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Sonic Runners Adventure
Sky Sanctuary

Sky Sanctuary is the fourth and final playable stage in Sonic Runners Adventure. This stage is a re-imagination of Sky Sanctuary Zone from Sonic & Knuckles.


Sky Sanctuary takes place high above the clouds, so much that the background is dominated by a thick cloud cover, with only the Death Egg being visible in the horizon. Emerging from the cloud cover in a few places are Sky Sanctuary's signature ruins, such as its towers and aqueducts. The main playable path is a simple road with a few flowers, ivy and bushes along it.

Supposedly, Sky Sanctuary has a mysterious power flowing through it that is ideal for powering Eggman's Mind Control Ray.[1]


While hunting Dr. Eggman, Team Sonic would follow the doctor to Sky Sanctuary, only to lose him. While Team Sonic looked around for Eggman however, Knuckles noticed that Eggman was using the ruins for something. Eventually, Eggman used a Mind Control Ray on Sonic to escape Sonic when he found him, and Tails and Knuckles soon realize what Eggman has been doing all along: Eggman used the Mind Control Ray to take control of Tails back on South Island, and had been setting up to control the whole world with a Mind Control Ray powered by the Extractor on Lava Mountain (which Knuckles destroyed earlier) and the latent energies flowing through Sky Sanctuary.

Resolving to keep Eggman from using his weapon at all, Team Sonic destroyed the Mind Control Ray. Sonic then stepped and defeated Eggman for good once more. As he fled, Eggman vowed revenge, but Sonic promised that he and the others would be ready when the time came.


Like other levels in Sonic Runners Adventure, levels in Sky Sanctuary have the playable characters running down a path ridden with obstacles, gimmicks and enemies non-stop, and it is the player's job to keep themselves alive until they reach the goal. Along the way, the player can complete certain mission objectives (a few of which are needed to complete the level). The stage features a mix of levels ideal for Speed, Fly and Power Type characters.


The following levels and their mission goals are found in Sky Sanctuary:

Level Star required Name Level type Favored type Mission goals
1 2 3
37 N/A Sweet Home Finite Fly Collect 1,200 Rings Collect 1,500 Rings Collect 1,800 Rings
38 N/A Unforeseen Changes Finite Speed Defeat 45 Badniks within 100 seconds Defeat 55 Badniks within 100 seconds Defeat 65 Badniks within 100 seconds
39 N/A Marks on the Wall Finite Speed Defeat 90 Badniks Collect 1,830 Rings Finish the level with no damage using Shadow
40 N/A Rat in the Corner Looped Fly Collect 770 Rings Defeat 70 Badniks Finish the level with no damage using Charmy
41 N/A Hi-Tech Looped Power Defeat 120 Badniks Collect 815 Rings Collect all Rings
42 N/A Brain Drain Looped Speed Collect 910 Rings Defeat 100 Badniks using Sonic Collect all Rings
43 N/A Alternative Route Finite Power Collect 1,450 Rings Collect 2,030 Rings Collect 2,760 Rings
44 N/A Double Impact Looped Fly Collect 1,050 Rings Defeat 80 Badniks Finish the level with no damage
45 N/A Villain Hunt Finite Power Defeat 130 Badniks within 180 seconds Defeat 190 Badniks within 180 seconds Defeat 250 Badniks within 180 seconds
46 N/A Villainous Stash Infinite Fly Collect 3,000 Rings within 225 seconds Reach 3,900 meters within 225 seconds Defeat 165 Badnik within 225 seconds
47 120 Ancient Treasure Infinite Power Reach 2,550 meters within 250 seconds Reach 3,500 meters within 250 seconds Reach 4,150 meters within 250 seconds
48 N/A The Last Refuge Boss N/A Collect 420 Rings within 220 seconds using a Speed Type character Defeat the boss within 220 seconds using a Fly Type character Defeat the boss with no damage within 220 seconds using a Power Type character

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