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The Sky Sanctuary Zone[1] is a location that appears in Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a Zone positioned somewhere above the Floating Island, but was destroyed during the relaunch of the Death Egg II.


The Sky Sanctuary Zone was a floating Zone help aloft by the Chaos Emeralds' power.[1] It was littered with ruins, pillars and other vestiges of a forgotten civilisation including a working water fountain. The most remarkable feature of the Zone was a massive pillar towering above all else there, complete with a spiral design that allowed passage to the top.

The Zone could be accessed by means of flight, or a teleporter in the Floating Island's Emerald Chamber.[1]


After stealing the Master Emerald, Metallix fled to the Sky Sanctuary Zone via a teleporter. There, it powered itself up with the Master Emerald as Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna arrived to confront it. After the heroes arrived however, Metallix used his empowered system to take out Knuckles with one hit. Sonic proceeded to engage Metallix, but was severely outclassed against this Badnik. During the battle though, Sonic turned into Super Sonic when he used the Master Emerald to power himself up, and destroyed Metallix. After finishing up Metallix though, Super Sonic turned his attention to an awakened Knuckles and began beating him until he reverted back to Sonic. In the meantime, Grimer beamed the Master Emerald up to the Death Egg II. Without the Master Emerald's power, the Sky Sanctuary Zone began to fall apart.[1] Climbing the Zone's largest pillar as the land vanished, Sonic and Knuckles were forced to jump off when the pillar fell apart too.[2]

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