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The Sky Spy[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was a space station equipped with modern spy equipment that was used by Dr. Robotnik for an attempt to locate the Knothole Freedom Fighters' home base.[1]


Harmonic Sonic 187

Some of the robots operating the Sky Spy.

The Sky Spy is a large space station equipped with spy sensors. From the outside, it has the shape of a sphere, from which the aforementioned sensors in various shapes and designs protrude. The inside of the Sky Spy consists of quite dark industrial corridors. There is also a dome-shaped command center and a tavern where robots meet, sit at the tables, or play music as a band.[1]

The Sky Spy is manned by various unusual-looking robots that are significantly different from the machines Dr. Robotnik normally uses. Some of these robots are capable of speech and are sentient enough to show enjoyment of entertainment (such as music) or competition with each other.[1]


TV series

Season one

Harmonic Sonic 115

Sonic and Rotor surprised by a robot onboard the Sky Spy.

After its completion, Dr. Robotnik sent the Sky Spy into space above Knothole Village. During its ascend, one of the rocket engines used to propel the Sky Spy upward detached and crashed near Knothole Village, drawing the attention of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Not long after, the heroes discovered the Sky Spy. Shortly afterwards, the Sky Spy detected signals coming from the Great Forest, prompting Dr. Robotnik to send a Stealthbot out to check that place out. However, the Stealthbot was destroyed by Sonic and Rotor. The Knothole Freedom Fighters soon after repaired the rocket engine, and Sonic and Rotor used it to fly into space. They soon managed to land on the Sky Spy, where they quickly got detected by robots, who informed Robotnik about their presence. While seeking a safe place to hide, Sonic and Rotor managed to escape from one robot, only for another to catch them with its tentacles. Fortunately, Sonic managed to tie the robot up with its own tentacles and save Rotor. Later, Sonic disguised himself as a robot and entered the Sky Spy's tavern where the robots onboard met. He proceeded to join the present band for a performance, although the robots found his performance terrible. Still, Sonic managed to trick the robots into revealing the location of the spy sensors. A moment later though, the robots unmasked Sonic and tried to surround him. However, Sonic managed to escape. Sonic and Rotor then went to the sensors, overpowering the guarding robot along the way. They then shorted out the entire space station, before escaping the Sky Spy using a Hover Unit. Soon after, the Sky Spy began to stagger, ready to crash at any moment. Sonic and Rotor, however, used Rotor's Super Magnet to pull the Sky Spy towards the wasteland, where it crashed safely. After the Sky Spy was destroyed, Robotnik canceled his Stealthbots' patrol of the Great Forest.[1]


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