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Skye Prower is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a mobian fox and the son of Tails and Mina Prower, and the younger brother of Melody Prower.


25 Years Later (Unaltered)

Skye Prower is the son of Miles and Mina Prower and the brother of Melody Prower. When the family moved to Downunda to settle down, with King Sonic refusing to even show up at the air terminal as they departed, though Queen Sally and their two children Sonia and Manik went to see Tails and his family as they left.

25 Years Later (Altered)

Before King Sonic used the Tachyon Chamber to change history, Tails had anticipated something was going to happen, and created a device to protect Mina and his children from being erased from existence and losing their memories of the other time-line.

Five Years Later

Skye accompanied his sister and parents to King Sonic's five year rule celebration. He was rather nervous about being around so many people and couldn't even say "hello" to Lara-Su when he saw her. He later sat on his father's shoulders to get a better look at the event and saw a missile heading toward King Sonic and his family, and how it was destroyed by Silver the Hedgehog. Skye becomes a Future Freedom Fighter along with his sister Melody in Archie Sonic Universe Issue 8.


Skye is a shy kid, much like how his mother was, and is especially shy at big events with crowds and unfamiliar situations unlike his sister Melody. Skye's mother was also timid in her youth, and is the likely source of his shyness. Skye also seems to have inherited a bit of his father's intelligence, but lacks the experience with computers and machines to do much about it.

He gets very flustered around girls, as shown when he couldn't answer Lara-Su when she asked how he was doing. He showed a similar reaction to Belle D'Coolette when she gave him a hug after defeating Tikhaos.


  • Skye is not a very good flyer, as he spins his whole body instead of just his tails in a zigzag flight pattern (which he uses to attack, as seen many times usually he get's dizzy when he lands).
  • Because of the ending of 30 years later (when Manik talks to Skye and how they wish each other good luck in M25YL), there is a chance that Manik and Skye may have the same kind of relationship as Sonic and Tails but different in two ways (Skye's shyness and the way that he and Manik deal with things).
  • Interestingly, Skye has inherited his father's mutation of two tails.
  • The sides of his face have been miscolored white in some issues.
  • In Sonic Universe #7, as he and Lara-Su were rejoining The other Freedom Fighters, his boots were accidentally drawn as shoes identical to those worn by Tails.
  • Skye is shown wearing a vest on the cover of Sonic Universe #8.
  • Skye Prower is named for Tails' flight ability (flying in the sky).


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