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Sky Road appears as a course available after clearing Episode 10, or any time it's available in Ranking's mode.


It looks visually similar to Silent Forest Act 2 from Sonic Lost World despite being named Sky Road and has the distinct touch of changing the time of day depending on how far you've progressed in the level.


The stage is ideal for Fly Type characters.


Puyopuyo!! Quest Collaboration Event

The notification of the Puyopuyo!! Quest Collaboration Event.

An Event that started on 10 June 2015 and featured a crossover with the Puyo Puyo series. This Event introduced a Puyopuyo!! Quest themed Special Stage. Here, the player can collect Puyo Coins to climb up the rankings, unlock prizes, obtain rewards and much more. The Event also introduces Amy Rose dressed up as Amitie, dubbed "Amitie-Style Amy", as a new playable character and as well the trio of Purple Papurisu, Suketoudara and Carbuncle as new buddies. The player can get Amitie-Style Amy, Purple Papurisu and Suketoudara on the Premium Roulette and Carbuncle by collecting enough Puyo Coins. The Event ended on 17 June 2015.

From 15 February until 22 February 2016, Amitie-Style Amy and the event-specific Buddies returned to the Premium Roulette, except for Purple Papurisu which was handed out as a Daily Reward.

Collectible Point value
Small Puyo coin 1
Large Puyo coin 10





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