonic: Hey!
[Sonic zooms and dodges a blast. Sonia is seen clearing the smoke by shaking her head and arms.]
Sonia: How could you?
[Sonia spins and creates a tornado. The tornado rises up to the craft and sends it for a spin. It then flings the craft onto a piece of land in the distance, causing it to explode. Sonia stops spinning and smartens herself up.]
Sonia: Ew... I can never super spin in the pain.
Manic: [On his hoverboard pointing at the building.] Let's blow!
[More Supply Ships swoop in.]
Pilot: That's a biggy effort.
[The motorbike starts up and rolls away.]

[Scene Change: Inside the building]

[The hedgehogs walk out of a tunnel inside a building.]
Sonic: I can't figure why they just left us hanging?!
Sonia: Chill, Sonic. Let's hear what they have to say.
Cyrus: I'm afraid they won't have much to say.
Sonic: Huh?
Cyrus: We're captured.
[Sonic becomes miserable. A moment later, the group are sat on a box with Sonia sitting next to Sonic.]
Sonic: Oh man. Now I feel bad for being mad.
Cyrus: One of our inside sources said they're being roboticized today.
Sonic: [Snaps] No way! Not if I can stop him!
Sonia: Sonic, wait!
[Sonic dashes off and leaves behind a puff of smoke to the rest of the group. Sonia cleans herself again.]
Sonia: [Growls] I hate it when he does that!
Cyrus: Wait, there's more! Something very strange is going on. Two more Freedom Fighters disappeared this morning.
Manic: Disappeared? How, Cyrus?
Cyrus: [Fed up] We don't know!

[Scene Change]

[A Flashback begins. A blue aura zooms around the building. The Swatbots see the suspect.]
Swatbot: Sector 4, intruder alert, battering sector 0.
[The aura destroys the two Swatbots. Inside a room, an alarm sounds.]
Swatbot: Intruder, sector 3.
Robotnik: The little rodent is in a hurry. Perhaps he wants to see his friends. Let's oblige him, shall we? [Sleet and Dingo nod] Open all entrances!
Sleet: [Worried] But why, sir?
Robotnik: Silence! I want him to see his friends, but of course he will have to pay the price. [Evil laugh]
[All the entrances open. Sonic zooms to and looks at an opening shutter outside the building.]
Sonic: Oh, this is subtle. Nice, the door is open. [Sarcastically] Wow. I wonder if this is a trap. [Aggressive voice] Well, I'm coming in! Give it your best shot, butt-nik!
[He zooms inside the building. He peeks inside the chamber and looks at the roboticizer.]
Sonic: This is the ugliest thing in the universe!
Robotnik: [Through monitor] You don't like my little boy, hedgehog? [Sonic gasps] It'd be a Freedom fighter thing. Your friends didn't like it either. See?
[The door opens. Five Mobians - turned into robots - appear. Sonic takes several steps back in agony.]
Sonic: Reno! Todd!
[The robots walk outside the door and encroach Sonic. Sonic steps back even further.]
Sonic: [Weakly] I'm too late!
Robotnik: Has your lunch run out, too?
[A hole opens underneath Sonic. He falls in. He screams as he falls face first into the next floor. A spotlight shines on sonic as he gets up.]
Robotnik: Welcome to the end, hedgehog. [Sonic gasps] Oh don't worry. No roboticization for you. I have something special in mind. It's called vaporization!
[He notices and dodges a blast by zooming into the corner. He jumps up to dodge the second blast.]
Robotnik: Instead of air to the bone, [Inhales] you're going to become the air that we breathe! [Chuckles]
Sonic: Yeah yeah. Whatever, round boy.
[Sonic yelps again and jumps, dodging another blast.]
Robotnik: Sooner or later, you'll get tired.
[Sonic steps in the middle.]
Sonic: I'm already tired, of listening to you. Besides, this is a lame trap. "Spin and win" time!
[He turns into an aura and dodges several rounds of blasts. An explosion covers the screen. When the smoke dies out, a hole is carved into the wall.]
Sonic: [Angrily] I'm telling you, Butt-nik. You'll get yours!
[He zooms through the hole and back into open air. Robotnik screams in fury. The Flashback ends.]

[Scene Change]

Sonic: [Miserably] I just don't get it.
Manic: Me neither. How's Robotnik nabbing them?
Cyrus: I've got agents all over the city trying to find that out. [Walks to a purple hologram of the building] We still have to hit the supply ships tonight and we need a diversion.
Sonia: Hmm... If the supply ships are coming here, then we should create a diversion here: The Swatbot substation in sector seven.
[Meanwhile, outside the building, more supply ships emerge from another opening entrance and guard the area. Sonic peeps from behind a broken building.]
Sonic: Huh? [To the team] OK. Once I stir up the hornet's nest I'll lead them into the street and you guys pick 'em up.
Manic: Let's rip it! [Hovers away]
Sonia: Calling through guys!
Sonic: Cool!
[Sonic zooms into an aura. The aura dives down the stairway into the basement. He zooms to the outside and lures the three supply ships into attack, dodging the lasers. As he zooms through an alleyway, the ships chase him.]
Swatbot: Priority 1: Hedgehog. Priority 1: Hedgehog.
[Sonia - on her motorbike - observes the scene. Then she revs it and rolls down the stairs to the basement that leads to the outside. She drifts around another supply ship, forcing it to chase her.]
Manic: Yo swat-dudes!
[Manic hovers from behind a ruined building and swoops down to attack a Stealthbot. It dodges. The two Stealthbots take off and chase Manic. They catch up to him and fire lasers, forcing Manic to flee.]

[Scene Change]

[Meanwhile, Sonic screeches to a halt and dodges two more lasers.]
Sonic: [Pretending] Oh, man. Come on! Show me your good stuff!
[The swatbot puts down its arm and opens a bigger laser weapon from its chest. It fires. Sonic gasps and ducks quickly with his eyes shut. The laser hits the bottom of a building, making an explosion and a crumbling noise.]
Sonic: [Defeated] Me and my big mouth.
[He zooms into an aura. Meanwhile, Sonia - still speeding on her bike - has shots fired at her. She dodges them while trying to keep her balance. She notices a large airborne aircraft in front of her.]
Sonia: Oh my gosh!
[As she approaches the obstacle she drifts sideways, causing the bike's wheels to screech. She screams as she tries to evade it. While drifting, she tilts herself underneath the craft to evade it unharmed. Unable to control her bike, she is approaching a wall.]
Sonia: Not yet... Not yet...
[She jumps. The bike hits the wall and breaks. She gets up safely, but is surrounded by Stealthbots.]
Swatbot: You are under arrest.
[While zooming, Sonic gasps in horror and screeches to a halt.]
Sonic: They aren't getting faster. What if they're getting slower?
[A small dart shaped missile appears and approaches him.]
Sonic: Better find the others.
[He quickly dodges the dart, which creates a large plume of smoke upon impact. He stops where Manic is.]
Manic: Bots must be having a slow day.
Sonic: Yeah but--
[Sonia screams. The other two hedgehogs look up and notice she's been captured.]
Sonic: Bummer Majores. [Prepares a Super Peel out holding Manic's hoverboard.] Get ready for mach two!
Manic: Let's do it to it! [They go] Yahoo!
[They take off in the air and chase the aircraft across the sky. Meanwhile, inside the craft...]
Swatbot: Inbound with Priority 1: Hedgehog.
[The scene appears in three monitors inside Robotnik's HQ.]
Robotnik: Excellent. Ready the roboticizer!
[Robotnik and Sleet get moving.]

[Scene Change: Sky]

[The chase scene continues. The brothers align themselves to the handle at the side of the craft.]
Sonic: [Holding the handle] Get it open, Manic!
Manic: I'm on it!
[Manic leaps and lands on top of the craft. He places a land mine on the pod which beeps and explodes, forcing manic to flinch and cover cover his arm. A small hole is crated in the middle of the pod. Manic pulls the pod out, than comes back to Sonic.]
Manic: All yours!
[Manic jumps back on his board. This propels Sonic upwards and onto the craft. He jumps inside the chute, with a lot of attacking noises heard.]
Manic: [Worried] Hello?
[Sonic and Sonia appear at the top looking down to Manic.]
Sonic: Hey, bud, can you give us a lift?
[Sonic jumps on the board. He holds hands with Sonia and pulls her down too.]
Sonia: Robotnik's in for a surprise.
[The hoverboard turns back in the opposite direction.]

[Scene Change: Robotropolis]

Robotnik: [Slowly] Yes. Bring Sonia to me.
[Sleet and Dingo walk in.]
Robotnik and Sleet: Huh?
Robotnik: Why isn't it slowing down?
Sleet: It's going to crash!
[The villains scream as the craft flies towards them at high speed. They duck down on the floor with arms above their head. The craft hits a wall and explodes. The camera cuts to the underground trio.]
Robotnik: Hedgehogs!
Sonic: Don't you just love that?

[Scene Change: Robotropolis]

[Robotnik and Sleet walk across to Lionel, who has been turned into a cyborg.]
Robonik: Twenty-eight Freedom Fighters roboticized this week alone. [Evil Laugh] Isn't that wonderful, Sleet?
Sleet: Oh yes, sir.
Robotnik: [To a robot] How many more sleepers do we have?
Robot: Six. [Holds a sleeper] This is the last one.
[Robotnik investigates the sleeper.]
Robotnik: Last one?!
Sleet: Just until we get more fuel, sir.
Robotnik: What?! That's impossible!
Robot: Not impossible. The sleeper uses concentrated Tritranium; very rare.
Sleet: It's true sir. The next shipment isn't due from the Badland's mine for three months.
Robotnik: [Angrily banging his fist on the desk] Then use something else!
Robot: Impossible. It is the only fuel that compresses without exploding.
Robotnik: [Ordering to Sleet] Get my command ship ready! I'll go to the mine and supervise the operation myself.

[Scene Change]

Cyrus: No one heard or saw anything. They just disappeared.
Sonia: I've got a plan. We can use the transceiver.
Sonic: Boring. [Hands on hips] How about a plan that involves Chili dogs?
Manic: [Annoyed] Sonic.
Sonia: It's OK, Manic. I think Sonic's onto something.
[She tosses the transceiver to Sonic. He looks at it.]
Sonic: I am?

[Scene Change: Day]

[The aura zooms to a Chili dog store.]
Manic: Sonic, this is the fifth family bait. Maybe we ought to try something else.
Sonic: Are you kidding? This is the best assignment I've ever had! [Walks closer] How many dogs do you want?
Manic: Dude I couldn't eat another one of you paid me.
Sonic: [Giggles] Light-weight. [To the butcher] Two doggies with the works, pal.
Butcher: [Calling] Gotta pick them up inside!
Manic: [Whispering] Sonic, what if it's a trap?
Sonic: [Stubbornly] There hasn't been a trap made that can hold me. Be right back.
[Sonic opens the door and walks in.]

[Scene Change: The Camper Van]

Sonia: He's getting cocky again.
Cyrus: [Giggles] That's Sonic.
[Manic briefly looks around. A Sleeper approaches Manic from behind, beeps and releases gas. Manic gasps and shuts his eyes. He faints. A small black aircraft arrives and kidnaps the fainted Manic. Soon afterwards. Sonic exits the store, but sees something strange.]
Sonic: Huh? What's that? Manic?
[The craft takes off.]
Sonic: Not cool.
[He finishes the Chili dog in one mouthful and zooms off in front of the craft and tries to stop it. It keeps moving, dragging Sonic's feet across the ground. Sonic presses his transceiver repeatedly.]
Sonic: Could use a little help here!
[Sonic manages to stop it. Meanwhile, Sonia and Cyrus are controlling the Camper Van.]
Sonia: Other way!
[The Camper Van zooms off. Back to Sonic, who starts struggling again.]
Sonic: Man, this thing sucks!
[The camera cuts to a cross-hair with a constant beeping sound heard in the background. It scans around the area and sees Sonic - whom is pushing the craft forward. Sonic looks at the cross-hair as it closes in on him.]
Sonic: Yikes!

[The screen fades to black.]

[Scene Change]

[The camera cuts to Sonic's view. The Sleeper gets closer to him and releases gas. Sonic lets go of the craft and peels out to evade the gas. The Sleeper flies 360 degrees and chases Sonic. Sonic stops with it still approaching him and peels in the opposite direction to evade it. He stops again and observes the surroundings. The Camper Van arrives at the destination and opens. Sonia and Cyrus come out.]
Sonic: Sonia, [Points to the craft] Manic's trapped in that box!
Sonia: [While running] We're on it!
Cyrus: Try to nab that thing, Sonic!
Sonic: [Looks at an approaching Sleeper] Hey, no problemo!
[Sonic catches the Sleeper and grabs it tightly.]
Sonic: [Struggling] Ha! Gotcha!
[Unfortunately, it takes him up in the air.]
Sonic: Whoooa!
[With Sonic out of control, Cyrus and Sonia struggle to hold the craft.]
Sonic: [Cutting in front of the camera] Been there, done that!
Sonia: Let go, Cyrus.
Cyrus: What about Manic?
Sonia: Gotta risk it.
[They let go of the craft. Sonia unleashes her keyboard and fires a laser at it. The bottom is chopped off of it. Manic - still asleep - falls onto the bottom side. Meanwhile, Sonic - still holding on to the Sleeper - bangs into several buildings, yelping in pain. Suddenly, the dart runs out of fuel and wobbles. Sonic screams as he falls face first to the ground. He exhales. However, the dart spews sleeping gas, causing Sonic to fall asleep and start dreaming. A spiky shadow approaches him.]
Sonic: [Relaxing voice] Two doggies with the works, pal.

[Scene Change: Robotropolis]

[Sonia and Cyrus lift a sleeping Manic up.]
Sonia: Yeah Sonic's alright.

[Scene Change]

[The hedgehogs and Cyrus are sat together.]
Cyrus: It uses Tritranium for fuel.
Sonia: Why Tritranium?
[Manic yawns.]
Cyrus: It's the only fuel that can compress without exploding. That's why these things can cruise for days.
[Sonic yawns]
Sonic: That's not good.
Cyrus: The good thing is that it's only found in one place. So if we destroy the sleepers and then the mine--
Sonia: [Answering] Robotnik can't make any more of them.
Sonic: Great, let's juice! But [Yawns, tiredly] maybe I need a little nap first.

[Scene Change: Outside Robotropolis]

[Cyrus sticks a mine on an entrance pod. The pod to a long tunnel opens]
Manic: Very nice!
Cyrus: Indeed a compliment coming from you, Manic.
Sonic: Yeah, well when you guys are done patting ech other's back, how about we go in--
[--Sonic zooms through the tunnel. He opens a vent, and inside sees Lionel - still a cyborg - creating new sleepers.]
Cyrus: [Off-screen] Dad?
[The heroes arrive inside the room.]
Robot: [Points at Cyrus] Priority 1: Hedgehog.
[The robot encroaches the heroes. Sonic zooms behind him while Cyrus steps back in agony.]
Cyrus: Dad, no!
Sonia: Now!
[The hedgehogs unleash their instruments. They all fire lasers at the cyborg. The cyborg turns back into normal.]
Lionel: Cyrus?! Son!
[Lionel rushes over and hugs Cyrus. Manic winks and thumbs up, while Sonic rubs his tummy.]
Sonia: Uh... Cyrus, the effect only lasts a few minutes.
Cyrus: [With tears showing] Right. Dad, we have to destroy these sleepers. Can you help us.
Lionel: I can, but Robotnik will just make me create more.
Sonia: That's why we're going to destroy the mine.
Lionel: Well then, let's get to work.
Sonic: [Holds Lionel's and Cyrus' shoulder] Alright. I've had my nap and I'm ready for a good fight!
Lionel: You won't have to. Not with one of these. [Picks up a gold card and shows it to the team] Security overrides; gives you the same access as Robotnik.
Sonic: Cool!

[The theme song, "Have It All Again", plays.]

Sonia: [Pats Cyrus' shoulder, worried] Cyrus, There's only about two more minutes.
[Cyrus sheds a tear from his eye.]
Cyrus: [Sniffs and exhales] We have to go, dad, but I promise you someday...
Lionel: I know, son. I'm so proud of you. Keep up the fight.
Sonic: Hey, Lionel. Mind if I borrow that card? It might come in real handy. [He walks over to the gold card]
Lionel: Sure, Sonic. But it's only good until Robotnik changes the code.
Sonic: [Takes the card] But in the meantime, it's that cool!
[He zooms away. Sonia and Manic follow him, while Cyrus walks in to speak to his father.]
Cyrus: See you, Pap.
Lionel: Go! Before I change.
[They hug each other. Cyrus walks away.]

[Scene Change]

[The hedgehogs hide while looking around a depot full of air-crafts. Cyrus eventually joins them. Sonic bravely walks across the area followed by everyone else. Suddenly, two Swatbots appear and encroach the group.]
Swatbot: Hold.
Sonic: No, [Shows the override] you hold!
[The Swatbots stand opposite and look at each other.]
Manic: I could get used to this.
[He walks across the bots. The group walk up the steps to one of the air-crafts. Sonic places the card on the scanner. The door opens.]
Sonic: Our chariot awaits!
Sonia: Welcome to Robotnik airlines! Not a name, but a nice ride!
[Everyone else laughs.]

[Scene Change: Tritranium site, evening]

Sleet: Good news, sir. We've hit a large vein of Tritranium. Look! [He shows a glowing piece of gold to Robotnik.]
Robotnik: Excellent.
Sleet: Enough Tritranium to fuel a thousand sleepers, sir. Huh?
Sonic: [Sneaking in] Too bad you won't be able to use it.
[A bright flash of light covers the screen, which rumbles. Sleet gasps and tries to catch the gold nugget.]
Robotnik: [Dizzy] What's going on?!
Sonic: Just some housecleaning. My sister Sonia thought you had too much Tritranium.
[Robotnik presses a button which opens the doors. Two swatbots appear at the other end.]
Robotnik: Seize him!
[The Swatbots move. Sonic grins and shows his Override to the bots, making them walk back inside the cell.]
Sonic: [Quietly] Don't leave home without it.
[Sonic dashes and takes the gold from Sleet.]
Sonic: Ooh, I'm gonna get a big bang out of this!
[He leaves the spaceship and arrives where Manic and the Camper Van is. Sonia and Cyrus meet up.]
Sonia: We blew it all!
Sonic: Almost all, sis. Pull!
[Sonic throws the nugget up in the air. Sonia skeet shoots it and destroys it. Manic bangs on the drums which creates cracks in the land. He quickly gets back to the Camper Van with everyone else. Crack in the land form behind him and destroy the Tritranium site. The Camper Van zooms to freedom.]
Robotnik: Hedgehogs!
[Robotnik fires up his spaceship and takes off. An explosion covers the screen.]
Sonic: Yep, you just gotta love that.
[The Camper Van drives off. The screen fades to black and the credits appear.]